The Best City To Retire In Every State

Congratulations On Retirement!

You’ve worked hard your entire life, and you're now ready to sit back and relax. Or maybe you're planning ahead for the future. Whatever the case, we've got you covered! 

Whether you crave the outdoors or fine dining and tranquility, this list will give you all the facts on each state’s top retirement city. In alphabetical order, we’ve gone through the stats meaning you don’t have to. Enjoy imagining the peace and serenity you deserve in any of our chosen amazing locations. 

Alabama — Daphne

Our first state is nestled in one of the safest counties of Alabama. With milder winters and exuberant summers, residents witness blue crabs appearing in Mobile Bay and have access to fresh seafood dinners at their leisure. 

While there are several outdoor locations to enjoy, this city is known for its beaches! Locally and within close proximity, residents can access three different beaches in less than an hour. This next state is the opposite of a beach town destination. If you consider moving here, you definitely enjoy winter and solitude. 

Alaska — Haines

This small town of Alaska has a list of pros and cons that need careful consideration before a big move. One massive pro to highlight; first, Alaska is an income tax-free state. This means the government will not touch your pension and social insurance funds. Is that enough to sway you, or will the cons prove to be too much?

Haines only has one hospital, and the next big medical center is located in Anchorage, a cool 756 miles away. Due to its remote location, getting food can prove to be challenging and more expensive. With the cold climate, you won't be able to grow any of your vegetables, and even keeping plants can be difficult. If this snow is definitely not on your bucket list, this next city offers a climate that will make you feel right at home. 

Arizona — Tucson

If you are craving the heat and sun-kissed skin, Tucson is the place for you! This city has a low cost of living and a fantastic food and beverage vibe, tailored to all diets. You will enjoy a warm climate with fantastic food and still be close enough to Saguaro National Park to walk it off. 

One dark cloud over this sunny location is the high crime rate. Current residents still feel safe and enjoy the mountainous views they can see from their windows. The next city on our list has a beautiful name, but does its local environment live up to the hype?

Arkansas — Forrest City

This city is referred to as “the jewel of the delta” and is an excellent location to consider for a permanent move in retirement. It has a relatively small population which has kept the housing market low. Currently, the median house value is still under $50,000, which equals cost-effective mortgages. 

This city lives up to its name, with several lush landscapes nearby. It’s also only a few hours' drive away from the beautiful Ozarks in Arkansas, and residents will have options for camping without driving too far from the comforts of home. This next city is changing its reputation to give back and create a bright future! If you enjoy sustainability and have an eco-driven mindset, it might be the perfect location for you. 

California — San Rafael

The most interesting appeal to this city is their slogan; “San Rafael is the city with a mission.” If you are looking to give back in your spare time, this is the right place for you! With initiatives focusing on sustainability and climate change, this city is going green! 

Locally you’ll have access to the Kaiser Permanente medical center, and you’re only a quick drive to the golden gate bridge. Make sure this city aligns with your core values; otherwise, you might find the transition difficult. This next city is for those who can’t stay away from the slopes! Will you choose snow over the sun?

Colorado — Aspen

Calling all snow bunnies! Living in Aspen, Colorado, might be a dream come true. Buying property in this town is extremely expensive, but once you are settled, everything you need is within walking distance. You’ll stay fit and active through daily walks or going on the hills whenever you want. 

If you are looking to retire in a warmer climate, then this city is definitely not meant to be your long-term plan. Aspen hosts many tourists every year, so you can always go for a taste of what life would be like before making a final decision. While this next town might be in the middle for some, it’s at the top of our list for retirement consideration. 

Connecticut — Middletown

Middletown has several reasons that make it the perfect retirement destination. It is divided into different neighborhoods guaranteeing something for everyone. There are National parks and two golf courses for the nature-buffs, and it is under an hour's drive.

If you love finding hidden gems or local eateries, this classic shipbuilding town has several establishments hidden away, waiting for you to discover them. Current residents say it is best to research individual neighborhoods before taking the plunge! This next city’s motto is “ the perfect place to start.” Will your life begin again with the next exciting chapter of retiring here? 

