Strange True Stories That Would Scare Even X-Files’ Scully and Mulder

The X-Files was such a popular show that it changed the entertainment industry. People loved watching the X-Files stars, Scully and Mulder, uncover the truth behind mysterious stories that would send most detectives running. Even though Scully and Mulder are two of the bravest TV show characters that ever existed, there are some real-life stories that even they would stay away from.

To make things even scarier, the stories that we are about to show you are entirely true! If you are a big fan of the X-Files and the incredible experiences that the movie’s characters lived, then you have arrived at the right place. Today we are going to show you some of the world’s most terrifying and mysterious stories that actually happened.

The US has many national parks and they are all amazing. However, there is something bad that has kept happening in them for more than 100 years.

We are talking about the mysterious disappearance of over 1100 people. To make things even worse, most of these disappearances are children younger than ten-years-old.

The interesting thing about this story is that even though more than 1100 people have disappeared in national parks, there is no media outcry about it. This makes it seem like the government is trying to keep the disappearances a secret, but why?

Could there be something that the government is trying to hide away from us?

Author David Paulides wanted to write a novel about what’s happening in US national parks and to his surprise, he was told that the records of the missing persons don’t exist.

The author kept asking around and he found out that the government didn’t keep records of any person that went missing in a US national park.

Author David Paulides didn’t give up that easy and he kept pressing the authorities to give him the records. To his surprise, the author was told that he needs to pay the whopping price of one million dollars in order to access the records.

What’s hiding inside those records?

Lots of important historical events took place during the early 1700s in France. However, there is one true story that no one is talking about.

A man by the name of Tarrare used to live during that time period and he was infamous for his massive appetite.

Tarrare was a French man who had an inhumanely large appetite. Tarrare weighed in at only 100 pounds and despite that, he could eat anything in his path.

Old records are showing that Tarrare could eat a quarter of an entire cow in a single day! This is not where the mystery ends.

Since Tarrare was so terrifying, he was kicked out of the house. This is when Tarrare started taking his talents on the road and he made a show where he would eat just about anything starting with garbage and ending with live animals.

However, things start getting weird when Tarrare enlists for the military.

Tarrare was hurt while in the army and he was sent to the hospital. This is when the doctors started doing experiments on him. The doctors fed Tarrare anything you can think of such as live snakes and eels!

Tarrare would just eat anything that was put in front of him. What he did next shocked an entire world!

Tarrare wanted to see just how far he can take it and he started eating corpses!! This is when the doctors had enough and they kicked him out.

Tarrare might be the first zombie that the world has seen. The stars of X-Files would’ve certainly tried to find Tarrare and talk to him.

Back in 1974-1984, a strange radio message was sent to numerous ships that were traveling through Malacca which is located near Sumatra and Malaysia. The message was in Morse code and it came from a ship called the SS Ourang Medan. This is what the message said: "All Officers, including the Captain, are dead.

Lying in chartroom and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead. … I die."

A small rescue crew was sent over to the boat and what they saw gave them nightmares for the years to come. The entire crew of the SS Ourang Medan was dead. The weird part about this is that everyone was stuck in a terrifying position.

Even the crew’s dog was dead with its teeth mid-snarl. Something strange must have happened here.

After the rescue crew left the SS Ourang Medan in order to inform the others, the ship blew up! This happened randomly and the rescue crew was so terrified that they couldn’t sleep for weeks.

There must have been a gas leak or something because explosions like that don’t happen without fuel.

Back in 1954, a man was going through the customs at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. The man claimed that he comes from a country known as Taured which is located between France and Spain.

Can you tell what’s the strange thing here? Well, the country Taured doesn’t exist.

The guards showed the man a map and he couldn’t believe that Taured wasn’t there. He got angry and told everyone that Taured has been between France and Spain for thousands of years and that the map they showed him must be wrong.

This is not where the story ends…

The man from Taured went on to show everyone his password which clearly stated that he comes from Taured. Not just that, but he also had a personal ID which confirmed that Taured exists.

The authorities didn’t know what to do and they decided to send the man to a hotel before they sort things out.

The man from Taured was sent to a local hotel so that the authorities have enough time to figure out what’s going on here. This when things get really weird because the man disappeared in the middle of the night without a trace.

To make things even more interesting, the man’s hotel was guarded by cops and no one saw him leave.

As if the man from Taured vanishing in thin air wasn’t creepy enough, the same thing happened to his documents that were left at the police station.

What do you think happened here?

This story is quite popular and many believe that the man from Taured is proof that there exist alternate universes and that we can actually travel between them.

We think it’s safe to say that if the script writers of the X-Files read these stories, then they would have enough material to write a new season.

Nonetheless, let us know what did you think of theses stories that cross the thin line between real and mysticism.