Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs You’re Lucky Aren’t For You

Whenever you go to the airport, odds are you'll find someone waiting expectingly for a loved one to arrive. Sometimes these people are holding up a sign you can clearly tell they made themselves.

The signs can range from messages of joy, cuteness, embarrassment, and even sometimes downright nastiness. But no matter how they convey their message, they serve their purpose. Here are some signs that are way more creative than the norm.

Telling The Truth

Now here's a rather direct sign, some may consider it rude but we bet it got the job done. Imagine departing your flight and wanting nothing more than to get back home only to be greeted by this sign!

Hopefully the woman this sign is referring to got a warmer welcome from the girl holding the sign, else she might just ask someone else to go and get her the next time she flies.


We all have a burning question for this man, unfortunately, we'll never get a chance to ask him. Is this sign a joke? Is the person's name actually Michael Jordan? Or are they actually picking up the legendary Michael Jordan?

Maybe this man is actually a genius and it's rather a prank on everyone at the airport. Here we are wondering all of these questions and maybe that's what he wanted all along. Well played, well played indeed.

They Have Talked About This

Seems that Simon and his girlfriend must have had a chat about this before. He probably told her that he would give it up for good and looks like he ended up breaking that promise. We're sorry Simon.

So while he's been away she's obviously stumbled on the forbidden selfie stick. tsk tsk Simon, you were played for a fool. Imagine the look on his face when he gets off his plane to this sight.

How Thoughtful

For those of you that don't know what Imodium is, it's a medication that helps treat diarrhea. So whoever Sarah is you can imagine the horror on her face when she saw the poster at the airport.

We give credit for the idea, but the execution was sub-par. Next time you want to embarrass somebody coming back home, try to put a little more effort into the sign. Or at least find a better board to write it on.

It Gets The Job Done

At least this guy tried, he may look like a driver but the sign indicates he's anything but. Let's hope that whoever he's picking up is his wife or girlfriend otherwise he'll be in a lot of trouble.

But at least it does the job, right? This is a sign you don't see all too often and we're sure it had more than a few people at the airport laughing to themselves. But who could this sign be for?

It's About The Effort

If you examine this board for a while you'll start to recognize that the for set of glyphs actually spell out "welcome." The rest, however, is indecipherable.  But we're sure whoever this message was for smiled when they saw the sweetness.

Even if the sign looks like nonsense, it's so sweet that the child tried to write down the message herself. It would definitely melt anyone's heart if they came home to this.

Irony Is A Best Friend

Seems like the guy holding the sign didn't really have a whole lot of confidence that the girl would ever make it back home. He doesn't look too pleased about it either. Let's just hope he didn't make any plans without her.

It seems like the man isn't too great at making signs either. We have a few questions for him about his sign. Like why are some of the letters colored in? Is it a secret that only the girl knows? We aren't sure.

Going All The Way

Seems that this person really wanted to go all the way when it came to picking up someone up from the airport. We aren't exactly sure what they're going for with this outfit but we can only guess that they're supposed to be an Oompa Loompa?

Whatever he's trying to be another enigma to us is the meaning behind "Chocolate Johnny." To be honest we don't really want to know. We just hope it's a nickname for someone and not something else.

Kids Make Great Arguments

What a cute sight right? Coming home after a long flight to see your wife and child waiting for you at the airport. Then you see the cute sign that the baby has with it and we're sure your heart would just melt.

Now that the dad got a break from looking after the family it's time he comes back to his duties. We're sure he'll make it, he is a dad after all! All we can say is good luck!

Now That's A Welcome Sight!

Coming home to an adorable baby may be the most welcome sight for anyone! But we sure know what the second-best sight is - a bar! What's better than a pop-up bar that grandpa has prepared as a welcome?

Everyone walking past the bar must be jealous of the business that the old man has set up. It's definitely not allowed in an airport but will someone really deprive grandpa of his margarita bar?

Tell Them How You Really Feel

Now, this sign is just cold-hearted. Jody was probably excited to see her friends and family only to see this when she walked off of the plane, a warm welcome indeed. We’re not entirely sure why they felt the need put the number “2” instead of the word “to” but to each their own.

Other people probably had heart-warming signs to welcome their loved ones and then there was Jody’s crew, ready to start bashing on her before she even stood a chance.


If this isn’t one of the best dad jokes out there, then we don’t know what one is. Surely, Rebecca was pleased to see her father dressed in full Darth Vader regalia, patiently waiting to humiliate her when she exited her plane.

We wonder if Rebecca’s dad already had that costume (which we’re willing to bet) or if he went and bought one for this exact reason. No matter what, this is hilarious and we’re positive Rebecca’s dad got the exact reaction that he was going for.


Everyone knows that when mom leaves on a long trip, things have a tendency to fall apart. The fridge and pantry start to run out of food, nobody does laundry, and the dog is now allowed on the couch.

It looks like these two boys had a similar experience when their mom left and are now asking her to put their lives back together. Things could have been worse than not having underwear. Their sign could have said, “We burned the house down.”

They Came Prepared

While some people might slap together a sign on their way out the door leaving for the airport, not these people. They came prepared with not one but two signs, one of which is a giant blow-up picture.

Those aren’t easy to come by, so it’s obvious that they’ve been planning this for quite some time. We’re willing to bet that they stole the show at the airport and “Mokie” had a big smile on his face when he saw this scene.

Tell The World Why Don't You!

