STOP! Health Foods You're Eating Right Now That Are Making You Fat

Just because you can drink it, doesn't mean it should be!

Aren't smoothies and vegetable drinks fun and convenient? Yes, and they taste great too! But those tempting Strawberry-Banana Blasts smoothies and hearty Green Machine drinks are loaded with calories, sodium (hidden heaps of salt), and carbohydrates, most of which come from sugar.

Got Milk?

It's true: even too much natural sugar is a bad thing. BOTTOM LINE: Eat the fruit, ditch the drink.

What do parents always tell their children?

"I'll have three Big Macs, two large french fries, and a Diet Coke."

"Drink your milk so you can grow bigger!" Unfortunately for most adults concerned with weight, when we consume milk, we don't grow "bigger," only "wider." BOTTOM LINE: Limit your milk intake if you are concerned with weight, and fill up on other calcium sources, such as spinach, kale, tuna, and legumes.

Sorry diet-soda-lovers: the artificial sugars in your favorite drinks can actually weaken your body's ability to regulate caloric intake, which can lead to overeating. BOTTOM LINE: Cut back on the diet-soda.

Soy Sorry!"

Instead, hydrate with water, carbonated water, green tea, and unsweetened ice tea.

This health food craze definitely fizzed down when studies showed the increased consumption of soy products by the western world had caused an epidemic of hyperthyroidism, which {gasp!} is leading symptom of being overweight. BOTTOM LINE: Again, moderation, of course.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

With so many different protein choices out there, this should be an easy one to avoid.

Grapes do have nutritional value, but they also are loaded with sugar. BOTTOM LINE: DO eat a handful of grapes when they are in season, but DON’T eat the whole bunch for a snack.

Meals in a Bar

Unless of course, they are being hand-fed while you’re lounging poolside.

Protein bars seem like a great meal replacement option or a smart choice when you need a boost during the day, but many are packed with calories and sugar. You might as well be eating a Snickers Bar.


BOTTOM LINE: Read the label and nutritional content, so you are aware of exactly what is in that densely packed snack. Plan ahead, so you’re not scrounging for a quick fix.

Sure, it tastes great in yogurt, but its often full of sugar, carbs, and FAT!

If You Like Piña Colada

BOTTOM LINE: Satisfy that CRUNCH with healthier alternatives, such as carrots, celery, or an apple.

While some citrus fruits, such as grapefruit, may help you lose weight, certain tropical fruits will do the complete opposite. Mango, papaya, pineapple, and bananas contain a lot of natural sugar which can make you pack on those pounds.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re trying to fit into that bikini, save the fruit splurge for when you’re in Maui.