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Staff Boots Dad And Daughters From Women’s Restroom

He presented himself on social media as the perfect dad. And for anyone who knew him in person, that’s exactly what he was. It was hard to think that there might be any flaw or defect in his parenting style.

But one day, this man was found with his daughters hiding in the women’s restroom. And right then, in front of a bewildered group of women and the security staff, he had some explanations to give.

The protagonist of this story goes by the name of Mohammed Nitoto. He’s a 33-year-old, 6’2’’ man based in Los Angeles who’s a father to two little girls: 5-year-old Zendaya and 3-year-old Zuri.

He prides himself on being a great dad. So much so that he has made himself known for posting his advice and experiences on parenthood on social media.

In the online world, he’s known as “The Chronicles of Daddy”; he has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram that follow his updates and recommendations on a daily basis.

It’s no wonder that they were pretty surprised when they knew about this story, as this isn’t the kind of story that they’re used to hearing about their go-to influencer dad.

This story took place in a fast-food restaurant located in one of the suburbs of Los Angeles. As it would be known later, Mohammed was there with his wife and his daughters.

He declared that they were just enjoying Mohammed’s day off work with some quality time together. However, Mohammed was about to get caught in an awkward situation.

There is another character in this story: it’s a woman named Karen, who is also a regular customer of the same restaurant, and who was having a meal there at the same time as Mohammed’s family.

Karen lives around the area, and she usually stops by the restaurant every week. She’s friends with the manager and the staff. And when she saw what was going on at the women’s restrooms, she felt like she had to report it.

Karen was just having lunch, just like any other day. He noticed Mohammed and his family sitting at a table, but he didn’t give them much thought at first.

There’s no way she could have predicted that she was about to get caught in the crossfire of an uncomfortable event; an event would end up with Mohammed getting kicked out of the restaurant by security.

When Karen was done with her meal, she got up and went to the restroom with the intention to wash her hands, pay, and go on her way.

As she left her table, she noticed that Mohammed and his daughters were no longer at the table; it was only Mohammed’s wife. However, she didn’t think much about it either. Why would she?

So Karen strolled through the restaurant’s hall; on her way, she waved at some of the waiters and asked the security guard, who was standing there, how the day was going.

She liked that restaurant. She liked how homely it felt, how friendly everyone was, and how it seemed to be a bubble of comfort and kindness where she could relax and forget about the ugly side of life. But she was in for a scare.

She arrived at the women’s restroom. And when she opened the door, she saw something, or better yet, someone that shouldn’t have been there.

There was a man just standing there with his phone in his hands. The first thing that crossed her mind was that it was a creep that had been filming the ladies in the women’s restroom. Alarmed, Karen yelled the name of the security guard.

Quickly, he came running to the scene. Karen being a regular (and a quite visibly disturbed one at that), and the presence of a man in the women’s restroom being a situation that went against all standards, he took a quick decision on what to do.

He walked toward the man, grabbed him by his collar, and took him out of the restroom. He was about to kick him out of the restaurant when the man explained why he was there.

That man, as some readers might have guessed, was Mohammed. And he was there for a reason that had nothing to do with Karen’s assumptions.

Entering women’s restrooms is something that Mohammed usually does, and he has even talked about it on his social media pages. This is why he does it.

Mohammed always chooses to escort his daughters to the women’s restroom when they need to use the toilet. This might be a controversial stance, and there will probably be different opinions on whether it’s the best one.

But Mohammed explains his habit like this: most public men’s restrooms are usually dirty and not set up for babies and kids. So it’s not like he has an option most of the time.

On this occasion, the restroom was empty when he entered with his daughters, who had gotten out of the toilets when they heard the yelling and bustle.

But usually, he makes his entrance known and asks for permission when someone is using the women’s restroom and he needs to escort any of his daughters.

“Usually I go, ‘Excuse me, I’m a dad, and I have my daughters with me. Do you mind if I bring them in?’” he tells on his social media.

“I don’t want to surprise anyone. I know some women have experienced trauma and might be afraid. I try to be as respectful as possible,” he explains.

So once the misunderstanding was cleared, everyone laughed at it. Karen apologized for jumping to conclusions and paid for her and Mohammed’s family’s meals.

What do you think about Mohammed’s restroom policy? Do you think he’s justified in escorting his daughters to the women’s restrooms, or should he just stay out and let his wife do it?


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