“Should Have Just Turned A Blind Eye”: Instances When Being Good Backfired Monumentally

1. It Was Like A Scene From An Action Movie

My friend and I were walking through the city late at night. This extremely drunk man appears beside us, mumbles about not telling the Christians our names because they're following him, then lollops on with his low-waist shorts. 

He scared the crap out of me, so my friend and I hung back a bit to avoid catching up with him. He staggers out into oncoming traffic. Miraculously avoids being hit. I suggested to my friend that we call the police to pick him up because we don't want him to pass/cause someone else's passing. The drunk man reaches the other side of the road, trips over a bin, gets up, and starts kicking the bin vigorously. Then suddenly keels over.

My friend and I start calling an ambulance and go over to check the exact address of the corner drunk guy is on. The emergency operator asks me to check if he's breathing. I do, praying that I won't have to give CPR to this very drunk and rather melty-looking man. Luckily, he is breathing and after a couple of seconds his eyes even flick to me. I went back to my friend, notice the drunk guy pulling himself up on the bins. Then I think he's going to lollop off and we'll have to follow him to give directions to the ambulance people.

No. That's not what he does. He comes charging towards me and my friend and tries to grab him. I get between them and we take off, with me still on the phone to the Emergency Operator. We're near Euston tube station, so we start walk-running towards that. Wrongly, we take the path across the green, which is poorly lit and creepy, but it is the fastest way to the station. Drunk Guy chases us. 

But luckily, he's so drunk that every time he almost catches us, he trips over something or collides with a bench or just plain heads off in a different direction. We are still walk-running at this point. It's this strange refusal to run flat out, because somehow walk-running makes it less scary.

A group of men is coming towards us. I am STILL on the phone to the operator, who is sending police to our location, who is talking to us until we're safe. We asked the group of men to walk us to the station. Turns out they don't speak English. They just point at it. This gives the drunk guy time to catch up with us again and try to grab my friend. We take off again and turn in towards the bus stops outside the station. To do this, we have to go past some recycling bins. A homeless guy comes out from behind them and asks, "Ten pence for a homeless man?" Normally, I would give him change. This is not normal. I apologize as we speed past him. Homeless Guy bellows: "Freaking witches!" and starts chasing us with a drunk guy.

Emergency Operator says, "Oh, is that man helping you?"

I say, "No, no, he's chasing us too."

We make it to the bus stop and the other people waiting for the bus. Drunk Guy ambles off, Homeless Guy asks for change from everyone at the bus stop. Ambulance arrives for Drunk Guy. I tell them that I don't mind if they beat him with sticks, to be quite frank, and that I hope he chokes on his own vomit. Then I point them in the direction that he went anyway.


2. I Just Wanted To Catch The Cat-napper

My best friend was going through a messy break-up with his girlfriend.

She was pissed, so she stole a bunch of his clothes and his cat and drove off to her apartment. We jumped into my car and gave chase. She pulled into her apartment complex and parked before realizing we were behind her, so I pulled up behind her and blocked her car in. She started screaming at me to move my car, and I said no while my friend called the cops. He had had the cat for 8 years and was desperately attached to it. He had only had the girlfriend for 2 years.

The cops get there, and they talk to everyone. They figure out the situation. They tell the girlfriend to return the cat and the clothes. 

Then an officer comes over to me, and says he's considering arresting me for false imprisonment. My freaking jaw dropped. Normally, I'm super respectful and cool with the cops, but it was just too much for me to swallow. "Are you kidding me right now?" 

"Not at all. You put your car behind hers, making it impossible for her to leave. You kept her there against her will, and that's a crime."

"She could have gotten out of the car and walked away at any time! I was only stopping her from fleeing the scene with stolen property!"

"Oh, are you a police officer now? Is that your job?"

I stared at him sullenly, a look of "you can't be freaking serious" on my face.

"I guess we won't do anything this time, but next time you shouldn't get involved in disputes like this. It's a matter for the police, and you should leave it up to us."

Christ, what a freaking mess that night was.


3. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I was in an extremely weird and once in a lifetime kind of car accident where I was not at fault. I really don't want to go into detail but another car hit me going twice the speed limit sending us both rolling down into a ditch. I got out through the windshield since it was shattered and was able to cut the airbag. The other car was in much much worse shape and was on fire. I ran up to see if the driver was okay but she was falling in and out of consciousness. Her car was upside down and the roof caved in, pressing her into the seat. The seatbelt was tight around her and her airbag wasn't deflating. I struggled with the door and was able to get her out as the fire spread onto her. I remember passing out a little after I was able to put out the fire on her legs. Woke up in the ambulance, broken leg and concussion, EMTs said I was only able to save her from all the adrenaline coursing through my system.

The police that wrote the report found her at fault and said I was a hero. But no good deed goes unpunished. She had 1st degree burns on her legs and face and had super cheap insurance. 

She ended up suing me and dragging me into a 4 year legal process that not only cost my insurance thousands, but had me spending money on legal fees and lost wages from constantly having to go to court. It was finally settled because somehow all she needed was to prove I was at least 1% at fault and my insurance folded. She was awarded my full liability ($200,000.00) plus $25,000 that I'm on the hook for personally. I was barely able to get my car paid off and whatever was left in my pocket for a new car had to go to her. It's been 6 years since the accident and I still owe about $12,000 but I'm trying to avoid paying that.

The last time I talked to my attorney after she was awarded damages he said something that I'll always think back on and wish I could have changed my actions. He said if he was in my shoes and knew the outcome he would have left her in there to burn.


4. She Did Me Wrong

When I was in high school I had a friend who was troubled. We met when she moved into town to live with her mother (after being raised by her grandparents) who turned out to be a drug abuser who treated her children like crap, including my friend who eventually moved back in with her grandparents a couple of hours away. We kept in touch, and I woke up at 3 am one day (the morning of Friend's birthday) to my mom handing me the phone, saying it was my friend.

Friend had been getting progressively stranger, and that morning was suicidal. She was determined to kill herself at the same time she had been born, "it felt right that way" or some nonsense. I spent the next four hours on the phone with her trying to calm her down and convince her to seek help. She finally gave her consent for me to speak to the counselor she saw at my school, which I did as soon as I arrived. At six o'clock that night I got a call from her at the hospital, saying they were admitting her to the psych ward. The next morning I get called out of class to take a call from her grandparents, who are crying and falling over themselves thanking me for saving their beautiful girl.

