Squatters Steal Soldier’s Home Until Bikers Appear

Huge Lies

It was a huge, seething pile of bold-faced lies. What made it worse was there was nothing he could “legally” do about it. 

It was beyond insulting, especially for someone who had given years of service to his country. Thankfully there was a biker gang that sympathized with his plight – and they were ready to act.

Hawaii Station

For Michael Sharkey, serving in Hawaii wasn't the worst location he had worked in! He loved the sunny days and people at work.

He was beyond proud to serve in the US Military. He also counted his lucky stars that his wife was supportive of their nomadic lifestyle. But he would soon find out that not everyone respected his efforts to keep his country safe.

Home Plans

It started with a call from his wife. Her panicked, tear-laced words echoed through the phone and painted a shocking picture. 

The plan was for her to go to their home in New Port Richey, Florida, and get things ready for them to relocate after his term ended. It turned out the house wasn’t empty. 


Michael felt the bile rise into the back of his throat. It seemed two people had taken up residency in the Sharkey home and refused to leave! 

It was a pile of lies right from the get-go as the man claimed he had been given permission to stay there rent-free in exchange for fixing up the place.


He couldn’t believe what he was hearing! He had no idea who these people were. 

And by the time the police stepped in with answers, Michael was fuming. It turned out the two squatters were actually ex-cons with a combined, served sentence of 12 years. Things, however, got much worse, and fast.

Civil Matter

The world no longer made sense. The sheriff’s office tried to explain there was nothing they could do to make the squatters leave his property. 

Since the criminal couple had “taken up residency”, it was a “civil matter” and had to be taken to a judge for a formal eviction notice. Were they serious?!

Boiling Rage

He couldn't believe that thieves had more right to his home than he and his wife did! 

He was away serving his country, but that didn't mean his house wasn't still his. This was insane. His rage boiled over when the news outlets got wind of the story and he saw the footage of the people that had stolen his home.

Caught On Camera

The squatters stood, bold-faced in front of cameras, and yelled how they were in the right and had been given permission to stay there. 

But dozens of buckets lay around the yard to collect water because no utilities were turned on. The footage cut to his distraught, teary wife who wanted to raise a family in that home. Michael couldn’t take much more.

Made Public

Until his release papers came through, there was no way for him to go to Florida. 

It was beyond frustrating to feel so powerless, especially for a long-serving soldier. Part of him didn't like his personal issue being broadcast all over the newsfeeds. However, it would turn out that the footage would be his saving grace.

Brothers And Sisters

The infuriating situation didn’t just land on sympathetic ears, it also landed on some pretty awesome “brothers and sister.” 

He had heard of bikers doing charity work. Things like escorting people to court so no one could intimate them. Or, driving kids to school so bullies left them alone. But he wasn't expecting what happened next.

Biker Backup

But this one group that had got wind of the Sharkey’s plight weren’t just bikers.

 They were military veteran bikers. The house-stealing squatters were nothing this collection of old soldiers couldn't handle, and they had a master plan to reclaim Sharkey's house.

Peacefully Uncomfortable 

The Sharkey's didn't know how they did it, but they did it all within no time at all by “peacefully making the squatters uncomfortable”.  

The engines were barely running and ready to converge on the Sharkey home when Michael’s wife called with an update.


News of the “escort” had already reached Ortiz and Cardosa. 

Despite all the lies and promises of conviction that they wouldn't leave his house, they left. They had done the smart thing and scuttled off in the middle of the night. The tactic had worked! Now, they had to deal with the aftermath.

Stick Together

He was more than grateful for their help. After all, soldiers stuck together. 

But even with all the cleaning, his wife had done before he finally was discharged home, the wear-and-tear from the squatters made the rage surface again.

Someone Else's Problem

There was so much work ahead of them. It would take months and so much money to get their little nest back into something liveable. 

But, at least with the help of his community, their home was finally theirs again. He just felt sorry for whoever owned the next building the squatter couple decided to steal.