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Soldier Cries Looking At His Phone After Learning What Wife Has Done

Alone in the airport and sitting on the floor, Brooks Lindsey felt like the world was crumbling around him when he learned that he couldn’t reach his family. Knowing his wife and their baby’s lives were in danger, he was heartbroken, knowing he couldn’t be there by their side.

That’s when a passenger at the airport spotted Brooks and without wanting to interrupt him, he took a video of him and posted it online. His story soon went viral!

As any other soon-to-be-father, Brooks Lindsey wanted to be by his wife’s side when she gave birth. But due to some unfortunate events, he found himself on the floor in the airport, crying and shouting while looking at his phone.

It was safe to say that people noticed those moments, which led to a viral story. Let’s learn more about Brooks.

Loved by everyone in the army, Brooks is one of the best soldiers in the 114th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Battalion of the Mississippi National Guard.

He’s friendly and courageous, and has always dreamt of becoming a soldier. But that also meant he had to delay having a family of his own.

Really close to his family, Brooks knew that being a soldier meant he couldn’t build a family of himself. He wanted to be in the army ever since he was a kid, and once becoming a soldier, he realized he had to be courageous no matter the situation.

While he didn’t consider seriously dating someone, Brooks met her…

Brooks was perfectly happy with his life. With a family by his side and lots of friends, he couldn’t wish for more. But then he met Haley, who lived in the same hometown.

When he learned that they had been neighbors for over 20 years, he was stunned! It was love at first sight.

When he first saw Haley, Brooks knew that he had to know her. He fell in love the very second when he saw her. They became a couple and later on tied the knot on November 2017.

Soon, the two learned that they were expecting a baby!

Brooks couldn’t believe that he was going to become a father and was excited to meet his baby. But he knew he had to return to work at Fort Bliss, where he was stationed. His pregnant wife remained at home and Brooks prayed for their safety.

However, everything was planned, and he would get a few days off before the baby came. Things didn’t go according to plan, though…

Although the two soon-to-be-parents had planned the pregnancy, Brooks received some shocking news earlier and for a while, he was stunned. It’s devastating to be away from your loved ones, especially in these conditions.

Haley was strong and had help at home, but Brooks was worried for her and for their baby. Here’s what happened.

At home, Haley’s and Brooks’ parents were very supportive, and Haley’s stepmother, Dee Anne and Brooks’ mother, Teresa were by her side, making sure the pregnancy was monitored.

But Brooks and their families were concerned about Haley because she had a high-risk pregnancy. As the due date was getting closer, everyone was on edge.

You see, Haley sometimes had high blood pressure and she needed to be calm all the time so she won’t stress the baby out. But accidents happen and we cannot always stay 100% calm, right?

Meanwhile, Brooks was worried all the time. Then, he got a phone call!

Haley and Brooks decided to prepare in case of emergency and she would call Red Cross so that he learns about her situation quickly if something goes wrong.

This way, Brooks would be able to fly home and be by his wife’s side. And that dreaded day came…

Haley explained that she had received a call from her doctor and told her that her blood pressure was too high. “The baby was being stressed. She told me to be at the hospital in an hour and they would go ahead and induce,” she said in an interview.

Brooks was immediately informed by the Red Cross about a call from home and he instantly panicked!

As he picked up the phone to answer, Brooks was hoping for the best. He learned that he had to pack his things and head home.

Although he didn’t understand everything, Brooks knew he had to be with Haley. So he travelled to the Terminal B of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, hurried to take the plane.

Usually, army soldiers cannot be granted leave off duty, but this was an emergency. Traveling to the airport, he kept thinking about Haley and realized what was happening.

His airplane would take him from Fort Bliss in El Paso to Dallas and finally, to Jackson Mississippi. But things were a bit different than he had planned!

After rushing to catch the first flight, Brooks learned that the flight got delayed by two hours. Stunned when he heard the noise, he felt like the world was crumbling around him. What could he do?

So many emotions ran through his heart – first he was worried, then excited to see his wife and now disappointment and frustration for not being able to get there faster. Then, his phone rang…

Staring into nothingness and feeling completely helpless, Brooks dropped on the floor and felt tears rush down his face. Then, his phone rang and it was a Facetime call!

Wiping his tears and not knowing what to expect, Brooks accepted the call. That’s when he realizes just how lucky he was!

