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Skeleton In Family Closet Discovered Through Social Media

They had been communicating for over a month now. He was under the impression that things were going well. They spoke for hours on the phone and even shared photographs with one another. 

However, when he went to enter his Instagram account, he discovered that he had been blocked. He made an attempt to call. He’d also blocked him there. He came to a dreadful realization.

Jace had a nagging feeling that there was more to the universe than he realized. He grew up as an inquisitive young man who admired the diversity of world he lives in. 

Jace had a gift, he was a skilled painter before the age of ten. He fell in love with the creation process. The way the colors created new colors when mixed together excited him. He was in love with life, but he could not help but feel a hole in his heart. 

Jace grew up in California and he enjoyed spending time outdoors. He spent his days drawing things and going out to meet new people. He dreamed of becoming a tattoo artist. 

Jace’s career was instantly a huge success. He had no idea that his choice of profession would one day drastically alter his perspective on life. 

Jace received a phone call from his friend one evening. His friend allegedly found something mind-bending on social media. 

Jace welcomed the distraction and listened to his friend. His friend told him to search for an Instagram account. Once he opened the profile, he was stunned. 

The Instagram account was full of pictures of himself. Jace was puzzled by what he was seeing. Jace noticed that it was indeed a different person, but they looked eerily similar. 

He was intrigued by this discovery, so Jace decided to message the person. However, he was surprised by the response he received. 

“No way!” the person responded. He was also confused when he went through Jace’s profile. The only difference between the two men was their tattoos, which they both had in abundance.

Introducing himself as Rich, the man came from New York. Even though Jace thought it was cool that they looked alike, another aspect of their interaction compelled him to love it even more. 

Rich shared that he loved painting and owned a gallery. Much like Jace, he loved art. One of the things he told Jace was that he loved his work as a tattoo artist.

Jace also complimented his paintings, which were astounding. What were the chances that two similar spirits existed and had gone this long without knowing about each other?

The two became good friends. They moved their conversations from Instagram to calling and texting one another. They would play practical jokes on each other’s friends by pretending to be in two places at the same time.

Jace’s mother could not even differentiate between the two. However, a problem started to develop. 

Rich and Jace had never met in person, though they were close as brothers. Since they lived on different coasts, they had to travel long distances to visit one another.

However, a client contacted Jace from New York. He was overwhelmed by feelings of excitement! He was finally going to meet his best friend. 

Jace couldn’t contain his excitement any longer, and decided to phone Rich. He was equally, if not more, excited to meet Jace

The idea of trekking across the country had the two laughing about long-lost brothers reuniting.. “That’s entirely possible, my dad was a traveling biker who’d been all over the country.” Rich explained. Jace felt a shiver run up his spine.

Jace’s dad was also a biker who’d worked as a tattoo artist all over the country. “Hey,” Jace said. “Ask your mom if his name was McCurry, Hector McCurry. Wouldn’t it be crazy if we were brothers?”

Rich laughed and agreed. He’d reach out to Jace in the morning before Jace’s plane landed in the city.

Jace boarded his plane that night. After settling in, he took out his laptop to check his schedule for the next day. He hoped to send Rich an update on Instagram, but he couldn’t find Rich’s account. He tried Facebook and Twitter, nothing. 

When he landed, Jace tried calling Rich. He couldn’t get through. His heart pounded as he realized what was happening. 

Jace and Rich must’ve shared the same father. Jace remembered the stories his mom told him when he was a kid. His dad had been a tattoo artist who traveled all over America. 

A biker, artist, and bass player in a rock band back in the day, Jace’s dad had been the most remarkable person Jace knew. How could he have hidden an entire family from Jace and his mom?

Of course, the idea was far-fetched. But it was the only way Jace could explain everything. Pain fired through him as he thought about losing Rich.

Jace remembered his dad living with him and his mom before he passed away some years back. He couldn’t have ever imagined a life without him. Had Rich grown up without such an integral figure in his life?

Jace knew he had to talk to Rich one way or another. His dad had always insisted on patching things up with people, even if one was not in the wrong.

The past few weeks had meant a lot to Jace, and he knew he couldn’t let it all slip out of his fingers. He’d do everything in his power to find Jace and make things right.

As Jace’s plane landed in New York, he thought about all he’d experienced with Rich. They’d been near best friends at this point, with everything coming so naturally between them.

