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Simple Everyday Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Life has made people incredibly quick learners. However, sometimes we tend to learn how to do things a certain way and stick with them out of habit. You’ll probably be surprised to know that several of the things you do on a daily basis are not being done right. Here are some of the things that you might have been doing wrong your entire life….

Removing Old Fabric From Clothes

If you’re still using a lint roller to pick off the dangling threads from clothes and cushions, maybe next time you can try to use a razor! Watch the magic happen as it immediately becomes cleaner, and all those unwanted strings disappear!

Drinking Soda From A Can

Have you found it difficult to make your straw be still in a can of soda? Well, fret no more because each can comes with a built-in straw holder. It’s about as simple as turning the tab and sliding the straw through.

You’re Probably Wearing Your Earphones Wrong

You’ve probably seen some people who wrap the earbuds above their ear and down into the ear itself. This is because it holds them in place so they won’t slip around while you’re listening to music. Try it and feel your life immediately change!

Cooling a Beverage

Want to cool a beer or soda, but you’re in a rush? That’s no longer a problem! Instead of just throwing it into the freezer, soak a paper towel with water and then wrapping it around the bottle. Watch as it gets ice cold in a few minutes!

Peeling A Banana

Instead of cracking the stem and peeling it that way, try and peel it from the other way. Not only is this way easier, but it’s the way gorillas and monkeys peel them in the wild.

Slicing Bread

If you’ve attempted to slice your own bread, there’s probably a good chance that you’ve maned the loaf or your slices came out deformed. To avoid both of these, just flip the bread over to the flat side and try slicing it that way. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to cut a uniform slice.

Shining Shoes

If your patent shoes need some spic and span, instead of buying shoe polish and then stuffing it in the back of a drawer where you’ll probably forget about it, use Windex instead! It works just as well.

Brushing Your Teeth

First things first, you should never brush your teeth directly after having an acidic meal or drink, that will just push the acid deeper into your enamel. Instead, just wait 30 minutes after eating and rinse your mouth with water. Some basic tips for brushing your teeth, are just brush two minutes each time, using a soft brush and DO NOT rub your teeth or gums too hard. Harder does not always mean better.

Cereal Crumbs

You know how when you get to the bottom of a cereal box, all the crumbs fall out? They make the milk pasty and their not very appetizing when you get down to them. A colander can solve this simple problem. Just pour the cereal into a colander or sieve and the crumbs will fall out the bottom and the cereal will be way more enjoyable.

Microwaving Food

If you’re trying to enjoy your delicious leftovers and find that they won’t heat up all the way use this hack! Just make a hole in the middle of the food, it will assist the food in heating evenly, so there won’t be some areas that are hot, and some that are cold.

Pocket Magnet

If you’re working on a ladder or doing another task that requires both hands, using a pocket magnet may be a great hack for you. Just slip a magnet into your pocket which will allow you to hold items like a hammer or nails, without actually using your hands. It will allow a smoother project and fewer dropped items.

Holding A Drink

It’s best to hold a wine glass by the stem or flute, as it’s officially named. This is used especially for drinking sparkling wine or white wine. Don’t cup the bottom of a wine glass, something many people do to of instinct. Your hands conduct heat, and will change the temperature of the drink.

Peeling And Holding A Banana

Technically the way we hold bananas isn’t the right way. After seeing how monkeys do it, we realized that monkeys hold the banana upside down in comparison to us. Just pinch the bottom end of the banana where the hard bit is, make a quarter turn and pull back to pull the skin away.

Getting Pringles Out Of The Can

Here’s the right way to get those hard to reach Pringles out of it’s tiny can. Just fold up a piece of paper into a sleeve, and slip it into the can alongside the chips. Then tilt the can and pull the paper sleeve out to get your chips.

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