Teenager Born Without A Jaw Gets Help From Rapper To Express Himself 

Isaiah Acosta is a teenager from Phoenix who always dreamed about rapping and expressing himself through music. Unfortunately, the teenager can’t either talk or rap because he doesn’t have a jaw. He was born without one and he is struggling to live a normal life because of this. On the bright side of things, nothing can break Isaiah’s spirit and he is chasing his dreams just like everyone else is doing.

He even managed to record a rap song that inspired many people to live a better life and also showed the world that despite all the struggles that Isaiah goes through in life, he is still having a great time.  Isaiah Acosta is a normal teenager who loves music. However, there is something different about him. Isaiah was born without a jaw and this is making his life quite difficult. Luckily, he is a really strong boy.

The most incredible thing about Isaiah’s life story is that he wasn’t supposed to make it. The doctors told his mom that he is not going to live for a long time but against all odds, Isaiah made it and he is now in his teenage years.

His golden years!

As if the fact that Isaiah fought to survive for all this time wasn’t impressive enough, the teenager is also doing everything he can in order to change the world into a better place.

He is a special boy and there is no doubt about that.

Even though Isaiah can’t speak and he communicates through texts, his dream has always been to become a rapper.

Sadly, this dream is impossible for Isaiah to achieve on his own because he can’t talk or rap.

While most people would give up if they were in Isaiah’s shoes, this is not the kind of person that Isaiah is.

Instead of giving up, he is still writing clever lyrics every single day.

Topher Horman is a creative producer for Children’s Miracle Network and he heard about Isaiah’s dream.

The creative producer knew how important it was for Isaiah to express himself through lyrics and he came up with a brilliant idea.

The creative producer realized that what Isaiah needs is a voice. This is when he decided to call a local Phoenix rapper known as “Trap House” to help Isaiah out.

The amazing thing is that Isaiah and Trap House got along right from the start.

Trap House loved the lyrics that Isaiah wrote and they decided to make a song together.

Isaiah would write the lyrics and Trap House would sing them.

Isaiah and Trap House created and produced a song called “Oxygen To Fly”.

Isaiah used his best lyrics in this song because he wanted to show the world what kind of struggles he goes through daily and that he can overcome them all.

Now that Trap House has lent Isaiah his voice, the teenager could finally express himself and achieve his dream of becoming a rapper.

The music video for “Oxygen To Fly” has more than one million views already!

“I thought that Isaiah’s incredibly rare, magnetic personality should be introduced to America in a visually intimate, real presentation of his confidence and power,” Topher Horman tells. “He’s such a positive influence.

America needs Isaiah right now.”

“I don’t care what people think of me/Proud and honored that they carry me/Jaw gone but I love myself/Like a lion to my family.” “Could’ve died but I’m still here/Could’ve cried but I’m still here/Bullies try but I’m still here/Mother tries so I’m still here,” said the lyrics to Isaiah’s song.

As you can imagine, Isaiah’s mother couldn’t believe what her son was doing. “My son’s words have been brought to life. Writing is his hobby and his way of self-expression.

If you ask him, he will say that he’s always had a voice. But the voice is inside him.”

“Now for the first time, the rest of the world can actually hear that voice. It’s a very emotional thing when I hear ‘Oxygen to Fly’ come on the radio here in Arizona.

I cry with happiness every time I hear it,” added Isaiah’s mother.

“I connect with rap — I enjoy the energy of it,” he tells PEOPLE through email. “And I’ve always loved writing lyrics and quotes and putting down what bothers me into poems.

Music has changed my life and now (with help from Trap House), I feel like I’m helping people with no voice,” said Isaiah.

We have to give praise to the Phoenix rapper known as Trap House for lending his voice to a teenager who couldn’t express himself.

Let’s hope that this duo keeps releasing more songs.

“He picked the beat and he picked the production — I wanted the end result to be what he envisioned in his imagination. With rap, you always hope to be able to speak for the voiceless.

To be presented with an opportunity to literally do that has been amazing,” said Trap House about meeting Isaiah for the first time.

Isaiah says that bullies are a real problem for people with medical disabilities like him.

This is why he wants to keep creating new music and help others like him get confidence against bullies.

Isaiah is an amazing person and there is no doubt about that.

Even though he doesn’t have a voice of his own, he doesn’t let that get in the way of his fun personality.

We are glad to let everyone know that our story has a happy ending.

Isaiah is still creating new music and he will team up with Trap House once again in the future and release some more motivational rap music.