While she was committed (for about three months) there was a contact list for people who could call, visit, and write to her. I don't know the specifics of who determined it, or why, but I assume it's because she was underage and her grandparents wanted to protect her from her mother, they were the ones who explained it to me. I was the only person - aside from the grandparents - who was on that list.

 I called her regularly, wrote to her, and even made the three hour drive to go visit her once. I had explained to the few other friends she had in my area that she was in the ward and no one was allowed to contact her, but I would be happy to pass along what I could so she felt their support.

Naturally, when she was released she turned on me, blaming me for "three months of suffering" (which she gave no indication of during any of the contact/visits we had during that time) she went through, and told everyone she was admitted against her will, the "contact list" was bullcrap and I was trying to... keep the crazy all for myself, I guess. Whatever. No one believed me. Over the course of a couple of months (during which I was going through some serious medical stuff) I lost the few friends I had been able to make being a shy introvert, some I had been close to for four or five years at the time.

After a couple of months I connected with some new friends who treated me better than the old ones ever did anyway, and was happier for it.

A year or two ago she sent me a friend request on Facebook. It had been 6 or 7 years, so I figured, "what the fudge, I'm over it, and she seems to have grown up, too." Nope. The first thing I see on her wall is a conversation with one of her former friends talking crap about me.


5. No Such Thing As A Happy Ending

I was about 17 when I got my first inkling that doing good was highly overrated. First off, just to help with context, in my province once you get your license to drive by yourself, you still have to wait 15 months before you can have more than one person in your vehicle with you between 1 and 5 am.

So, I went to this fundraiser party out in the country with my buddy. It's the country so most underage people can get alcohol anyway. So after, I'm about to drive me and my friend home when I see two girls from my school going to get a ride while drunk. I step in, offer them a ride, since I'm sober. On the way back to our town, a cop pulls me over and gives me a ticket for too many people in my car since it turns out my license was only 14 months and 21 days old. 

I'm furious with this since I was doing the right thing and I went to court to fight it. I explained I was trying to help them and I saved their lives (the drunken man ended up rolling his truck). Judge says I did the right thing, clears my record and makes me pay the minimum amount for the ticket, which was a LOT less than I could have been.

Happy ending? Not quite. About 3 months later, I got a call from the provincial insurance company for me to go see them about the ticket. I went to see them and once again explained that I was trying to help. After about 30 minutes of discussion between the 3 people sitting in, they inform me that although my intentions might have been good, "I acted irresponsibly and stupidly, endangering my life, the girl' lives and everyone else on the road.". They then classified me as a dangerous driver, fined me $500, suspended my license for 3 months, charged me a couple hundred dollars to renew my license (it will take me another two years to get to the provincial average) and gave me a 5 year probation period where if I get any type of ticket for no matter what, my license is gone for 2 years.


6. I Knew This Would Happen

I had two good friends who dated for a very long time, and fought like miserable spouses, we all know THAT couple. So they finally break up and the dude has to move out. I didn't want to get involved in their messy breakup so I declined him when he asked to stay with me.

Fast forward a few days and he gets kicked out of his friends house (who lives with his mom) and can't go home to his parents because of his new job so I begrudgingly say yes because I know I would hope for the same generosity in that position.

A few weeks go by with no drama and when I have to go out of town for two weeks I'm glad to have someone watch the apartment. My landlord called me a few days later saying my shower leaked and flooded the downstairs apartment causing over $2,000 in damage to both my apartment and the downstairs one.

My friend denies the whole thing, will not admit he did anything wrong, and also refuses to help me pay for it. I got kicked out, never got my security and had to pay an additional $1,000 because of a clause in the lease saying it was my responsibility to maintain all plumbing.


7. A Huge Public Mess

Just this morning, my former SO was cutting herself and sending me pictures. This scared the crap out of me and I contacted my local school’s counselor to have them check her out. She ended up beating me up (I don't hit girls so I sorta just took it) and making this huge scene in public. She doesn't think she did anything wrong, and I walked away with bloody cuts and bruises.

I set down my phone for an hour and when I picked it back up, I had 17 new text messages and 14 missed calls. All from her. 

I told her that I wanted nothing to do with her anymore, but she doesn't take no for an answer. She has threatened to beat me more if I try to avoid her. 

As of right now, the school has told her that she is not allowed to return unless she is cleared as "Mentally stable" by 2 different doctors. This terrifies me that she is this dangerous. I am 100 percent afraid now to leave my house, she has been known to stalk me before and she is threatening to beat me some more. I'm a nice guy, and I want to physically defend myself, but I will be socially vilified if I touch her even in defense using minimal force. 


8. Saved Up For Nothing

When I was young I was able to save money very well. No bank or anything, just a wooden box under my bed that used to hold dominos. Every week I would cash my paycheck, put the vast majority in the box, and keep a little pocket money for myself.

When I was 18 I worked at a video store. Everyone who worked there were very good friends. One day we were told by our boss, a really great guy named Drew, that he had come down with stomach cancer. I talked to him afterwards and was sad to hear that the store's terrible insurance was causing Drew to have to choose between treatments or paying his rent. Drew was gay and his family had disowned him so he had no help. I thought about it for a few days and decided I would help him out. I agreed to loan him money so he could pay his rent. He would pay me back when able and everything would be great. I gave him three thousand dollars I had saved since I was 12 (a little over 3 actually, but who is counting right?).

Cut to five months later. I come to work one night to see Drew being dragged out by the police. Turns out he had a massive coke problem and had been stealing from the store. He was such a good guy I actually fought for him at work for a month or so until I saw the evidence. I also learned that he never had cancer. It was a scam he had used on several "friends" of his so he and his boyfriend could get high.

I have never been able to get back to where I was financially. I am not sure what changed, maybe because I got a bank account, maybe emotionally it messed me up...I am not sure. I have sixty bucks to my name now. One thing is for sure, I have never trusted people the same since. Not sure anything will be able to give me that back.


9. Mister Snowman

This happened on Christmas Eve night a few years back in Kansas city Missouri. There was considerable snowfall and the city was having one of our worst winters in years. I was leaving my girl's house around 11 pm who lived about 8 min away from where I stayed. Normally this would be a quick zip down blue park and I would be home but there was already about 2 and a half inches of snow and my car was a beater but I was managing.

As I am heading down the road I see a guy and his child, I kid you not, without a coat standing in front of a car in a liquor store parking lot. Now I wouldn’t give a crap honestly if an adult got himself in trouble. Normally, I would keep on going but I honestly felt bad for the kid and he had to be cold with no coat and all. So any how I pull up and ask if he needs a jump. "Naw dawg, I got a bad starter it messes up when it's cold" the man replies. 