Delaware — Seaford

It’s easy to see how Seaford would be a cozy place for retirement. It has natural beauty in the Nanticoke River and several golf courses. With its preferred slower pace of life, residents don’t dine out as much as other locations. An important thing to consider as you age is if you would prefer to keep cooking for yourself or enjoy a place with more diverse culinary attractions?

This city has a population under 9,000 and comfortable rent or mortgage rates for all budgets. It’s a great contender for diverse seasons and finding a space to make yourself comfortable in your later years. This next state is already known for being a retirement destination, but have we uncovered a hidden gem of a city for you to live in?

Florida — North Port

Florida has a lot of perks as a state for retirees. It’s got a warm climate and many tax-free regulations, but the downside is the expensive housing market. The city of North Port has lower housing costs but isn’t central to beaches. However, it is located by the Myakka State Forest and provides opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, and local hiking trails. 

This city doesn’t have a local hospital, just a private practice. You would have to drive 20 minutes to a general hospital, so make sure your weekly routine doesn’t include this errand before investing in the north! If you’re looking for a retirement city that doesn’t take itself too seriously, take a look at our next juicy location! Its name will leave a sweet taste in your mouth, and the residents will keep a smile on your face. 

Georgia — Peachtree City

This sweet city boasts a strong reputation as Georgia’s “most successful planned community.” This city made headlines in 2011 when residents decided to use golf carts to drive everywhere, including going for groceries and school, a trend that is still popular. 

This fad can represent the whimsical and fun nature of this town, situated a half-hour from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This is definitely a top contender for somewhere to make your home base if you plan on traveling during your retirement. This beautiful state is a vacation dream, but have you considered moving here and being in paradise 24/7?

 Hawaii — Kapa‘a

Living in paradise has a steep price tag, but residents of this community will tell you it’s worth it. With beaches only a five-minute drive away, the community will always prefer watching the sunset or rise on the soft white sands in their backyards. Located in Kauai County, you will have access to Hawaii’s excellent health care, registered in US News for having excellent access and quality. 

In a recent survey, residents said they were spending so much time outdoors they weren’t attending local events. Kapa‘a has several art galleries and theatres for you to enjoy besides the close proximity to the white sands. This next state is known for potatoes, but this city specifically is known to be a beacon of relaxation for the retirement crowd. 

 Idaho — McCall

If you are considering moving to McCall, keep in mind the many different tourist seasons. You’ll be sharing your town constantly with visitors, but this also means you’ll benefit from the many events being thrown to attract them! McCall boasts festivals celebrating the arts and has held music festivals, boat shows, and carnivals.

On top of an active social and tourism calendar, the city is also great for people with a green thumb. Having access to Payette Lake all year round is definitely a privilege, and if you have grandchildren going to University—the state of Idaho has many excellent choices. Keep close to your loved ones by choosing this hidden jewel. Up next, another hidden gem with a name you’ll want to remember for affordable housing. 

Indiana — Loogootee

Not many folks recognize this city nestled in Martin County, but it’s a nature lover's dream being close to West Boggs Park and the natural woodland surroundings. The cost of buying a home here is reasonable, and the city does promote monthly events. 

This close-knit community is known for staying in touch, and residents will have many friends or sources of support. If you also enjoy watching sporting events, the local Jack Butcher Arena seats 4,000 fans and hosts local and national teams. This next town might offer a different solution to housing than you’ve considered. 

Illinois — Waterloo

The beautiful state of Illinois has the picturesque town of Waterloo, but this town offers a different solution to housing than you’ve considered. Instead of buying or renting a property, this city offers 6 different retirement community living options. This would alleviate any medical concerns, especially since the town doesn’t have a general practicing hospital. It does offer a variety of medical practices, including surgery and cardiovascular specialties. 

Residents enjoy walking in the town's parks and gardens and frequent trips to nearby bigger cities like St. Louis. This next city had the reputation of being “The Most Livable Small City in America.” Find out how it earned this nickname and if the reputation matches the current vibe found in Davenport, Iowa. 

