Put A Red Cup Under Toilet Seat At Night, See Why

Awesome Life Hacks That Will Improve Your Life

Have you met somebody who could make it all happen no matter how few tools they had on hand? It's pretty fascinating to witness, and most of us poor mortals are intrigued as to how they manage to get by without grander things. Well, we're here to inform you that they're not demigods. 

They simply know a whole lot about life hacks. It will be much easier—and perhaps much more affordable—to live your life if you know how to use these valuable tips and tricks at home. 

Pringles Can Serve As Pasta Containers

In connection with the previous hack, Pringles cans make excellent pasta storage containers because of their shape. They're typically airtight, which means they're great for storing cereal, sweets, and other snacks.

You're thinking about more stuff to put inside pringles cans now, aren't you? 

Toilet Paper Roll Planters

Returning to the toilet paper tube, the small cardboard pipes are ideal for creating simple and easy starting planters. To make a fast and free plant container, simply cut the bottom of the tube into four pieces and glue them securely.

This way, you can start your tree planting journey. Isn’t this just earth-friendly?

Toilet Paper Tube Organizers

To save money on home organization, toilet paper tubes are among the most cost-effective options. By simply stuffing a lot of them into a box and placing cables within each tube, you may use them to store stray wires and chargers.

Can you already imagine a "wireless" desk? Believe us, and it would be super neat!

Shower Hooks for Expanded Hanger Space

Do you have a small closet? No problem. With the use of a regular clothes hanger, hang multiple shower hooks. What will you get a result? 

A hanger that can accommodate two to three times the number of clothes that it can hold before.

Straw Jewelry Holder

What's more irritating than attempting to disentangle a valuable piece of jewelry from other pieces in your storage? To avoid tangles while storing your necklaces, funnel them through straws. This will help keep them organized.

You won't also be in a bad mood as you prepare to go out. 

Shower Caps as Shoe Bags

If you've always had to stow dirty shoes because you won't have time to clean them, such as on the route home from a trip, you know how inconvenient they are to pack. 

Wrapping your shoes in plastic shopping bags or shower caps is one way to ensure your other stuff won't get soiled. 

Pasta Lighters

Pasta can be used to light hard-to-reach candle wicks. These are the kind of lifehacks that uses commonplace items to perform tasks that would normally need more sophisticated tools. 

Forget about those extra-long lighters! Angel hair noodles can be a lifesaver in this situation.

Rubber Band Latch Stopper 

The use of this rubber band trick prevents a door latch from being opened. It's ideal for a baby's nursery door that has to be hushed up. It's also handy if you don't have your arms free to twist the doorknob when walking in and out of a doorway.

This may come in handy on packing day!

Always Carry a Crayon in Your Wallet

Putting a crayon or pencil in the center of your billfold wallet can cause it to "catch" in your pocket, making it more difficult for a thief to discreetly take it from you if you aren't paying close attention. Never be a victim of pickpocket again. 

Make sure always to bring your crayon.

Pipe Cleaners as No-Slip Aid 

When it comes to hanging wide-mouthed shirts, it could be a hassle. There's a swift solution for that! Wrap pipe cleaners around the edges to prevent them from slipping off. You may also use broad rubber bands.

Wrap them around both ends of the hangers to keep your clothes from sliding down. 

Money Clip Made of Binder Clip

Binder clips may be used to hold your money. You can connect your keys to that too and use it as a key ring. 

This would be a convenient solution for theme parks and other places where you wouldn't want to carry your wallet around with you.

Easy Drip Catcher

If you have minor children, you are well aware of the mayhem that a mere popsicle can cause. With the tip of the popsicle stick, punch a hole in the bottom of a muffin liner. 

Pull the liner up and stop worrying about how many drips you'll have to mop up afterward from the furniture, carpets, and shirts.

Cute Jar Covers

Not only are muffin liners useful as drip catchers, but they also serve a variety of functionalities. Small jars may be dressed up in an attractive and simple way using these cute things.