After I figure out if there is nothing I can help with, I ask if he would like me to call someone. "Nah homie, but if you could give me a ride to my house that would be cool as heck." His street was about 3 streets back down the road so I figured no big deal! Him and his kid huddle in the car. At this point I notice the man reeks of Marijuana and is probably high.

Now the important thing to remember in this story is that the main street I was on was an emergency snow route meaning it had been pretreated and the plows had already ran through it. This of course makes the snow at the entrances to side streets higher and a bit more packed, a fact I hadn't really considered until I turned into his street and got my front 2 tires stuck completely in snow. When it was clear I was stuck and couldn't go forward or backwards the man said "Ah my bad man, my house is pretty close from here good looking out though" and then proceeded to get out of my car and walk to his front door. A front door I could see from my car that was stuck.

He did not offer to help me get my car unstuck (not that we could have with the 2 of us) nor did he offer to let me come in and wait for a tow truck. I ended up spending Christmas morning that year hanging out at a 7/11 for about 6 and a half hours waiting on a tow truck.


10. Drowning In Lies

When my family and I were on the 4th of July vacation, we were hanging out on a beach. My dad sees a girl splashing and screaming for help out in the water. Apparently these 2 girls, who were probably somewhere around 12, got caught swimming too far out. One girl got a hold of a buoy and the other was starting to panic. He runs into the water and swims over to her. He gets a hold of her and starts to swim her toward shore but she is panicking and struggling and trying to push him under to keep herself up.

The girl's family was in a boat not far away. They see the commotion and come rushing over. They thanked my dad and asked if he wanted a ride back to shore. When they get into the boat her dad asks if she's ok and she tells them "He was trying to look down my swimsuit!". It was a very quiet ride back.

When he recently told me this story (I was young and only vaguely remember it) he said to me "What the freak am I trying to get a peek at? An 11 year old's squirrel body?"


11. All I Wanted Was Some Food

About 6 years ago, I was on lunch break and went to grab a sub at Subway. There was a homeless guy outside the store asking for change, and I asked him if he wanted a sub. He said sure, and I invited him in to pick. We go inside and stand in line. At first I thought everyone would stare at the homeless guy, but I was rather surprised when nobody did.

We had 2 people ahead of us, and I was just chatting with the guy and learned that he lost everything between the bad stocks and a cheating wife. Found out his name was Danny. When we were next in line, 2 police officers walked in and stood behind us. Not very unusual for this Subway, but Danny got a little nervous. I started to place my order and told the other lady behind the counter to make him 2 of whatever he wanted. Right then, the cops just grab Danny and slam him into the ground and start to cuff him. No warning, no verbal commands, just whipped him around and face planted him on the tile.

I turned and tried to talk to the second officer who pushed me away from him and into the drink cooler door, which then shattered. The other customers bolted outside while Danny was dragged outside by his cuffs. 

As I stood up from the push, the cop grabs me and rolls me over onto the broken glass and cuffs me. Now I carry a concealed firearm, so I tell the officer as he is cuffing me and while I am cuffed, freaks out and draws down on me...who is lying face down... hands cuffed... And yells "Don't freaking move". I calmly tell him where it is and he rips the holster from my belt loop and tosses it onto a table (where a few customers are still within reach).

Another officer walks in and helps me up then dusts the glass off of me. He asks me what happened and I relay the story to him. He uncuffs me, grabs my pistol, and clears it, then hands it back to me and says don't put it away until you get in your vehicle. I agree and walk out with them. There is Danny in the back of the patrol car, all bloodied up and obviously shaken. I ask the officer what the problem was, and unbeknownst to me, Danny was asked repeatedly to leave the property. When I brought him inside, it was considered criminal trespass and he was arrested. I told the officer that I invited him in for food and he said it didn't matter. A few minutes later, the aggressive cop walks up to me and hands me a paper. I look down and it’s a notice of trespass for the same Subway and the entire shopping center. At first, I didn't know how he got my name and info, but when I got slammed, I had my wallet in my hand and he must have picked it up.

I took the no trespass to court and got it overturned with ease, but found out Danny had to do jail time because of previous offenses and being a repeat offender. I even had a meeting with his judge about him, and the judge didn't care at all.


12. Well, That Was A Bust

I did an exceptionally small act of kindness (or courtesy) that backfired.

I was at Walmart a couple days ago picking up the new Gears of War game. There was one associate in electronics, so I waited my turn to be helped. We retrieved the game from the display case and returned to the register to find a man standing, ready to check out. As I was there first, the sales associate asked him to step aside so I could complete my purchase.

This guy backs up, but not before rolling his eyes, looking back at me and scoffing. I am in no particular hurry, so I encourage him to go ahead. No problem. The customer proceeds to berate the cashier. “Wow, I've never been asked to step away before. Where'd you learn those service skills, Ricky? Are you the only one here? If I were your manager, I'd get someone else back here who knows how to treat customers, Ricky.” I am a retail manager, and this makes my blood boil. I tell the guy "Hey, you're kind of being a jerk. Just make your purchase and go". He replies "Look, I'm a customer service trainer for Walmart. I'm a little higher up the chain than Ricky here. He needs to learn to take care of his customers".

I am just seeing red at this point. "You mean me? Because I was here first, and I am just as much a customer as you". Guy finishes his transaction, walks away. I walk up and apologize to Ricky. Guy hears me and returns. "Don't apologize for me, man, you do-" "I will apologize for you, because you're horrible. This guy is doing his job, you don't need to harass him. In fact - Ricky, is there a customer service number on your receipt?" "Yes". "Great, and what's your name, sir? I want Walmart to know who the biggest douchebag that works for their company is named". Guy didn't give me his name, surprisingly. Talked to management on my way out to make sure they were aware that Ricky did everything the best he could.


13. Not Invincible Enough

I (female) was at Six Flags Water Park when I was around 18. I turn the corner and there is a dude who is pushing 250 lbs screaming in his girlfriend's face who has her toddler at her feet. She's maybe 110 lbs soaking wet. All of a sudden he starts wailing on her head with a closed fist. 

There was a group of about 10 people just standing around, doing absolutely nothing.

 I, being 18 and invincible, and also totally unaware that this crap actually happened, and, worse than that, that nobody was going to intervene; stepped forward and yelled "what the heck do you think you are doing!? The guy swiftly turns around and raises his fist to me, luckily at that point one of the guys that was chilling his heels up until then pulled me back and away from the punch.