Iowa — Davenport

The city of Davenport has so much to offer its retirement community! Starting with 50 local parks to enjoy or meet up with friends and family, residents will have plenty of access to green space while still enjoying the traffic of a big city. You won’t feel like you're living in a small community, but you will be a valued member of a bigger reputation. 

Embrace art and architecture while walking the sky bridge or go shopping in the east village and find unique items to add to your home and closet. For the sweet tooth residents, take a tour of Chocolate Manor and then balance out with healthy fresh produce found at the local farmers market. Diversification is key in this city, but our next location pays more attention to its historical roots, especially a very unique gazebo. 

Kansas — Paola

This town in Kansas has a beautiful and historic gazebo that we can picture spending the afternoons on with a good book. Originally built in 1867 by the city’s founder, the park has a strict law that nothing can be built on top of it. It was then updated and re-designed by architect George Washburn in 1913. 

The city of Paola is known for its annual county fair in the middle of summer, but overall promises a slower pace of life for residents. This is a fairly landlocked city, but other highlights include local wineries and horseback riding. This next location is in a state known for its derby! Do you know about the famous french influence city in this southeastern United States location?

Kentucky — Versailles

We recognize Versailles from French royalty, and you can own a piece of property by moving to the great state of Kentucky. You’ll experience the charm of horses, bourbon, and architecture within the neighborhood, but it will come with an intense price tag. Thankfully, even if buying property is expensive, you are eligible to have up to $31,110 in retirement income and have it exempt from the state income tax.

This city does have a high rate of unemployment, but it also means you can find more things to do on a budget. It has an affordable price of living, and anyone can build a comfortable budget which includes dining out or treating yourself to expensive treats. The opposite of French royalty would be living in the bayou, but this next destination might convince you that's exactly where you want to be. 

Louisiana — Slidell

The main highlight of Louisiana is the different cultures and attractions you can find in each town. This beautiful state is known for its annual Mardi Gras festival but exploring other smaller towns is definitely worth your time and energy. The small town of Slidell, for example, has a rich community full of interaction and events like Bayou Jam Concerts and Slidell Movie Nights.

Slidell might also tickle your fancy if you enjoy history and museums. Choosing to live here puts you in close proximity to Olde Towne Slidell district, where you can get a historical tour and find out where the nickname “Camellia City” originates. While Louisiana drips in diversity, this next city encourages small businesses and creativity. Would you want to live somewhere that is constantly reinventing itself? 

Maine — Portland 

Are you looking to connect with more local businesses in your retirement years? Maybe you want to find different investment opportunities and ways to support other people's dreams? Look no further than Portland, Maine. Often confused with Portland, Oregon—this city has been around since 1820 and was the original capital of Maine until 1831. 

It's known for having a big list of entertainment with small town traffic. Most residents here enjoy a calm daily routine and can take part in several activities or eat many different cuisines. This next city found in Maryland has a famous cousin in Los Angeles. Do you recognize this iconic city from 90’s television? 

Maryland — Bel Air South

We’re all familiar with Bel Air from the sitcom ‘Fresh Prince’ but this neighborhood is a far cousin to what you might expect from the Los Angeles reference. With local golf courses and the University of Maryland, there is a healthy mix of history with hobbies. 

Bel Air South also hosts a weekly farmers market, allowing residents to buy fresh and local produce to sustain the economy and appetites. If you imagine a perfect day, it would focus on picking up many local goodies and having a picnic in one of the hiking trails, all within 5 miles from your front door. The name of this next town is specific to exactly what kind of hobby you should enjoy before moving here. 

Massachusetts — Vineyard Haven

Do you recognize this famous town for its celebrity location on Martha’s vineyard? Buying a property in this town will run you a pretty penny, but we would at least recommend taking a vacation here and trying the local grapes! 

With scenic views and possible Hollywood star sightings, a vacation here will pack a dose of excitement any retirement can benefit from. While staying in Vineyard Haven, you’ll be eating at some of the best restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world. We definitely recommend trying fresh fudge at Murdick's. Staying true for our aqua-themed retirement plans, this next town offers a beautiful shoreline and a popular local marina. Is Michigan the right state for you to consider?

