Staff Become Worried When Man Stops Ordering Pizza After 10 Years

Pizza Every Day

Kirk Alexander lived by himself in Salem, Oregon. The 48-year-old loved eating pizza and had been ordering the same Domino's pizza every day for nearly a decade.

But one day, the Domino's employees were surprised when he didn't make his usual order. The reason why would leave them stunned.

His Orders

Sarah Fuller was the general manager at the Domino's shop and told the reports in an interview that he ordered from there almost every day. 

She explained that he ordered online and that they would see his order pop on the screen. They always knew which order was his, but they started growing worried when he hadn't made an order for a few days.

Checking The System

They reasoned they he may have left town or gone to visit family, but they started worrying again when a few days later, one of the delivery drivers told Fuller that Alexander's order hadn't popped up on the screen for a long time by then.

Fuller decided to check the system to check how long it's been and was startled to see it had been 11 days since Alexander's last order. She couldn't help feeling something wasn't right.

They Knew Him

Fuller explained that he'd been ordering there for years. "We know him now," Fuller said. He was a quiet but friendly man who had become a friend to them. Some even considered him a member of their family.

They had never known him to go away for trips that would take this long, and they wondered if he'd gotten tired of ordering from them. Could he have found somewhere else?

Why Had He Stopped Ordering?

"Kirk orders from us all the time, but he doesn't fixate on one thing. He enjoyed anything from our menu, and we can never predict what he will order next."

The staff thought about it and figured they had enough variety in their menu to satisfy Alexander. They knew Alexander didn't enjoy change, so something must have happened that would explain why they hadn't receithey had enough variety in their menu to satisfy Alexander

Sending Someone To Check

The staff grew increasingly worried until one day, Fuller decided to send someone to check on him. He was a loyal customer, so she decided to send the delivery waser, Tracey Hamblen, to his home.

When he got to Alexander's home, he saw that the inside lights were on. He heard noise from inside and realized it was coming from the television. He took that as a good sign and rang the doorbell.

Something Was Wrong

No one answered the door despite how many times Hamblen rang the doorbell. He tried calling Alexander's cell and frowned when he didn't pick up.

He couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong but decided to share his finding with everyone back at the shop. He hoped that they would have suggestions about what to do.

Making A Call

Hamblen shared the news with the rest of the staff before calling 911. He felt he had no other choice. He worried that Alexander was in trouble and he needed to be there for their most loyal customer.

"It's been 11 days since he last ordered," Hamblen said to the operator. Once the call ended, the operator called the Marion County sheriff's department to assist.

Calling For Help

It wasn't long before the sheriff sent his deputies to Alexander's home. None of them knew what to expect when they arrived at the house but followed procedure by ringing the doorbell and calling out Alexander's name. They were surprised to hear a response.

They heard a man's voice calling for help. They didn't hesitate to break into the house and rush inside. That's when they found Alexander lying on the ground.

He Was Thankful

While some officers attended to Alexander and picked him up, another called for an ambulance. Alexander had suffered a stroke but was thankful that the paramedics could keep him stable.

No one had been there when he suffered his stroke, so the doctors had no idea when it had happened and how long he had been left alone before he was found.

Relieved By The Good News

Luckily, after some life-saving care, it looked like he was going to make a full recovery. Domino’s staff was delighted to hear the news. “We’re like a family here, and we were glad we were able to do something to help.

We hope he’s able to fully recover from this,” said Fuller. Now you probably think these people are heroes, but they disagree.

Humble And Compassionate

“I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot. We felt like we needed to do something,” explained Fuller. Their humility is truly inspiring, but that didn’t stop the media from going crazy about the story. 

The news spread through town and local outlets, and eventually, it made it to nationwide media.

A Newsworthy Story

Good Morning America interviewed Fuller and her assistant manager, Jenny Seiber. The pair recounted the events of that evening, and the host congratulated them for following their instincts and doing the right thing.

She also asked them for updates on Alexander’s condition since they had been able to visit him in the hospital.

Still By His Side

Seiber told host Robin Roberts that she had been to see Alexander three times since he was admitted to the hospital. The first day he was “out of it” and could only answer yes or no questions.

On the second day, he looked better, and by the third day, he was well enough to be moved to the rehabilitation wing. Then Roberts gave Seiber and Fuller a big surprise.

Rewarded For Their Good Deed

“Since you guys are superheroes, we’re gonna send you to Captain America: Civil War,” said Roberts, announcing that the whole restaurant staff would be getting tickets. And that wasn’t all.

Domino’s corporate office would send Fuller, Seiber, and delivery man Tracey Hamblen to the Domino’s Worldwide Rally, a yearly convention of Domino’s members in Las Vegas. We think it’s the least they deserve for helping to save a man’s life.