Otherwise I would have taken a fist to the face.

My ex boyfriend and I were the only ones to stick around when the cops showed up. The girl denied anything happened despite being bloodied and bruised, so the guy was let off scot-free. I kind of wanted to hit her myself at that point.


14. Money Heist

At my last retail management job, I was cashing out one of the cashiers and her till was $300 short, on the nose. Normally there wasn't that much cash in there, but someone had paid for a crib in cash about 20 minutes before and since she was leaving soon, we (me and the store manager) decided to just let it go. So I tell her she's short, she has no idea where it is. Empties her pockets (her idea), nothing. Shows me her purse, nothing. Look in all the parts of the drawer, nothing. Look through the tape with all the transactions, nothing for no sales or anything. Just disappeared.

This is where my good deed goes punished. The cash drawers have locks that could be opened, but we didn't have keys for them. I grab every random key I can find in the office and try them. 

Finally, with a little jimmying, a maintenance key opens the drawer. I tried it a few times, worked, showed my manager and while it didn't find the money, it's a clue. At least we know there is a key that will open the drawers and we can fix that, is what I'm thinking.

I come in the next day, get called into the office with my boss and the store's owners. I figure they want to talk about it, what I figured out, maybe give me a medal...nope, fired me. For (a) leaving the cash in there (even though my boss said to); and (b) compromising the integrity of the cash by having a key lying around, meaning I found out how it might have happened. My manager walked me out and his final words were "Sorry, but we had to punish someone for something after this."


15. Instant Regret

My laptop had just died when I found a Macbook Pro at a park with no one around to claim it. I hung around the laptop for about half an hour and no one came forward. I tried to find out the owner, but it was password protected and I didn't want to mess with it.

My wife, being the ethical angel on my shoulder, convinced me to turn it in with the caveat that I could keep it if no one claimed it.

 I took it to the police station. Before I handed it over, I asked about their found property policy and the desk person said, "90 days and, if it isn't claimed, it's yours." Sweet, I might get a free laptop without the guilt of stealing it from someone!

So I went out to my car and got the laptop and turned it on. The detective saw the laptop and said, "Oh, not computers. We will destroy those after 90 days."

Oh, screw it.


16. That’s Not a Thank You

So when I was a kid (~20 years ago) my dad and I were leaving Denny's on a Sunday morning. My dad was holding open the door for a middle aged white woman who looked like she was coming back from church. She said "Ohh look a N*gger to hold the door open for me". Both my dad and I are about as white as you can get. Now this is the 90's and she clearly knew better than to say that in public.

Kicker of it all is the white church lady didn't realize there was a black lady behind her. The black lady said "excuse you!?" and my dad without missing a beat said "Did you hear what she called you!?" 

He then quickly ushered me away and we left before things got too ugly. I can only imagine how awkward or explosive the next few minutes in that Denny's lobby were.


17. Turning Myself In

I was on my way back home from a birthday party, quite drunk and in my stupidity riding a bike. I came across a guy that broke his face in a biking accident in the middle of the night with nobody around, so obviously I called the cops and an ambulance. 

The guy is really messed up, unconscious, with several teeth missing and bleeding out of mouth and nose. Given the fact that it was a Monday night around 2 a.m. in a relatively deserted area, I very well could have saved this guy's life that night.

Because I'm in shock I admit that I myself have been riding my bike in my intoxicated condition to the cops so they run me through a blood alcohol test and bust me. I spent the night in the drunk tank and had to take four sessions of psychological counseling over alcoholism to retain my drivers license. I also paid a pretty hefty fine in court.


18. McDonald’s and Busted Tooth

I live in a rough area, it's ok, it's my choice. I walk to McDonalds, going to get me some tasty-fried what I can only assume is garbage, anyway it seems I'm not the only one with this sentiment.

The line is backed up to the door like it's free laundry day at the corner coin wash. Some of the people in line are getting' antsy just waiting around. A mom and her (I can only assume) drugged out teen are in front of me. 

I have no idea what happened before, but they were angry, and the mom seemed in the rush to just leave. But oh no, the son wasn't having that, and started to flip out. Junior decided if he couldn't have his happy meal his mom was gonna pay.

The little jerk hits his mom across the face, and the large crowd just slides to make one of those giant circles like in underground fighting movies. So she laughs it off, very embarrassed and pulls his arm to leave. The guy cocks back his arm for another swing, and I (being very clumsy) try to save the day. What really happened was I stumbled into his blow, and got a tooth punched in, I said screw it and left, bleeding, faith lost in humanity.


19. It’s Raining Canned Beer

One night me and my friends were out at a local run down pub. They all left before me to go get pizza and I got the bill (I lived maybe 10 blocks from said pub) so I followed maybe ten minutes behind them, when I'm stopped by a very large aboriginal homeless man, he asked me for change. I abide out of fear mostly but hand him a 5 and carry on my merry way when out of freaking-nowhere he throws a 6 pack of the cheapest beer you can find at my head, I fall, dazed I look up from the grubby dirty sidewalk and see his face looking down on me "you take my freaking bike?" Uhh no sir there's no bike with me, pulls out another six pack out of his backpack and starts hurdling them at me I start running he starts chasing well throwing completely full beer cans at my head (you'd think a homeless guy wouldn't waste his beer)

So here I am running down the street being chased by a 300 lbs, 6 ft tall, scary looking man, you think anyone would stop to help? Crap no. I call my friends and just manage the words "I'm gonna die" before another beer can strikes my head and I fall almost completely knocked out. I see a hand grab it and thank the earth I'm being saved. I come to my senses and realize it's him! 

He apologizes and insists I walk with him, so I am terrified to run until we're right in front of the pizza place my friends are in. I tell him I'm going to go meet my friends, he says okay and apologizes. 

At this point I'm pretty pissed because I just got my phone fixed that day and it has smashed again thanks to him, but whatever I get maybe 3 feet from the door of said pizza place when BAM another beer can in the head. He starts screaming "give me my freaking bike" so here I am on ground blood all over, my face getting kicked in the face from a man I had just given 5 dollars too. 

When I suddenly hear the most beautiful sound ever "what the freak are you doing mate? Pick on someone your own size" two Australian men and one woman grab me and he starts running one chases him "get back here ya coward, try me!" One calls the cops but it's too late. An Australian woman hugs me and helps me clean my face as we walk up to the pizza place when my drunk friend opens the door and yells, "are these the freaks chasing you?" "get away from him!" I half sobbing explained it isn't. They're okay with it and leave me with my friend (the rest have gone searching to look for me) so the friend takes me home. Other friends arrive shortly after.