Jace had finally felt whole because he’d found that thing missing from his life. He checked his schedule for the day, already knowing he’d have to meet Rich and try to talk it out.

Jace met his client as agreed over his contract. The client was a designer who needed a few models painted for an art show.

As a tattoo artist, Jace was well versed with the human body. He had an easy time creating all the pieces the designer had in mind. But all through the session, all he could think about was one particular thing.

Jace’s morning blurred past him as he debated whether to go to Rich’s art gallery or plan a trip back to California.

By evening, he chose to go home. He felt it best to respect Rich’s right not to have any contact with him. But as he was checking into the airport, his eyes caught something that made him tear up.

Rich had cut all communication with Jace. The only conclusion was that he didn’t want anything to do with him. What hurt the most was that the two had shared a lot in the months of their friendship. 

Why would Rich throw it all away like that? Maybe he needed time to think things through. Maybe his mom told him to cut all connections with Jace.

Whatever the reason was, Jace thought it would be better to respect his wishes. By evening, he chose to go home. Rich’s decision was clear enough.

Jace tried to view everything from his perspective, glimpsing at the pain Rich must’ve endured as a child. Jace cleared with his client and called the airport to book a flight home. But the answer he received from the airport made his body stiffen.

The airline was booked throughout the evening and night. Jace tried another airline, getting the same answer. After a few minutes of checking with each airline at the airport, Jace decided to stop.

He stepped out of his client’s studio. The city’s cold air ruffled his hair and jacket, and he clenched his fist against the breeze. He would be spending the evening and night in New York.

Jace checked into a hotel in the city. After a few calls home, he tried Rich’s phone again. When his call didn’t go through, he took his laptop instead.

It wasn’t fair that he was the only one trying to save his bond with Rich, and he hated how it made him feel. As it had in the morning, the thought of not having such a close friend burned through Jace. He hissed out a hot breath and sprung to his feet. He would do the unthinkable. 

Jace eased into the beautiful New York night. He ran his eyes up and down the block, marking landmarks to know where he was.

“Manhattan,” Jace mumbled. He recalled Rich’s art gallery being somewhere in Brooklyn. Although Jace knew the journey would take a bit of time, he’d ensure he found Rich’s gallery. He found an Uber and began his drive to see Rich. 

The journey to Rich’s art gallery was shorter than Jace thought. He cleared with his driver and stood at the front of a magnificent building.

Statues of lions stood before Jace. His mouth fell open. He’d only seen the figures in pictures, and although he’d found them magnificent then, he thought them beyond awing now. Would meeting Rich in person carry the same feeling?

Jace stood on the gallery’s periphery, knowing that if he stepped through the door, then there was no going back.

He knew he wasn’t doing the right thing and hated himself for pushing too far when Rich didn’t want him to. But the thought of having a brother made his foot inch forward. He fell into step.

If the gallery’s exterior had been magnificent, then the entire was an artist’s paradise. Jace quietly walked from one sculpture to the next, from one painting to another.

His eyes were wide, his footsteps pinging all over the quiet gallery. Jace mentally compared the breathtaking space with his loud shop in California, seeing parallels that Rich’s Instagram posts never revealed. 

The art gallery was spacious, with tall white ceilings and white marble walls. The paintings looked expensive, and the sculptures were definitely priceless. Jace swelled with pride.

Jace was happy to see that his friend and potential brother was doing well for himself. His dad had always said he wanted to see Jace making a life for himself doing the things he loved. Would he be proud of Rich as well for all he’d achieved?

Jace was deep in thought when a soft tap brought him back into the gallery. Jace turned around, finding a blonde-haired girl smiling behind him.

The girl’s gaze lingered on him longer than needed, and she seemed to shake herself. “You look just like him,” she said. Jace recognized her as Rich’s assistant. What she’d share would make Jace’s heart stop.  

“He had a busy day,” the assistant said. “But his mind wasn’t here. He left about thirty minutes ago. I think he mentioned something about the airport and a brother.”

Jace’s heart punched his chest with each word that left the assistant’s lips. He clung to everything she said and turned on his heels, but she held him back. “I called him,” she said. “He’s on his way here.”

Standing in the gallery’s reception, with clothes identical to Jace’s, was Rich. He smiled, his eyes teary. “Hey,” he said, and Jace ran to embrace him.

“I think we might be brothers,” Rich said. “I figured as much,” Jace responded, laughing amid tears. “It is a dream come true. Wait, how are you taller than me?”                       


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