Michigan — Petoskey

We love saying the name of this town and knew with its close proximity to the shoreline; it would be an easy addition to our list. Residents are thrilled with walking downtown taking in the sights of the marina and local harbor. 

If your dream retirement includes a coastal existence, then Petoskey is a perfect fit. Michigan has high property taxes but won’t tax your social security. This town feels like an ideal compromise for a strict budget. This next city lets you know that you’ll be enjoying the local landmarks right away! Take a dive into Minnesota and find out what you’ve been missing!

Minnesota — Lake City

This next city is actually where water skiing became famous! Depending on what age you’re retiring at, this might not be the incentive you’re looking for, but what about being close to Hok-Si-La Park? All 250-acres of camping or walking trails under a thirty-minute drive from your new home! 

Lake City already boasts a high population of retirees. The local community enjoys easy access to libraries and restaurants. From one water-loving city to the next, this next location has a beautiful story attached to its popular landmark. Have you heard the legend surrounding the “singing river”? Prepared to be enchanted by this next location in Mississippi. 

Mississippi — Pascagoula

The city of Pascagoula is located along the Pascagoula River, which has several legends and tales that paint a mystical picture about the energy of this water adjacent town. The “Singing River” earned its name through visitors claiming to hear angelic music luring them to the river. Are you prepared to be enchanted by living in this community? 

You’ll be singing the praises of the state of Mississippi since all retirement funds are tax-free. Enjoy an untouched bank account while you stroll the river or the local Pascagoula Beach Park, a perfect spot for a midday picnic or a leisurely daily stroll. If you crave more nature and want easy access to national parks, our next location is the perfect fit. 

Montana — Helena

There are many perks to choosing retirement in Helena, Montana. One of them is being close to Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, and another is the community's involvement in activism. Helena is an active political city with community members coming together and also has a diverse arts scene. To match the political climate, the city of Helena also has a historic part of town where you can learn more. 

This does make it a very liberal destination, which may influence your retirement possibilities. If you choose to investigate what it would be like to live here, the population equally rents or pays a mortgage, but the nightlife and restaurants do come with a steep price tag. 

Nebraska — Columbus

The main highlight of settling in Columbus is Pawnee Park, a sprawling 153 acres with something for everyone to enjoy. The park offers fishing, tennis courts, and a track field. You’ll definitely stay active and make friends while exploring this beautiful local landmark. 

This city also has tons of golf courses and hospitals within reach for all of your aging concerns. This next city has a reputation for being “The Biggest Little City in the World.” Why not take a gamble and keep some excitement in your retirement days!

Nevada — Reno

Are you still craving excitement in your retirement? If you want a sparkle of lights but fewer crowds Reno might be the perfect fit for you! This little city is packed with nightlife and great dining options, but it also offers outdoor entertainment. 

As long as you don’t want to sit back and relax, Reno will be a good fit. You can challenge yourself with the local hiking and mountain biking trails or feel lucky at smaller casinos. This city's lights will definitely keep a sparkle in your eye. This next town has the top hospital of its state, but we bet you haven’t been here before.

New Hampshire — Lebanon

One of the highlights of this beautiful city is your proximity to Mascoma Lake. The town of Lebanon has many trails and offers multiple ways for residents to enjoy the true nature at their doorstep. On top of being a nature lovers paradise, residents will receive top medical attention at this local hospital. 

The city of Lebanon is home to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, which U.S News rated the best hospital in New Hampshire. It also has the Norris Cotton Cancer Center nearby, ensuring residents will only receive the best treatment regardless of what ails them. This next city will definitely surprise you! Its state is known for a young population, but we’ve uncovered its retirement potential!

New Jersey — Flemington

New Jersey is never a place that pops up first when you think of ideal retirement American cities, but Flemington will change your mind! They take their health and all residents' health seriously and are a completely smoke- and tobacco-free county.

Flemington has a relatively young population but is known for being pricey in the housing market. In fact, recent studies show that the cost of living is 17.3% higher in Flemington than in the rest of the United States. If you settle down here for your retirement, it will definitely be quiet and relaxing, plus your Social Security won’t register under New Jersey’s income tax law. This next city may cause a dispute, but we’ve listed the pros and cons and still think it deserves to be on our list. 