Finish them up with a beautiful ribbon or label, and you've got yourself some beautiful gifts to offer.

Dryer Sheets as Baseboard Cleaners

You haven't tried cleaning baseboards with dryer sheets, have you?! We're telling you now that you should. Why? They'll not just leave your home smelling wonderful, but the fabric softener also acts as a dust repellant, which means you will spend less time cleaning.

Of course, it's less money on cleaning supplies too.

Plastic Bag Disperses

Instead of throwing away those nice boxes when your kleenex run out, use them to store plastic bags! Each bag will be dispensed one at a time.

It's an excellent idea for all the little doggie poop bags, as well.

Make-Up Brush Holder

Those who purchase a large number of cosmetics (and those who cohabit with somebody who buys a significant amount of makeup) are well aware that makeup products tend to wind up everywhere.

In case your Cosmetic brushes are multiplying, a plain toothbrush holder may be just what you're looking for.

Don’t Throw Away The Soda Tabs

After knowing these, you're never going to throw away your soda tabs for sure. Simply snap the tab off of a soda can and slide it over the hooks of hangers.

After that, slide another hanger onto the bottom part of the tab, thus doubling the amount of hanger space available without taking up any additional closet space.

Colander Ice Bucket

Colander may be used as an ice bucket. There will be no more watered-down beverages at the party!

You may now allow your guests to scoop up ice as water drips through the colander and go into a bowl or bucket underneath. 

Plastic Bottle Funnels

Keep those plastic containers and snip them off the base so you may use them as funnels in the future. Compared to attempting to stuff bird seeds into the top of a tiny bird feeder with that large, heavy bag, this is far more convenient.

Make sure to keep the lid on to fill the container, and then remove the cover once you need to pour the contents.

Fabric Iron Alternative

Irons are adequate for most tasks, but what about tiny hemlines, shirt straps, or between buttons? If you have a hair straightener, use it to fit much more easily into these tight quarters. 

You may also use it to iron and smooth down ribbon and fabric belts that have become crinkled.

Old Wristband as Coffee Sleeve

When it comes to covering your fingers and hands from scorching hot coffee, wristband, or the tip of old socks serves just as well as a coffee sleeve. What is it about these cups that makes them so hot??

Well, at least now we have our hand-savers. It’s eco-friendly too!

Hair Clip as Cord Organizer

For those of you who are like me, your flat iron, hairdryer, and variety of curling irons are prone to get tangled in one another. Of course, it may cause you to become very irritated. Look no further for the solution.

Hair clips may be used to keep such wires attached to their body. 

Silverware Organizers for Toothbrushes

With many people using the same bathroom in your house, it may be challenging to keep track of everybody's toothbrush, especially when several youngsters are concerned.

There is a simple method to keeping things organized. Make use of silverware boxes, which may be purchased at any home goods store. 

Desk Divider as Dish Organizer

Using desk file organizers, you can keep all of your kitchen utensils, trays, and cutting boards in a standing position. This makes them much simpler to reach than if they were piled on top of one another in a pile.

It will also make your kitchen look cleaner. 

Color Your Drinks with Lollipop

If you're searching for a beautiful way to liven up a pool party, you may use lollipops to transform dull, clear beverages into something more exciting. It's as simple as turning the lollipop upside down and dropping it into a glass. 

Allow the candy to color the beverage. It will also significantly increase the sweetness of your drink.

Romantic Candle Holder

Using wine glasses, you can transform essential candles into a beautiful display. You can put them as centerpieces for formal occasions such as weddings, family gatherings, and anniversaries. It may be simple to create yet quite attractive.

Believe us when we say that it could be very romantic.

Frozen Dish Soap Cubes

A TikTok user went popular after posting a video demonstrating cleaning oven racks with frozen dishwashing soap. The technique works, as stains could be seen sliding off the oven trays when the frozen cubes are used to remove them.

It's as simple as filling your ice cube tray with dish soap and placing them in the freezer for several hours.