Thinking it was too late to see his wife and baby daughter, Brooks gave up hope. Passengers at the airport noticed him as they walked around and knew something was wrong.

He looked heartbroken and lonely. Until his phone rang and everyone’s attention was on him. They all saw the confused face he made and then the whole airport was cheering on with him! Here’s what happened…

Brooks’ mother’s name was on his phone, calling him via Facetime. He answered the call and muttered something. Then, as she switched the camera, Brooks went silent for a few seconds, wondering what she was trying to show to him.

When Brooks realized what was happening, his face changed and now he was so grateful his mom had this idea!

His mom started a secret Facetime session in the hospital room where Haley was getting ready to give birth. The doctors didn’t know first, and when they realized it, they almost forbid it but they heard Brooks’ plea.

“My mom called me and said Haley was starting to push. At first, they said no videos, but then when they found out what was going on and she was FaceTiming me, they let me watch the whole thing.”

As Haley was pushing, she heard Brooks’ voice. She had no idea she was on a call with him and first thought she imagined it. Opening her eyes, she saw her husband’s face on the screen and started laughing.

Happy he was sort of by her side, Haley found her strength. “Brooks was telling me it was okay, and I was doing so good and I heard him wincing and saying ‘wow!’ through my pushes, I could hear people in the airport talking and cheering!”

Brooks talked, cheered and screamed and everyone at the airport was rooting for the father. After a long labor, the baby’s cry could be heard and Brooks was crying. So did everyone in the airport witnessing this moment from afar.

Brooks’ face was priceless and he didn’t care that people saw him cry. This was the happiest moment in his life. As he rose his eyes from the phone, he saw how much he had impressed the crowd.

Tracy Dover was one of the passengers who took a photo of Brooks and when she posted it online, his tears moved everyone. Here’s what she wrote about the moment she witnessed:

“This Army soldier was on my delayed flight home yesterday to MS. He had to watch the birth of his daughter on FaceTime. He was crying and our hearts were breaking. We all gave him space.”

“He was crying, and our hearts were breaking. When we heard the baby cry, we all rejoiced for him,” added Tracy, before sharing her feelings about this moment…

“I wanted to share this because I never want us all to forget about our soldiers who serve us every day and the sacrifices they make.”

After this amazing moment, Brooks finally went home and was able to be with his wife and his baby girl. He was happy that they were both safe and everything finally went well.

With a smile plastered on his face the whole flight, he thanked and smiled at everyone passing by and congratulating him.

Brooks looked like he won the lottery, but we all know that he won more than that! After the plane landed, he rushed to the hospital and ran through the hall to meet his wife and daughter.

Haley was overwhelmed with all she had went through that day and knew that, while holding little Millie Fritz Anne Lindsey, everything was worth it!

Brooks simply lit up when he saw his wife holding their baby daughter. Slowly walking towards them with teary eyes, he was happy he was finally there.

“When (Brooks) walked in at 7:20 it was just Millie and me, he picked her up and held her for five minutes and kept saying ‘wow I can’t believe we just had a baby,” recalled Haley.

Now that his daughter and wife were safe, Brooks was relieved and thankful, thinking of all the things the three would do in the future.

He was the happiest man alive, holding his daughter and sitting by Haley’s side. It was truly a blessing!

Although the delay had saddened Brooks, Haley explained that it was actually helpful. “Honestly it was a blessing that he was delayed because he would’ve been in the air and he wouldn’t have known anything at all.”

While witnessing the birth of his daughter through the phone wasn’t the same as being in the room, he was still able to support his wife!

Overwhelmed by the Facetime session, Haley recalls the moments when she heard the crowd at the airport gathered around Brooks. “I could hear people in the airport talking and cheering! Brooks then went on to say that they were making him board and needed to get off as soon as she finally started to crown.

“All I remember was my doctor screaming, ‘Don’t let him board the flight! She’s here! She’s here!’ So, the airport personnel let him sit there and watch until it was over!”

The Lindsey family had to once again be separated since Brooks had to go back to Fort Bliss. Their story has reached social media and went viral.

Everyone wished them good luck and the Lindsey family was thankful that this story has inspired and impressed so many people.

Brooks then got a nine-months deployment on Kuwait and safely returned home to his family. Unfortunately, this is a sacrifice many soldiers have made to protect their country.

Brooks is one of them, and now he is home and enjoying his life with his beautiful wife and daughter.


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