Whether you’re coming home from rehab or not, nothing says welcome home quite like this sign. Now, everyone that sees you walking toward the sign assumes that you’ve just come back from a stint at rehab or that you have friends or family that really like to give you a hard time.

If this is actually a joke, some people might take offense about making fun of what is not a laughing matter everyone. You might want to be careful about this one!

The Whole Gang Is Here

Whoever made this sign killed two birds with one stone, and we must say, they did a real bang-up job on it. Nothing quite like humiliating your family with ugly pictures for all the public and Internet to see.

We appreciate the craftsmanship of the poster and their creativity to find the ugliest pictures they could find of these two. Not everyone is willing to put this much time into their airport artwork but these two certainly did.


We’re not sure if this is cute, TMI, or both. We’re going to go with both. Either way, this lady looks very happy to see her boyfriend? Husband? Sugar daddy? By the looks of it, he looks really happy too, so either this is a cheeky joke or he is proud to be a real-life sugar daddy.

It’s 2019 people, nothing is off the table these days. Get that money, honey.

Sp That's What Dad Was Up To

This is a great airport pickup sign because it pokes fun at two people while only calling one of them out. Is this guy really picking up who he says? We’re willing to bet his dad got off the plane with his mom or a girlfriend.

If you are going to create the perfect airport pickup sign it really needs to embarrass the person you are picking up. It also needs to embarrass them in a creative way that has you thinking outside of the box. For the record, the other side of this sign read “Fifth times a charm.”

Letting Them Down Easy

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a trip only to discover that your dog destroyed something of relative value. At least this person’s significant other was kind enough to let them know at the airport rather than have them come home to a surprise.

Hopefully, they already got another couch or else this person won’t have anywhere to put their feet up after their flight! Maybe they learned their lesson not to leave their dog for that long again.


We give “this guy” 10 points for creativity on this poster. He’s clearly very excited about having who we assume are his two children back home. While he could have gone with another typical sign, he decided to really push the boundaries and embarrass his kids as much as possible.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this is hanging on a wall somewhere in their house right now because of how proud he is of his handiwork. Now, he can use it anytime he picks them up from the airport!

How The Tables Have Turned

These two siblings are picking up their parents from the airport with some less-than attractive pictures of the couple, calling them both “crazy” and “looney.” We have to give these sibling props, however, for embarrassing their own parents at the airport when it’s usually the other way around.

We’re going to assume that their parents did something similar to them in the past and this is their way of getting back at them. We hope they both kept their sanity on the airplane ride.

This Probably Isn't Anything New

By the looks of it, this isn’t some new kind of joke this girl came up with to pick her friend up from the airport. She’s probably been referring to her like this for as long as they’ve known each other, so it’s only appropriate that this is what her sign says at the airport.

The people on the plane with the girl whose sign this is for will probably know exactly who they mean when they exit the plane.

Isn't Extended Family Great

If you get alone with your brother-in-law this is a good way to poke fun at them when picking them up from the airport. Nothing like reminding the guy that he got your sister pregnant.

Conversely, if you don’t get a lot with your brother-in-law and you want to remind him of that fact, this is also a really good sign to greet him at the airport with. Basically , this is perfect in its not-so-subtle way.


First, if you are going to be on the lookout for new parents at the airport, you might want to make sure they aren’t fleeing from some horrible crime. You never know why someone got on that plane in the first place.

Second, if you are going to raise kids, we sincerely hope they are raised with this type of fun-loving approach to life. Here’s to hoping they weren’t really looking for new parents at the airport — they’re a bit old for that angle.

How To Easily Embarrass Your Buddies With One Simple Sign

This Reddit user who goes by the name Reemusk is proud of the fact that his buddies are forced to look for his awkward signs at the airport. In fact, he writes, “I like to embarass my friends when I pick them up at the airport.

I’m on the left.”While we appreciate this guys enthusiasm for the art of airport sign creation, it doesn’t really look like his buddy, on the right, is too mad or embarrassed about the sign.

And He Was Never Heard From Again

We don’t know the story behind this guys airport pickup sign but it’s either his idea of a funny sign or he’s a driver who doesn’t want to lose out on a fare if Alice doesn’t show up.

How awkward would it be for Alice to show up after this guy left with a “random citizen” and then she never heard from his again because she was taking her sweet time traveling from her plane to the baggage claim area. Ouch.

Picking Up Your 'Idiot' Cousin From The Airport

This Reddit user posted an image of their cousin picking them up from the airport with a sign that reads “Idiot.” Sure that would just be a mean sign with way too much glitter but the way it was being held makes it something special.

There are those people who know how to create a great airport pickup sign and then there are people like this, who hold their idiot sign backwards and take the art form to a whole new level.

Welcome Home!

So which one of these guys got Matt’s sister pregnant? We only ask because they said “your” sister and not “our” sister. Or maybe they are just messing with Matt because he hates the guy his sister is dating.

Of course, these airport pickup signs don’t have to reveal their meaning, sometimes they are just funny because people actually chose to stand with them in the middle of an airport, regardless of who might see the signs and question their lifestyle.

Waiting For Mr. Snowden

This one is for all our politically-minded friends who are hoping Edward Snowden will just step off a plane in the United States one day. That’s not going to happen but this guy is giving us hope.

Considering a large percentage of the population have probably heard the Snowden name but may not recognize him in person, this is a great way to mess with a lot of people and to get everyone else talking while they wait to see who shows up for a ride.