Clean Your Keyboard with Post-it Notes

A dirty keyboard is one of the most irritating sights in your workplace. If you ever need to clean your keyboards fast — whether it's at home or the workplace or you may not have an air duster available, just take a Post-it note and use its sticky end to collect the dirt and dust.

Easy peasy!

Hydrogen Peroxide as Stain Remover

In a few minutes, hydrogen peroxide may be used to eliminate rust from hammers and other equipment. Just put some hydrogen peroxide into a small jar and immerse the rusty metal in it for a few moments.

Then all you have to do is scrub with steel wool or a brush. As an alternative, you may combine borax with the solution to make a quick cleaning solution.

Sunglass Case as Manicure Kit

Keep all of the cosmetic items you like to have with you on the go (nail file, liner, mascara, varnish, and so on) in an empty eyeglass case so that they will remain safe and arranged in your handbag while you are out and about. 

Now, you'll not only be able to locate them all more quickly since they are all in one place.

Soap Box as Camera Case

When traveling, store your cameras and other delicate things in a sturdy soapbox to keep them safe from damage.

This will protect it from being broken when it is being thrown and knocked about inside your luggage.

Put A Red Cup Under Toilet Seat At Night, See Why

Putting a red cup under toilet seat helps you clean the toilet. You simply have one extra hand available.

Just put a cup under the seat and use both hands to clean!

Soda Toilet Cleaner

Nobody enjoys cleaning the toilet, so whatever you can do to make the job go more quickly is a good thing. Stains that have accumulated may be readily cleaned with the help of our trusted companion, Coca-Cola. Pour the contents of a can into the basin and let it aside for an hour. The carbonation will help to remove the spots. 

A simple scrape with a brush should be sufficient to complete the task.

Put Rubber Band Over Your Paint Can

A rubber band vertically wrapped around your paint container can make home painting a lot less complicated.

As a result, every time you remove the brush from the can, you may use the rubber band to scrape off any leftover paint, ensuring that the paintbrush, the edges, and the surroundings remain clean.

Stapler Remover for Keyrings

Putting and taking keys from a keychain is surprisingly high on the list of difficult life chores, particularly for people who have long nails that they don't want to damage in the process. Fortunately, a stapler remover is an essential home item that may be used to solve this problem.

Using the device's "teeth," you can simply slide the keychain open without having to worry about a broken nail.

Wine Cork as Pin Cushion

A simple wine cork may be used to keep all of those needles in one place. It can make the whole thing look tidy! What's the use of a pin cushion when you've had ample wine to complete every cork project conceivable?

Just when you think hacks couldn't get better? Check out this next one!

Wet Paper Towel For Quick Cool Drinks

A simple solution exists if you ever find yourself without ice and in need of a refreshing beverage. Simply cover your bottle or can with a damp paper towel and put it in the freezer. It will become cold much faster.

Now, you can chill with your ice-cold beverage!

Soda Tabs as Picture Hooks

Can tab aluminum is just as effective as any other material for making a hook! This is a fantastic solution for anything that was not originally meant to be hung on a wall and, as a result, did not come with the hook needed to hang it.

 At least you don't have to run back to the stores anymore. 

Use Muffin Pan to Serve Ice Cream

Single servings of ice cream in a muffin pan lined with paper liners should be prepared before the start of the celebration. When it's time to serve, just remove it from the freezer and place it beside the cake for a fast and simple presentation.

Just grab and go!

Plastic Bottle For Toilet-Water Saving

If you have an outdated toilet with no water-saving capabilities, you may save water by filling it with a plastic container or jug. Fill a thin plastic container or jug halfway with water, screw on the top and set it aside. Put the bottle in the toilet tank, far enough away from any other devices that may be there. The bottle will cause the water in the tank to be displaced, resulting in less water entering and exiting the tank each time you flush.

These 40 hacks will save you time and make your life easier. They’ll also help keep your house organized, which is surprisingly tricky when there are so many distractions vying for our attention at all times of the day. And if these tricks don’t sound helpful just yet, bookmark this list! You never know when one may come in handy.