Sleeping With Socks On Does Good Things To Your Body, And Bad

The Big Debate

Socks or no socks? This is the budding question that has been sparking outrage and disgust online for a quite while now. Are you weird and wrong to sleep with socks on or are you weird and wrong to sleep with socks off? 

To answer these questions, let’s go through the benefits first. But before we do, what do people on Twitter have to say about it? 

Online Disgust

“I can’t trust u if u wear socks to bed”, says one user. Other users say, “Good morning to everyone except those who went to sleep with socks on”, and, “I wore socks to bed without realizing I am disgusted”. 

I guess we know where these people stand but what about the counter argument? Other users refuse to be intimidated and fight back.

Fighting Back

One user says,”Unpopular opinion but wearing socks to bed isn't that bad lol”, while another shouts, “No, YOU’RE weird for NOT wearing socks to bed!”. 

So what’s the verdict? Who’s wrong? To get to the bottom of this, let’s ask another question, why should you sleep with socks on? The answers may shock you. 

Get Cozy

Wearing socks to bed actually comes with a lot of benefits. Imagine this: it’s super cold outside, you’ve spent your evening curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate and your favorite movie.

Next thing you know, it’s bedtime, so why not carry that cozy feeling all the way to bed with you, by popping on a pair of socks before you drift off. The benefit? They’ll keep your toes super snug! But wearing socks to bed does so much more than just keeping your feet nice and toasty.

Socks Prevent Interrupted Sleep 

Because wearing socks to bed will keep your feet warm, they will also improve your quality of sleep! 

The logic behind this? Well, as as cold feet can interrupt your sleep and make it harder for you to fall into a more restless and rejuvenating sleep, by popping on a pair of socks before bed you’ll drift off in no time for some much needed uninterrupted sleep. But that’s not all. 

Hot Flushes

This may sound counterintuitive, but if you’re one of the unfortunate sufferers of hot flashes, simply throw on a pair of socks before you hop into bed!

As soon as you jump into your bed, you’ll notice a difference. But how does that work? How does wearing an extra layer, prevent yourself from getting even more warmer?

Increase Circulation 

Well, Socks increase circulation by dilating blood vessels. Increased circulation enables your body to lower its body temperature much more effectively and quickly.

This means you can now say goodbye to night sweats or uncomfortable hot flashes. You'll start to feel like a brand new person in no time! The next benefit makes complete sense. 

Heal Dry, Cracked Feet

Wearing socks to bed heals dry, cracked feet. Socks help keep your feet moisturised as they hold moisture next to the skin surface. However, socks are also great for making your moisturising routine work that bit harder. 

Moisturize your feet every evening and night and throw on a pair of socks. The socks will help heal your skin faster and improve your skin's texture. And that’s not all they’ll do. 

Regulate External Body Temperature

As mentioned before, socks can help your body cool down as you sleep. However, socks can help your body regulate its external temperature too. There’s a difference between your core body temperature and your skin's temperature. 

Socks help find the perfect balance between the two, offering you a more comfortable, restful sleep. But socks can also prevent an attack. 

Decrease Reynaud's Attacks

Have you ever heard of Reynaud’s disease? It’s not very serious but can be very annoying and frustrating. 

A Raynaud's attack is when you lose circulation in your fingers or toes making them turn white and sometimes blue, cold, and numb. This happens when they’re exposed to the cold or stress. But how do we prevent this?

Sleep Better 

If you wear your socks to bed, it’ll help prevent Raynaud attacks by maintaining good circulation in your body. 

So say goodbye to white and blue fingertips and say hello to a good night's sleep! After all, we all do need at least 7 hours of sleep a night. And finally, last but not least. 

Sends Sleep Signals To The Brain

Perhaps the most important thing your socks can do for you in bed is send a signal to your brain that it's time to sleep. Wouldn’t it be great if restless nights were a thing of the past? 

If lying in your bed wide-awake, begging your brain to switch off, was nothing but a distant memory. Perhaps now they can be! But what’s the catch? Good things are rarely free..

A New Understanding

Now that we know the benefits of wearing socks to bed, it's not hard to understand why some people choose to do so. However odd or gross others may think this is, we can understand it, can’t we? 

But what if it wasn’t all good news? What if wearing socks to bed also had some nasty consequences?  

What Are The Risks?

Although the benefits are all compelling enough reasons to put aside your bedtime sock prejudice, it’s good to get the full picture. So, what are the arguments against wearing socks to bed? 

Is there something gross that can happen? What's the risks? Because there most definitely is a down side that nobody is talking about. 

Hot Feet

There are three main risks to wearing socks to bed. The first one, you might know already, or have experienced it already - hot feet. Yes, hot feet. 

There’s nothing worst than feeling the sweat and warmth in your feet. You’re just guaranteed to have an awful nights sleep right? But why? 

Too Hot To Sleep

You see when your feet are too hot, your body is too hot and most of us have experienced how hard it can be trying to sleep in hot weather. Tossing and turning, wishing ice cold rain would just wash over you.

So next time you jump into your bed, do yourself a favor and take off those socks. You’ll thank us later! 

Bacterial Growth

This next one is gross, but it’s got to be said. As mentioned before, socks hold in moisture. That means they also hold in sweat and bacteria. This can result in all kinds of unpleasant and uncomfortable skin and foot issues. 

So, if you want to wear socks in bed, just make sure they’re fresh. A new pair of socks for every night's sleep!

A Social Suspicion 

Have you ever noticed a friend or partner that just doesn’t seem to take off their socks? Regardless of any explanation, you’ll begin to feel like they have something to hide. 

Allowing your feet to breathe every once in a while is good, your feet will thank you for it, and your friends and partner will no longer be suspicious. So, socks or no socks?

So, Socks Or No Socks? 

Wearing socks to bed is completely up to personal preference. It’s you to YOU. Not your mother, boyfriend, sister, or friend.

Everyone’s different. So, next time you find yourself voicing any kind of bedtime sock prejudice, remember the benefits and refrain from judgment.

Up To You

And if anyone gives you hassle or slack for your chosen bedtime preference, at least you can come back to them and inform them with the science you now know, to help back up your choice and defend your decision.

So, socks or no socks? Either all, it's all good. Do whatever you want.