20. Taking Bathroom Breaks

I was in the Air Force for a while. During my stint I got stationed in Honduras. Now, just so you know, Soto Cano Air Base is basically a party every night after work. When I was there, there were about 6 different bars on base. The men on this base destroy the bathrooms when they get drunk. Then we'd all have to go to commanders' calls and hear about what crap bags we are for breaking everything and that we should all be reporting it when we see it. Well, after about 8 months of being there, I was sick of the crappy bathrooms as well.

I was headed to the men's room by my dorm and there was a guy standing in the entrance. 

He was in civilian clothes, holding a beer and showing off to his girlfriend by kicking in the wooden planks to the door. I told him to stop it and that I was going to get the cops. He drunkenly told me he was the officer of the Civil Engineers on base and that he'd need to "see my ID". I told him to eat crap and wait for the police. 

Well, well, wouldn't you know he is an officer and he did work for CE. SO what!? Screw him and his crap! The guy got in zero trouble. I got yelled at and my first sergeant told me to apologize to him. I said I'd rather get paperwork for doing what I was told to do, the right thing. They actually drew up paperwork for me. I signed it with a smiley face.


21. He Thought It Was Mine

A few years ago I was at the beach. It's fall so not that many people. There I am on my chair, reading my book.

I am observant, and I see a small boy, must have been 4 or 5, practically alone, and I mean alone, the nearest person close to him besides me must have been 1/4 mile away, and a large dog not far, and they were both running toward each other, but it was clear that it was not his dog. So at one point the dog starts barking, and barking and the boy starts crying. The boy's crying makes the dog bark more and louder, which in turn makes the boy cry more and louder, and it seemed as if the dog was ready to attack. All the while I look around and nobody is claiming the dog nor the kid. So I get up and start walking towards them. I remember it like a scene from a movie in slow motion. the crying/barking gets louder, and I start walking faster, all the while looking around for parents/dog owners but nothing.

It gets really bad and I start running, I get nearby and the dog is ferocious and the poor boy is shocked and now he's screaming. 

I have to make a quick decision: the dog or the kid. I decide that if I go for the dog I am in trouble 100%, I take the kid by his hand, and I walk him away from the dog, keeping an eye on the dog with the corner of my eye and without making eye contact. That's when I noticed a short little guy running like crazy towards us screaming Jimmy, Jimmy... are you ok? or something like that.

I must admit I was proud of myself and I thought that I was going to be seen as a half hero (no cape, no medal), but the guy who was pissed and furious grabbed the kid away from me and tried to punch me in the face, I ducked. WTF??? Then he starts yelling something about ..your dog... It's not my freaking dog!!!

It went on for a few seconds too many when he tried to punch me and by now I was running away in circle from him, keeping an eye on the dog... when the dog owner appeared and he's pissed too!

Once the father realized that it was not my dog, he went for the dog owner, and I took that as a sign from the universe that it was time for me to get out of there. So I did.


22. How Is This Fair?

A while ago, one friend of mine pushed another too far with some groping at a party. They were both members of a club along with me, and it was escalating into a really ugly round of nasty accusations. Against my better judgment, I tried to facilitate a meeting between the two. 

Having heard both of their arguments, it seemed to me that he had genuinely wronged her, but really didn't realize he'd done it. I hoped that, confronted with her feeling of violation and betrayal, he would be contrite and the two could at least keep the animosity between the two of them, and not spill out into our circle of friends.

It didn't work — he ended up refusing to meet with her, never apologized, lied virulently, and spread rumors about me and my involvement. I lost a whole circle of friends, who sided with the alleged perpetrator of sexual assault; and all because I didn't betray the confidence of either party. So when one side goes on a dishonest offensive, and the other refuses to speak out, only one side of the story gets told.

It got so ugly it ended up in court, I was called to testify, and there are still people who won't speak to each other over the incident. I don't know if my "help" accelerated or enabled any of that ugliness, but it certainly didn't make the situation any better.

For all that, I don't know what else I could have done.


23. An Exercise In Futility

I was trail running and noticed a tree had fallen down across the path, and I passed a mother with a stroller enjoying the bright sunny day. So without hesitation I went to move the tree out of the path so she could continue on. 

I picked up the tree and threw it on the side of the path, all the sudden I heard a noise, then a pain in my knee. I looked down to see what had happened.

It was then I noticed the swarm of bees coming after me, and little stings all over. I started running and stopped after about 5 minutes only to find out the bee's were still chasing me. I started freaking plainstriding like a freaking gazelle all the way back to the car. I had an allergic reaction and spent 3 days in the hospital.


24. Was I Wrong For Befriending Him

After witnessing first hand how incredibly rude so many people act towards cab drivers, I started sitting in the front seat of taxis and having conversations with the driver. We'd talk about where they were from, their families, how late they were working, etc;. I had a lot of interesting conversations, plus most seemed to genuinely enjoy the company and many actually thanked me at the end of the ride.

Then one time, while studying abroad in Vienna, I started talking to a cabbie who picked my friends and I up from a bar. 

We were chatting about his wife, when suddenly he put his hand on my thigh, tried lifting my skirt and continuously attempted to grope me as I slapped his hand away repeatedly. 

Thankfully we were right by my dorm, so I jutted out of the cab and we obviously refused to pay. The cabbie threatened to call the police and one of my friends ended up punching him in the face. Then the cabbie stalked the dorm that I lived in for the next week and stared at me every time I left.

Now I sit on my phone in silence in the back of cabs.


25. Banana Drama

I was at 7/11 by my house the afternoon before Thanksgiving. I wanted to do something nice, it was the holidays and I thought I'd grab something to eat for the 4 or 5 homeless people that hangout in the parking lot (why do 7/11's everywhere attract the homeless like a magnet?). 

I figured bananas were portable, nutritious, and easy to eat. I grabbed a bunch and handed them out to the young couple, the crazy guy, the scary guy, and then went to give one to the crazy/scary lady and she started screaming at me, calling me a witch and telling me she wasn't "no freaking monkey who eats bananas!" repeatedly.

Everyone was staring, and she ranted on, calling me a racist and what not. She was the only black person of the whole group that I had given them to. I wasn't targeting her with a banana, I was just trying to be thoughtful. Everyone who had just come out of the store or just pulled in, to only witness this conclusion, was staring at me as if I were wearing a white hood.