New Mexico — Santa Fe

Santa Fe might be a controversial pick for the beautiful state of New Mexico, but we think the pros outweigh the cons for sure. This city does tax retirement income and unfortunately doesn’t have many health care locations, but the slower pace and craft beer scene definitely make up for it. 

We recommend moving to Santa Fe if you do not need regular health checkups but still enjoy occasionally going out for a nice meal and beverage. You can have a comfortable slower pace of life within the town's borders but may find it complicates your life later. Perhaps try it out for a year before making a long-term decision. You might think this next city never sleeps, but we’re confident it will have what you’re looking for in retirement. 

New York — New York City

As all traditional New York residents will tell you, this is the best city in the world! It certainly offers a diverse landscape of activities and food, with the added benefit of amazing health care, but this is still a concrete jungle for our nature enthusiasts. Carefully weigh out what environment is crucial to you, and maybe New York City is best for weekend trips instead of permanent residence. 

This is also one of the most expensive cities across the United States, so a big chunk of your budget will be going into your living expenses. If you choose to settle in the Big Apple, the public transit system ensures you’ll never need a car, and we guarantee you’ll have several visitors! This next tiny town has a big nickname to live up to! Catch a flight to “the Paris of the south” and find out what North Carolina can offer you in retirement. 

North Carolina — Asheville

Asheville is tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains and will keep you busy for years exploring trails and enjoying the views. It has been compared to beautiful European destinations for offering residents and tourists an escape in their own backyard. Being in the mountains means fresh air and not such drastic weather in winter. 

This would be an ideal town for folks looking to be outdoors during their retirement. Moving here would definitely be a commitment to exploring. Reward yourself afterward at one of the many delicious local restaurants or art galleries. Our next city is a cold one but also has amazing medical facilities. As we age, it’s important to make considerations for our health and planning ahead. What does North Dakota offer to set it apart from the other states? 

 North Dakota — Bismarck

This city landed on our list for its amazing health care options. The city of Bismarck is home to St. Alexius Health-Bismarck and Sanford Medical Center Bismarck, which both have strong adult medical facilities. The issues with Bismarck, however, might make you reconsider anything permanent. 

The state of North Dakota is known for its cold winters and days in between sunshine. How important is it to you to live somewhere that you don’t have to stay inside for a few months out of the year? The city does have a low crime rate and also a low unemployment rate and is very safe. This next option out of Ohio keeps the small-town charm in a big city environment. Can you guess where we’ve suggested next? 

Ohio — Brunswick

This charming city in Ohio has a low crime rate and is close to bigger cities if you need to go for a drive and excitement. This city is focused on maintaining its small-town feel and residents enjoy walking. Another perk of this town is that they host a weekly Mayor’s Court on Tuesdays and provide an open platform for residents to voice concerns. 

Brunswick offers green space by being close to Susan Hambley Nature Center and North Park and is an ideal homebodies. New residents can fit into the community easily, and all the comforts you need are just outside your front door. This next city is at the beginning of a revolution. They are ushering in the future; do you want to be a part of their change from a traditional past?

Oklahoma — Coweta

The town of Coweta is a small community that is getting prepared for big changes. A small town that was stuck in its traditional roots, recently there has been a surge of new business. The population is becoming well-rounded, with young families and retirees settling into a comfortable routine. 

When the state of Oklahoma was rated for retirement options—all of its cities scored highly with only a five percent difference from the top spot to the bottom. Choosing the state of Oklahoma is a great idea for comfort and if you can embrace change. This next city is a nature lover's dream with waterfalls and hiking trails that will keep you outside and active in your retirement years. 

Oregon — Bend

What is magical about this city is the picturesque landscapes in your backyard. From volcanic sites, caves, and waterfalls, you can truly find everything in magical adventures. Residents enjoy exploring the Cascade Mountains and Drake Park and then finishing their day with five-star dining experiences.

