15 Strangest Things Found By Deep Sea Divers

The ocean still holds a mystery that not only sailors and boat captains are drawn to but land-dwellers alike. Underneath the black canvas of sea where the light never reaches, there are things that have gone long undiscovered... until now.

From aircraft and ships to sea creatures and cities, there are many mysteries still lying, waiting to be discovered. Here are just a few things that divers have stumbled upon while exploring the ocean floor.

Greenland Shark

The Greenland Shark is a prehistoric predator that can be found in the icy arctic waters. It hauls its massive body moving at less than 1 miles per hour through the water and can be seen eating anything from other sharks to even polar bears. This isn't something you'd want coming your way.

Even though this bulky beast may appear to be an apex predator, there's one hunter that's lowered its numbers drastically - people. The shark's meat is used in a local dish that's said to taste amazing.


Here's an ancient monster that's sometimes called a "living fossil" because for the longest time it was thought to be extinct. The Coelacanth has fins and tough scales only seen in prehistoric marine life.

In 1938 a living specimen was found and the world was taken by surprise. It is thought to be a link between aquatic life and land animals. Its fins grow outward as if on an appendage, implying that the fish is a step between marine life and walking on land.

Jesus Of The Abyss

Guido Galleti built a bronze statue and submerged it in the Mediterranean Sea. The statue was built to celebrate the first Italian diver.

Over the years a toll has been taken on the statue and it had to be refurbished in 2003. It was pulled out of the water and the left hand was repaired before it was resubmerged. The statue is so popular that an exact copy has been submerged off the coast of Florida in the United States.

Avro Arrow

Here's something that was found in Lake Ontario after years of searching. In 1946 during the start of the Cold War, Canada was developing a prototype jet fighter to defend itself and create new leaps in their military.

The prototype was called the Avro Arrow and Canada scrapped development, destroyed all schematics, and sank what remained to the bottom of Lake Ontario. It had been left forgotten until now...

The Human Gyre

Here's a sight that you'd have to see to believe. The Human Gyre is the work of Jason DeCaires Taylor who has submerged hundreds of sculptures in the ocean. His statues are made of a special material that won't flake off and dissolve into the water.

The Human Gyre is one of his most incredible pieces and is meant to resemble a reef so that marine life is drawn to it. His inspiration for the artwork is how all people originate from the ocean and he hopes more people will remember that.

Xenomorph Statue

This statue was found in the Black Sea off the coast of Anapa in Russia. No one knows where this statue came from but it is clear that a skilled artist created the sculpture.

The intricate statue is inspired by a Xenomorph from the movie Alien. The original design was created by famous artist H.R. Giger.

SS Gairsoppa

The SS Gairsoppa tragically sank after a German U-Boat decided that the cargo ship would look better at the bottom of the ocean floor. The vessel that sank all the way back in 1941 has now been found and its treasures revealed. 150 Million Pounds worth of silver has been discovered inside the sunken vessel.

The firm that funded the expedition has made a contract with the U.K. Government and will keep 80% of the silver. It is said to be the world's largest recovery of treasure that the government lost having returned to it.

Douglas Dakota DC-3

This World War II aircraft used to help transport Turkish paratroopers but now it's 70 feet below the surface of the Mediterranian. You might wonder what happened for this aircraft to lie on the ocean floor.

It was no accident that the plane is now submerged and it was no fight that took it down either. The plane was intentionally sunk in 2009 to draw marine life to grow there. Since then, it has become a paradise for divers.

Saturn V Rocket Engine

Jeff Bezos said he was inspired to do great things when he watched the moon landing in 1969 as a child. He went on to start up Amazon and is currently the CEO.

He hasn't forgotten where he came from though and has set out to find the engines of the Saturn V Rocket that fell into the ocean from the atmosphere. He plans to have them shown in a museum in Seattle.

The Antikythera Mechanism

In the early 1900s, this device was found by divers. It is thought to be the world's oldest analog computer. It just shows the advancements in human history and how many things might be lost to never be discovered.

It has been called the Antikythera Mechanism and is thought to have been able to predict astrological events, lunar patterns, and solar eclipses very accurately.

Giant Lego Man

It is unknown why artist Ego Leonard has been leaving giant lego man sculptures on beaches around the world. So far he's left in Japan, Florida, and the U.K.

The lego man has the phrase "No Real Than You Are" and has a smile on his face. Who knows where he'll the next?

The Yonaguni Complex

This object has long been argued over. People want to know where it came from, how it got there, and who made it? Some say it's a natural formation but with those right angles, it seems hard to believe.

Masaaki Kimura is from the University of Ryukyu in Japan and has theorized that the Yonaguni Complex was originally constructed 2,000 years ago above water until an earthquake sent it down to the depths of the ocean floor.

Submarine "Som"

This World War I era mini-sub tragically sank in 1916 when it collided with a steamer. No one on board survived the incident and the sub lay forgotten at the bottom of the ocean floor.

The missing sub still lies at the bottom of the floor because of the unknown condition of the payload it was carrying. If a salvage team tries to lift it off of the ocean floor it may explode.

RMS Republic

The RMS Republic was a ship for the extremely wealthy. It was also said to be unsinkable. The ship would ferry the rich elite from New York to Europe and reportedly had an astounding treasure onboard when it embarked on its final voyage.

The ship was reportedly carrying 25 million dollars in cash when it collided with another ship and sank. The money is worth a staggering 7 Billion dollars today but no one knows why it was carrying so much money. Conspiracies around the ship carrying back a loan from a wealthy Tzar is one of the most popular beliefs.