Strange Wildlife Creature Sneaks Into Family's Backyard

Living close to the woods is really nice because you will always have a place where you can go and run in order to clear your mind. However, living close to the woods does have its downsides and a family from Alsager, England can vouch for that. It was Saturday and the family was getting ready to start a barbeque in their backyard when they noticed something strange lurking in the garden. The strange animal looks like a combination of a dog and a fox.

It was something that you only see in movies!  What better way to relax with your family during a Saturday afternoon other than to start a barbeque and to grill some good food? This is exactly what a family from Alsager, England was planning to do. However, their plans were going to get ruined by an unexpected visitor.

As the family started cooking some burgers, an unexpected visitor caught the scent and wanted to get a bite.

The visitor was lurking in the background until one of the kids saw him and started yelling!

This is the strange animal that scared the young kid who started yelling. The animal didn’t want to hurt anyone, he was simply looking for some food and it stayed put.

The interesting thing about this animal is that no one could tell what it was.

Looking at the animal’s bushy tail, you would think that it is a fox, right? Well, there is one big problem here.

The animal’s fur is not orange and white. Not just that, but his face looks more like a dog rather than a fox.

It was clear that the unexpected visitor wasn’t a normal fox. It was a strange breed and what’s great about him is that it didn’t even try to run away when people got closer.

This made it clear, the animal ran away from somewhere and it was looking for help.

Now that the family confirmed that the strange looking fox doesn’t mean them any harm, they fed him some food. The animal was super hungry and ate the food really fast.

This is when the family knew that they had to call someone who specializes in wild animals to come and help them with this situation.

The strange thing here is that no one knew what kind of animal it was. It looked like a dog and a fox and the family who discovered it didn’t know who to call for help.

This is why they decided to take a couple of pictures and post them on social media asking for advice.

As we can clearly see, the strange animal loves to pose for pictures. This picture was posted on social media and it quickly went viral.

People from all over the world started guessing what type of animal it was and luckily, someone who knew exactly what it was decided to leave a message.

The folks at RSPCA (animal rescue) spotted the picture of the strange animal on social media and asked if they could help.

They knew that the animal found in the backyard of this family was super rare and that it needed to be rescued.

The animal rescuers who work at RSPCA arrived in Alsager, England and the first thing that they told the family is that they have found a super rare breed of fox called the silver fox.

Unfortunately, the reason why this type of foxes are rare is because their beautiful fur is used to make clothes.

This is a heartbreaking thing and this is why the RSPCA animal rescuers decided to come and help this little fella who was lost.

Knowing that silver foxes are rare, the animal rescuers figured out that the silver fox which was found in the backyard of a family was more than likely grown for its fur by someone in the local area.

This made it loud and clear, they needed to take the silver fox out of town and find a new home for it.

Another factor that made it clear that the silver fox was bred for its fur is the fact that it was friendly and happy around humans.

It would’ve run away long time ago if it was a wild silver fox.

The folks at RSPCA took the silver fox to their center and fed him healthy food. This type of foxes have a specific diet and if they start eating bad stuff such as burgers every day, then they might sick.

Luckily, this is not going to happen.

Now that the silver fox was a resident at the RSCPA center, the animal rescuers decided to give him a new name.

They called him Shadow because his fur looks so beautiful.

The animal rescuers took Shadow to the vet and fortunately, they found out that Shadow’s health is great. The only bad thing is that the silver fox is a little bit overweight.

Now, the animal rescuers needed to find a home for him.

Since silver foxes are so rare and beautiful, the animal rescuers wanted to make sure that they will find a new home for Shadow where he doesn’t have to fear poachers.

Luckily, the animal rescuers knew exactly where to take Shadow.

The RSPCA animal rescuers found a new home for Shadow in no time!

The silver fox was welcomed at the Wildlife Center Stapeley Grange where he could live a happy life and make new friends.

This is the first fox that both the RSPCA animal rescuers and the Wildlife Center that took him in saw in the last 25 years.

Fortunately, there are many other normal foxes at the Wildlife Center and Shadow can make new friends.

We are glad to let everyone know that Shadow is now living a healthy and worry-free life.

He never has to worry about poachers anymore and he is already making new friends at the Wildlife Center.