Summer Drinks Around The World That Will Rejuvenate You

Summer drinks to enjoy

There's nothing like sitting outside with a good, cool beverage as the weather warms up. Cool beverages keep us comfortable and rejuvenated under the sun's scorching rays, whether it's a cocktail or an iced coffee, a juice, or a wine spritzer. These refreshing beverages quench our thirst, but they also seem to have the ability to restore our sanity at times. Impress your guests at your next get-together with the brilliant color these summer drinks bring to the table!!

1. Aam Panna from India It's an unripe green mango-based vegan summer cooler. It's made during the scorching Indian summers when mangoes first appear. The flavor of aam panna is acidic and sweet, with undertones of cardamom, cumin, and black salt. These spice powders and black salt not only give extra flavor to the dish but also aid digestion.
2. Horchata from Mexico It is a sweet drink prepared with white rice, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and sometimes almonds. There are a lot of controversies online about whether horchata should include milk. It is entirely up to you whether to add milk, almond milk, or even warm water. In any case, it all comes together to provide a delectable delight.
3. Nam Manao from Thailand Thailand, a country where limes are an intrinsic part of the national cuisine, can create a killer limeade. Nam manao is served by street sellers all around Thailand, sometimes sweet but more frequently with a big sprinkle of salt, and helps to offer at least a brief reprieve from the country's hot and humid atmosphere.
4. Latte-e-Menta from Italy Only a handful of things are more Italian than a frothy latte, so it's no surprise that our warm-weather drink of choice from Italy is an iced latte. For an extra refreshing experience, try an iced mint latte. All you need for this one is whole milk, peppermint syrup, fresh mint, and ice.
5. Bandung from Malaysia Bandung is a candy-sweet, brilliant pink Malaysian drink prepared with evaporated milk, rose water, sugar, and a drop or two of red food coloring that is served over ice. Rose milk is an adaption of an Indian drink that tastes strikingly similar to kheer, an Indian rice pudding sweetened with rose water and pistachios. If you want your sweets served in a glass, bandung is the drink for you.
6. Kvas from Russia This traditional Russian beverage takes some getting used to. It's a fermented grain drink that was served on the streets of the Soviet Union throughout the summer. To create this drink, soak Russian brown bread in water, add yeast, and generally honey or raisins, and let it ferment for a few days. Since the alcohol concentration is so low, it's officially called a non-alcoholic drink. As a consequence, you get a decidedly sour beverage that's delightful in its own right.
7. Suanmeitang from China Suanmeitang is a traditional Chinese beverage that literally translates to "sour plum drink." It is prepared with dried, smoked plums, which are technically prunes. Though recipes vary, prunes, rock sugar, osmanthus flowers, rose petals, and water is common ingredients. On a hot day, this chilled juice, albeit sour, is surprisingly pleasant.
8. Buttermilk from India Frothy spicy buttermilk is pretty popular in the south of the nation, where temperatures often reach 100° or more and humidity makes it feel much hotter. Buttermilk’s digestive capabilities can be reinforced by adding stomach-calming flavorings like mustard seeds and asafoetida.