However, this location with its natural environment comes a high price tag for the local housing market. Carefully consider your investment before making this your home base later in life. Bend, Oregon also keeps snow until May, with residents laughing about the forecast over their memorial day weekends. This next town is a special location for any of our retired sommeliers. 

Pennsylvania — West Chester

This picturesque town is close to several wineries and golf courses. If this sounds like your ideal retirement, then everything afterward will be a massive plus! Centrally located, West Chester, Pennsylvania, is close to other major cities and Ridley Creek State Park. Residents advise newcomers to live further away from the local public University, but you’ll be moving closer to the plentiful eateries and delicatessens. 

West Chester will take a significant investment as living in this town isn’t cheap. Most of the population is renting instead of owning their homes, and with your retirement years, this might prove to be more cost-effective and provide the flexibility you didn’t previously have. This next city is a sailors paradise! Have you considered picking up a new hobby in retirement, or will you blow overboard instead?

Rhode Island — Newport

Newport has already developed a reputation to attract the rich and famous. In fact, it is one of the best places for entrepreneurs to buy property. If you retire from the tech world, this city might be the easiest stepping stone into a different community. 

Newport has one of the highest median house values of any state, locking in at 427,664. If this doesn’t intimidate your monthly budget, then you’ll enjoy the many activities and restaurants available. You’ll be living in a harbor town and enjoy walking the pier or sailing in your spare time. Do you imagine horse-drawn carriage rides in your retirement years? Step into the south and luxury of Charleston and make all your dreams come true. 

South Carolina — Charleston

The cost of living in Charleston is high, but you will have access to great medical facilities and historical landmarks at your door. If you choose to invest and move to this community, be prepared to feel elevated walking through the picturesque downtown or calm as you take in the seaside views. 

The city of Charleston really has something for everyone to enjoy a comfortable retirement. The senior demographic enjoys tax breaks in housing, zero social security tax, and a busy social calendar to meet new friends. Charleston is the hustle and bustle the south is known for and will charm any new resident. Our next city has a smaller population and a slower pace of life. Float down the Missouri River and discover what the city of Pierre has to offer you. 

South Dakota — Pierre

This capital city of South Dakota also happens to be one of the less populated cities. If you are looking for views of the Missouri River without the hustle and bustle of a big city, Pierre will be the perfect fit. This small town is also packed full of history, with the town finding new ways to bring its residents closer to the past. 

Feel free to visit the South Dakota State Historical Society Museum or walk the newly erected Trail of Governors and immerse yourself in the diverse history Pierre offers. This town is also close to two state parks, LaFramboise Island Nature Area and Farm Island Recreation Area. Have you already traveled to this well-known scenic city? Did you ever dream about living here? Use your retirement to make your dreams come true. 

Tennessee — Chattanooga

A popular vacation spot, this city is dubbed “the scenic city” with a prime location below the Appalachian Mountains. Chattanooga offers a big metropolitan feel surrounded by nature. It might feel too good to be true, but their housing market will quickly bring you back to reality. Moving to this spot will be an investment, so think carefully and follow your heart. 

It is full of historical locations but also community initiatives. Residents enjoy taking part in the great local music scene and trying out the constantly expanding restaurant offering. Moving here in your retirement could provide a new spark to your daily routine, but how does it compare to the state of Texas? We’ve heard everything is bigger in Texas but is that true when you crave a quiet retirement community?

Texas — Boerne

The great state of Texas is home to amazing cities like Houston, Austin & Dallas, but there’s a good reason why you haven’t heard of the city of Boerne. With a population of only 15,000, it's a lower populated haven for retired citizens. Residents of Boerne enjoy the local butterfly garden and fishing pond at Boerne City Lake Park but beware of high residential taxes. 

Driving through the state of Texas will definitely be a fun adventure regardless if you choose to settle down or move on. Make sure to try their signature brisket while you’re in town! If you have dreams of living between two national parks, then Utah is your ideal destination. Be prepared to live between the red rocks and explore what’s available in Moab!

Utah — Moab

The southeast side of Utah is already a popular retirement destination, with locals loving the warmer weather and being able to look at the red rock boulders through their windows. When deciding if this is a good fit for your retirement, ask yourself how much you want to go hiking or walking in the future?