More Than Restaurants

But Robert's story wouldn't be the only time such a story would take place. A similar incident occurred in New Jersey, where Subway delivery made a unique discovery, saving a woman's life. 

The story would leave ripples all over the country, showing that some of these fast-food restaurants are more than just here to feed us. 

Molly And Troy

The protagonist of this story, Molly, is a twenty-three-year-old college student trying to make life less miserable for herself and her boyfriend, Troy. 

The two had been dating since Molly was in sophomore year, and as far as she was concerned, everything was going great. But what Subway delivery would uncover would change everything she thought she knew. 

A Two-Year Difference

Molly and Troy went to the same college but were not in the same year. Troy was a little older and two years above Molly, yet they made everything work.

Molly loved their dynamic, seeing Troy as more mature and experienced than her. He taught her most things and was her pillar whenever something in her life went wrong. But that incident would have her rushing to his house after a call from Subway. 

Where It All Started 

The root of the incident lay in a change that Molly and Troy knew was coming for months. Molly was in her third year of college, while Troy was in his fifth.   

As a requirement for his degree, Troy was to change towns to intern at one of the best law firms around New Jersey. Although the two hated this change, they knew it was necessary.  

Long Distance Relationships

Molly and Troy made the necessary changes in their lifestyle. They made plans to call each other every day and visit each other every weekend. Since the two would be three hours apart, the commute wouldn't be as long and dreadful.

But although everything seemed well, one issue made Molly scared of leaving her boyfriend's side. 

His Medical Condition 

Troy had been battling diabetes for the longest time, requiring him to take his insulin shots daily. Of course, he had no issue taking his medication since Molly was always there to help.

But now that he was going to be three hours away, Molly couldn't help but worry. She trusted him to care for himself but couldn't help but be on edge about the matter. It would be too late when she received that call.

Moving Out Of The City

As the semester came to an end, Troy made the move from their little apartment in New Jersey. Molly helped him with everything, and before the two knew it, Troy was happy in his new apartment away from school. 

The beginning of the new semester was difficult for the two, given that it was their first time apart. Still, the two made everything work. Molly had no idea that the terrible end was near. 

A Month Later 

A month after the start of the new semester, the harrowing incident occurred. Troy and Molly had been communicating the night before, and Troy relayed a message that would leave his girlfriend worried.   

Troy shared that his supervisor was to make a surprise visit that week, and he would have to put in more hours at his internship to impress his bosses and the supervisor. But although the message seemed harmless, Molly knew exactly what it meant. 

Please, Take Care Of Yourself 

Molly had been with Troy for three years, and she knew how he got whenever something overwhelmed him. He would forget to take care of himself, sometimes going for hours without as little as a snack. 

Although Molly tried not to worry about him, she couldn't help but overthink. With Troy's medical condition, he needed every ounce of nutrients. Knowing how busy he would be, Molly decided to step in. 

He Loves Subway

Troy loved Subway, so Molly ordered a sandwich and delivered it to his place. She called the fast-food restaurant and ordered his favorites, a big cheese stake, a supremo, and a side of salad. 

With everything set, Molly charged it to her card and had the food delivered. But before everything, she did something that would ensure her plan worked. 

He's Home

Molly called Troy before ordering his food, asking if he would be home. She didn't tell him she had Subway coming over as she wanted to surprise him. 

With that out of the way, she made the order and sat back, waiting for an energetic call from Troy telling her he got her surprise. She'd get a call, but it wouldn't be from him.  

An Expected Call

A few minutes passed, and as expected, Molly's phone rang. She hurriedly picked it up, surprised to see that it was a call from Subway.

The caller identified himself as Leila, the delivery person taking care of her order. But the question she would ask Molly would be too far from professional. Something terrible was happening on Troy's end.

What's Happening 

The first thing Leila did was ask Molly if she was romantically attached to Troy. After Molly agreed, Leila explained that it didn't seem that way from where she was standing. She would explain what was happening. 

First of all, she stated that she found Troy's door locked. After knocking for a few minutes, someone came and opened the door. But it wasn't Molly's boyfriend. 

A New Woman

Leila clearly described the woman, stating that she looked like she'd spent the night at the place because of how she was dressed. After taking the food and tipping Leila, the woman hurried back inside, asking a man if he'd ordered from Subway. 

Leila even snapped a photo of the two through the apartment's large windows to show Molly what was happening. Looking at the picture, Molly jumped onto the first bus out of the city.  

The Aftermath

Molly sat still in her bus seat, wondering how everything had shifted so fast. She couldn't believe what Troy was doing. How could he throw away three years of what they'd built like this?

She confronted him, breaking up with him shortly after. Although the aftermath was harrowing, Molly pulled through regardless. She's forever grateful to Subway for helping her see the truth. Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.