Small Things You Can Do Every Day To Improve Your Mood

Psychologist Susan Quilliam recommends these simple tips to boost your mood:

Stay Busy

"It doesn’t matter whether you tidy up the garden, wash the dishes or go for a walk - any activity that helps to break up your routine and gives you a sense of achievement will do the trick."

Smile More

"When you smile, it triggers mood-boosting hormones in the brain. So even if you don’t feel happy, put a smile on your face and you may soon start to feel more positive."

Help Others

"Research shows that helping other people will help to lift your mood. So do a favour for a friend, donate to charity or volunteer."

Live In The Moment

"If you’re feeling low, try to regulate your breathing and pay attention to what you can see, hear and feel at the present moment. This will help you to feel calm and bring you back into emotional balance."