It wouldn’t make sense to choose a location where you won't enjoy everything it offers. One thing to watch out for Utah is it does have a higher tax on social security benefits and retirement income. The next city on our list offers small-town comforts and doesn’t force you to hike to enjoy its naturally beautiful landscape. Read on and find out if Vermont is your next destination. 

Vermont — Barre

Moving to Barre feels like you are sacrificing big-city luxury for small-town comforts. Before making this decision, figure out what parts of your daily routine would be impacted by moving to a smaller town, and decide from there. Barre might be tiny, but it has a large outdoor activities list, including the 26,000-acre Groton State Forest less than a half-hour drive away. 

As of 2019, the population of Barre that was 65+ was 14%. The population is so diversified that if you choose to move here, you’ll be able to make friends and form a community. Our next city takes us further south and focuses on connecting residents through the liberal arts. Dip a brush into your next retirement hobby by considering this quaint Virginia town. 

Virginia — Winchester

If you have led an artistic lifestyle but are looking for a change of environment, Winchester is the perfect fit. Hosting a vibrant artistic community in the Shenandoah Valley, each week brings out a new county fair or festival. 

Winchester has beautiful architecture, including the Winchester Cathedral and victorian style houses. This does make property slightly more expensive, but the state of Virginia is tax-friendly and will not tax your social security. This next location is on a secluded island not far from our capital! Have you heard of this tiny tax-free community?

Washington — Friday Harbor

Do you need a nautical nuance in your retirement? This tiny town located on the San Juan Islands was rated the prettiest town in Washington, and it’s easy to see why. Buying property on the island is difficult. There aren’t many options, but if you can find the right space, retirement income is tax-free!

Living here will offer a slower pace of life but also will limit your travel. You’ll need to take a seaplane to leave or have a boat ready. If you are looking for somewhere to dock a houseboat, this might be a better fit than permanently settling down. 

West Virginia — Parsons

The city of Parsons is found in Tucker county and is geared towards our nature enthusiasts. In your backyard will be Blackwater Falls State Park and the Allegheny Mountains. You could spend years learning the 20 miles of hiking trails this park offers, but if you have any serious health concerns, Parsons has one catch. 

The closest hospital is 30 minutes by car, which means if you require medical assistance, you must drive or wait for an ambulance before starting the journey. We wouldn’t recommend moving this far away from medical support if you require weekly or bi-monthly checkups. When you see pictures of this next location, you might forget you’re in the United States. Are you going to choose to enjoy these Wisconsin views?

Wisconsin — Mequon

This beautiful town located in the state of Wisconsin is a paradise to residents who enjoy being able to walk places. Living centrally to their downtown, you can start your day off by visiting a local coffee shop or going to visit the beautiful Lake Michigan. 

Mequon is a small and charming community, with residents taking an active role in community events and is only a thirty-minute drive to the big city of Milwaukee. Enjoy the serenity of your own backyard and treat yourself to weekends away. If you want to travel back in time, this next city focuses on a specific western theme to attract tourists and new residents. Is the wild west of Wyoming where you belong in your retirement?

Wyoming — Sheridan

What makes Sheridan unique is its dedication to a western style in the main part of town. If you choose to travel through or stay, you’ll experience what Forbes called “The Cowboy State's Coolest Small Town.”

Sheridan is close to Bighorn National Forest, where you might see elk, mule deer, white-tail deer, coyotes, black bears, and mountain lions. Due to its popular aesthetic and high tourism rating, housing is a little bit more pricey, but you’ll also have a hospital close by plus a mixture of antique shops with national retailers. 

Where Will You Choose?

Choosing what to do with your retirement can be a tricky decision. We hope this list has highlighted the full potential you have within all fifty states regardless if you are looking to lounge by a lake, a beach, or climb mountains. You can always choose to invest in your new community or pick up an old hobby with the freedom of time in your retirement years. 

This is an exciting new chapter! Don't hold back and choose a location where you can flourish. Whether by the water or mountains, there is a spot for everyone to happily retire in the united states and within their budget.