26. Wheel of Misfortune

This happened around New Years.

We had just had a snow storm, the sidewalks were not shoveled, I saw a woman in a motorized wheelchair putting along the side of the road, it looked really dangerous. I was on my cell phone at the time. She waved me down, told me in broken English that her wheelchair was running out of power. I ended my call. This woman told me she just needed to get to the firehouse 4 blocks away that had a power plug.

So being a nice guy, and fearing for her safety, I decided to help her. I start pushing the wheelchair, and it loses power. Now, motorized wheelchairs are heavy, so I'm suffering, and she seems to be unfamiliar with the operations, toggling the controls which would engage the clutch and make it harder to push. After about a block and a half of this, she decides to help, and climbs out of the wheelchair.

Wait... WTF!

She can walk. So I was pushing a dead motorized wheelchair with a totally capable person in it. In broken English, she tells me she bought the wheelchair at a yard sale a few blocks away so she could sell it. Now I'm pissed. I had assumed she was disabled. But I don't say anything. I struggle with the wheelchair (she's of little help, just walking alongside and giving it a push every once of a while. We finally got to the Firehouse. We push the bell. No response. Go round and ring another bell finally a fireman shows up. I tell him the woman's wheelchair has run out of power. His response "What do you want me to do?". I motion at her to talk to him, and walk away to let them figure it out.

I felt totally taken advantage of. As soon as she stood up I should have told her she was on her own. So if you were in Arlington MA around new years and saw a black guy pushing an asian woman in a wheelchair, that is what this was about


27. Independent Old Man

I had just moved to a new city. It was my first day riding the bus. It was morning rush hour and was very crowded. I was sitting in one of the aisle seats near the back of the bus. At one stop, this very old man steps on the bus. He is slowly making his way to the back. I am absolutely appalled that no one has offered their seat up to him.

As he approaches, I stand up. "Excuse me sir, would you like my seat?"

He responds, "Does it look like I can't freaking stand? Sit down!"

I was so taken aback. I slowly sat down and tried to hide. After riding the bus for a while I learned that he rode the bus every day and never sat down no matter how many available seats there were and all the regulars already knew that.


28. Stairway to Heaven

I was walking towards an escalator in the mall, when a toddler raced in front of me. Grabbed him by the seat of his pants seconds before he would have tumbled down the stairs, and in the process he sprawled on the floor. He started crying hysterically, the young mother came running soon after.

Do I get a thank you for saving her kid's life, although she's seen the whole thing? Of course not. 

I get a stream of abuse about me daring to touch her precious child. I politely explain how if it weren't for me he would have probably broken his neck. Her response? "You freaking jerk, what the heck do you know about parenting?!" Looked her dead in the eye and said, "Obviously enough to keep a child alive."

Then I followed that with "Sorry for intervening" because I'm Canadian and didn't want to be rude, and walked proudly away. I would not shy away from helping a kid out again, however next time I won't engage the parent.


29. Mistaken Identity

Walking down the street one rainy night, I saw a kid (probably about 14 years old) wearing ratty clothes standing in a covered storefront. He looked lonely and cold with nowhere to go.

I passed by him, but suddenly turned around to give him the change I had in my pocket. I walked up to him and put my change in his styrofoam cup that was on the window sill next to him.

 But instead of the 'clink, clink' sound, the change made a 'plop'. I looked in and the cup didn’t contain what I was expecting. It was half full of old coffee and cigarette butts.

The kid looked at me like, 'You a-hole'. Getting a closer look, his clothes were normal, and he was carrying some textbooks. He was obviously not homeless and was probably just waiting for a ride.

And that's the strangest way I've ever lost 78 cents.


30. The Sacrificial Lamb

I've been friends with a lot of the same girls since junior high. Around Christmas time, one of these friends (let's call her Julie), got dumped by a man after three years. They were living together and after two months of awkward one bedroom with ex boyfriend (he was even seeing someone else), I told her I would be willing to move into an apartment with her. She was stuck, kept telling me how awful it was to go home at the end of the day. 

Mind you, I just finished up school, living at home, still on the real life job hunt. But hey, my "friend" Julie was in a pretty tight spot and couldn't afford a place of her own. 

I left free lodging and supper every night. And I love mom’s cooking! I was going to move as soon as I could afford a place, but I decided that I'd rather be struggling financially than see my friend go through living with her crappy ex. I made all the arrangements and tried to make it as easy as possible on her. I even gave her the bigger room with the walk in closet (girls will know).

One day, she brings up the fact that I never bring "guys around". I pry a little more and she finally admits, "I only CHOSE to move in with you because you have a lot of guy friends."

Well, thank you for respecting our 12 year friendship. I thought I was helping you out, didn't know you wanted to be pimped out and you were using me to mess with my friends.


31. A Lasting Impression

I was running some errands and noticed this couple (late 40's-early 50's) walking towards town. They were still had a couple miles to go so I stopped to offer a ride. The husband hopped in my backseat but the wife was having trouble getting into my lifted truck. They started going back and forth and the wife was nearly crying. I waited patiently as they finally got the heavy set wife into my truck. Now my truck isn't jacked super high just a 3 inch lift with 35 inch tires, but I don't have step rails, so I can see how it would be difficult. They stated they wanted to go to the store directly on the edge of town we are headed to. 

I pulled back onto the road and noticed the rough smell of body odor and it was progressively getting worse. I thought I could deal with this, since I grew up on a farm and bad smells are fairly common. 

But as we pulled up to the store they opened the door and a gust of wind blew the full force of their body odor in my face. It immediately turned my stomach and it was everything I could do not to gag. They thanked me for the ride and I drove away as quickly as possible while gagging. I drove to work and sprayed my entire passenger side and every surface with Lysol. My truck sat at the office untouched for the next 10 hours, but this still didn't not quell the smell. 

My stomach immediately turned again as I got into my truck to drive home. I left the windows cracked over night and I could still smell the BO in the morning. The smell left a taint to my truck for the next week before it finally subsided.


32. Taking One Hit At A Time

I ran out into traffic to save a dog that was hit by a car, or so I thought. I picked him up while dodging traffic and drove him to a 24 hour vet to see if he could be saved. The vet said he was pretty banged up but he would live if I was willing to pay for the care. 

It was either that or they'd put him down. I shelled out over $800 that night and another $600 for the next few days. I brought the dog home and found the dogs owner on Craigslist a few days later. 

I explained to him what happened and how much money I was in the hole for. He said that he would pay everything but it would have to be in installments. 3 years later he hasn't paid a dime. To make matters worse, I showed my neighbor who is a vet all the paperwork and X-rays and she said they overcharged me for unnecessary treatments just to pad the costs. The thing is... I'd probably do it again.


33. It Was All A Lie

In college I befriended a really awkward, self-centered, but occasionally extremely nice person. In four years, I never met a single other person who liked her (other than her boyfriend, but he wasn't there a lot).

Every single thing had to be about her, from the time we ate dinner to the classes we took. We had a lot of shared interests though, and she helped me out of a few really tight places. I genuinely enjoyed her company for the most part. Our Sophomore year I had an opportunity to study abroad. I grew up poor and had literally never left the East Coast, so I applied for every grant, loan, anything so I could go on a Semester at Sea trip (you spend an entire semester on a boat travelling the world).

 I was literally finalizing the trip when her boyfriend, a reserve, was called in to active duty. I didn't want to leave her completely alone the next year, so I cancelled. Told her a BS story about money and stayed to help her. 

Even though it broke my heart, I figured she would do the same for me. We spent the rest of college hanging out almost every single day. I saw her more than my roommates. Right after graduation, her name disappeared from my Skype. I figured there must have been some glitch, and I called her. She didn't answer. I sent her a facebook message: no answer. A full day later, I got a reply. Essentially, she said that I was too immature for her and that she had never really been my friend. That if I had seen her as one, I had been dumber than she thought. Didn't even bother to call to end our friendship, I wasn't worth it to her.

But she had literally been worth the world to me.


34. No More Offer Next Time

The bus was full and I was sitting. A woman enters (40-ish years). As a 20 years old man I was thinking to myself: Hey I could offer my place to the lady. Ladies first.

So I get up and ask her if she wants my seat. Big mistake.

She looks at me as if I was a bucket of crap and says: ''What, am I that old?!'' At first I thought she was joking but she kept hammering me with such remarks until I reached destination (like 5 minutes later). I could see the face of the people going ''poor boy what have you done'' and from now on I'm having a hard time trying to be a gentleman.

I hear a lot of woman saying that ''gentlemanism'' is dead and that men are not considerate like before but it's with events like this that I am not encouraged to be a ''white knight'' or anything.


35. A Close Call

I was on a platform waiting the subway one time and was standing next to a mother who was on the phone and completely ignoring her child (who was in a stroller and probably like 3 years old). The kid managed to unbuckle himself and made a dash for the tracks. Like a ninja, I ran towards the kid and scooped him up right as he was about to fall in. 

The lady, still on her phone, yells out, "don’t you touch my baby! what are you, some kind of weirdo?!" I instantly feared for the well-being of this child. Best part of the story is that when the train got there, she couldn't lift the stroller onto it and gave me a look that said "you either help me, or you're the rudest man alive". 

I did, of course, because I grew up with my grandpa and he taught me to be a gentleman - but I hated it, and her too. Also, I was like 17 when this happened.


36. Will You Buy Me A Burrito?

I was going to Chipotle before going to a friend's party and there's a homeless man sitting outside.

He asked "will you buy me a burrito?" I thought, what the heck! And told him "sure, is a chicken burrito alright?" He goes "Sure". I start walking in and he stops me and goes "wait, not chicken, no meat, I'm a vegetarian." Okay, I can do that. I start going again he says "wait, extra guacamole, no corn, a little lettuce...." and keeps rambling specifics at me.

 At that point I turn and say, "you'll get what I come out with."

As I'm heading in again he says he wants "a coke, no bottle of water, wait diet coke..." At this point I just kept walking in. I bought him a vegetarian burrito — that's about the only part I stuck with — and I bought a coke and a bottle of water, one for him one for me. I get back outside and hand him his burrito and ask him if he wants the water or coke. After taking a few minutes he opts for the water so I hand it to him. As I'm walking away he mutters "I really wanted a diet coke..."

That is the last time I buy a homeless person a burrito!


37. Bothersome Man

I often chat up cashiers who look sad or upset at work. I feel bad for them and hey, I don’t think I'm a total douche, so a friendly word is nice sometimes. 

Well, I did that once and somehow that act translated into him being my "friend" and then we (my fiance at the time) couldn't get rid of him. Like constantly being attached. Checking my prescriptions at the pharmacy he worked in and saying "oh, I see you had an infection, doing ok bro? Need me to come hang out and cheer you up?"

Then things got progressively worse.

From inviting himself over at random times, putting me down as emergency contact for things he was doing "Oh, I just knew your phone number by heart so I put you down as my brother." Never taking hints to leave when he came over. He used me as a reference for a car his mom got and at random times when she missed a payment I would get calls about it. I was listed as a donor/sponsor for his girlfriend's kid for some some school fundraiser. I felt like dirt and gave money for the silly play because why punish the kids right? But crap.

Insane. Now my wife is convinced I should never say a kind word to any employees in retail because they will latch on and dig in.


38. To The Rescue

When I was 22, I was leaving a pizza place through the rear exit when I saw it. It's sort of a narrow hallway and saw a girl being mistreated by her boyfriend. He was holding her aggressively against a wall and repeatedly saying that he was "going to slit her throat." 

It was easy to see that she was terrified. My parents raised me to believe that you don't ever put your hands on a woman for any reason (except in extreme circumstances, obviously). So I stepped in. I told him that if he wants a fight he should step outside.

I should point out that I fought a lot in college. I'm not sure why, most likely all the drinking, but I was pretty good at it. He obliged me and stepped outside, at this point I was loudly telling him what I thought of men who intimidated women and even worse put their hands on them. This was after the bars had closed in a college town, so a crowd slowly gathered as I was getting in his face and encouraging him to hit me. I am 100% certain I would have kicked the crap out of this woman-beating douche.

However, I didn't expect what happened next. I got punched in the back of the head and two of his friends proceeded to help him out. 3 on 1, not so awesome. I was able to fend them off momentarily, but eventually I ended up on the ground being kicked. I got hurt pretty badly, then the police showed up, pulled them off of me and maced me. They then proceeded to arrest me for resisting arrest. That was the only charge... Resisting arrest.

Needless to say that was the last time I ever fist fought anyone, almost 7 years ago now. I understand that although my intentions were pure, my vigilante justice was stupid to say the least. At least the girl, who I did not know, was nice enough to bail me out of jail that night and thank me for sticking up for her.


39. She Shut Herself In

A friend of mine lost her husband and became so depressed she shut herself in and stopped paying rent for months.

So I ended up going down to stay with her for a month and a bit and paid her rent and tried to cheer her up. Unfortunately at about 1.5 months in I suggested her sitting around on the internet and moping was not productive. While I know the loss of her husband was devastating continuing to not pay rent to the old man who owned her house when he did so much for her was making me annoyed that she had no consideration for anyone else beside herself.

I suggested she at least attempt to get any kind of job so at least money was coming in and she wasn't making herself worse, but she gave me serious attitude. After that I just couldn't put up with 'princess' anymore she didn't seem to have any consideration for the older man who was so kind to her and I wasn't going to put up with her ignoring my serious act of kindness on my part. So I knew it was just best to leave her in her stuck up world until it got so bad she finally was forced to be responsible again.

The man who owned the house she lived in was a nice old fellow, retired, and basically put up with her not paying her rent for so long until I came and paid it. I was so angry after I left that her only concern was herself and nobody else, she didn't have any kind of sense of how she was being looked out for by those around her.


40. Third Wheel Went Wrong

My husband's sister has been cheating on her husband. For ten years, since day one of them being together. He’s clueless and thinks she is perfect in every way, forgives all her selfishness and doesn't see the horrible person the rest of us see. 

Well she gets pregnant with another dudes kid and she leaves him. But he, loving her so much, gives her a car and a monthly allowance to live on. So I call to comfort him and to tell him he’s basically rewarding her for leaving him and he asks me to tell him everything I know about all the guys and what she's done and for how long. 

So I do. I thought it was the right thing because he asked and wanted to know. She had confided in me a lot but I was disgusted by her now and was tired of keeping her secrets. He was thankful I had enough respect for him for him to finally get the truth. He confronted her and she admitted to everything and then called me to say I ruined her back up guy and that everything that's happening to her now is my fault.

It started a bunch of drama within the family and it's been easier for her side to blame me for her screwing all those guys. Later on though, she went back to him and gave the baby his last name and had him pay for all the bills only to leave him again and go after child support for the baby he claimed even though it is not his. Still this is blamed on me as the "drama starter". Wtf?! 


41. Knew From The Start

I immigrated to the US when I was 8 and use a good portion of my savings each year to donate to charity and help people to meet their basic needs whenever I go back to my native country. 

A few years ago I am staying at a relative's house in Dhaka, and family of five shows up outside the gates and delivers a really elaborate tale about how they are from a rural village and were robbed so they need money for the fare back home.

They were acting a little shifty and all of my relatives were saying its probably a scam, but I wanted to make a statement about how bad it was for urban/wealthier people to stereotype poorer rural people as con artists so I gave them all of my shopping money. 

Half an hour later I was travelling through the neighborhood and notice "the family" divvying up money in the alleyway next to the house. The women suddenly had taken off their rural garb and the dad no longer had bleeding bandages. I yelled at them and slowed the car down, only to have them throw rocks and scatter off. 

My relatives didn't stop making fun of me for acting like a dumb foreigner for weeks.


42. You Save Others But Who Saves You

My grandfather was a truck driver. Two Germans on vacation drove into the back of his rig while on the highway and did some serious damage. My grandpa pulled them out of there flaming wreck amd saved the one woman's life by preforming CPR until the ambulance arrived. When the police arrived two undercover cops came off the service entrance and claimed they saw the whole thing. They said he rammed them into the divider and drove them off the road. Both the Germans were unconcious, so it was his word versus to undercover police.

Who do you think the highway patrol sided with? 

My grandfather spent four days in prison until the German husband came to in the hospital and explained that he was at fault, and that he had hit my grandfather's truck while looking at his map while driving. 


43. Partners In Crime

A mutual friend of my husband was telling us a story of a young couple who were homeless and pregnant. Immediately, our heart strings were tugged upon. We met the couple, and they were just so sweet. After much discussion with my husband, we asked them to come stay in our spare bedroom. 

Our children loved them, (in fact, they would get upset when they left to run errands), my animals loved them, and we loved having them. They would help with housework, and would play with my kids for hours, giving them their undivided attention. I thought they would make amazing parents.

Well, enter reality. After 3 weeks, they began having insane screaming fits between each other. 2-3 o'clock in the morning, they would be in my front yard, literally screaming at each other. The young woman was absolutely psychotic. She got into her car, and tried to run her fiance over. When she couldn't do it, she laid on the horn for at least 5 minutes. I finally had to go out there and tell them to STFU, after my kids were hysterically crying, listening to the whole ordeal outside their window.

Long story short, a week after that, they robbed us blind. Took our children's Christmas money (we are pretty frugal/simple living folks. It took us almost all year to save up that money), and all of our medications.

My kids almost didn't have a Christmas. If it wasn't for my amazing Father, they would have woken up to an empty tree.


44. Cradle Robber

I was a kid in Michigan and there was this baby bird chirping on the ground. It looked wounded. So I went to try to pick it up and it just starting chirping like crazy and loud. I was probably about 5 and as soon as this happened a flock of birds took off from some trees about 25 yards from me and just came right at me. 

I took off running and screaming because they were literally coming after me. I was being attacked by birds.

 It was terrifying. We were at my Grandma's house and I am running and screaming and I am about two houses down and I see my uncle open the door to the house and yelling at me to run inside. 

He's just holding the door open. I run into the house and I am fine. I've never ever heard of something like this happening to anyone else. I'll never forget it. And knowing my uncle wasn't running outside to help but rather hold the door open so I can run straight in tells me it was pretty weird.


45. Trust No One

A few years ago the HR director at the hospital where I worked got fired. I don’t know why. He and I had been hanging out, and we'd gone to some fancy clubs where he always picked up the tab. I knew he didn't make that much (I did payroll), but thought what the heck - free food and booze.

One day he called me up and said he had a job interview in a town an hour north of us but his car was on the fritz, and could he borrow mine. I felt sorry for him and loaned it out. A couple days later I got a phone call telling me he'd been in an accident, but he'd be happy to pay for the damage. He dropped the car off with a crumpled front end, said he'd be in touch, and I never saw him again.

He'd been dating a girl in Medical Records at the hospital, and I got the story from her, since he'd apparently spilled to her. The man had gone to see his girlfriend - there was no interview - and tossed the keys to her teenage son to get rid of him so he could bang her. The kid got in a race with another dude and ran my car into a tree. When I realized the man had disappeared, I checked around and found out he was living with his parents in a nearby town. I called up all of his creditors (he'd never paid for all those expensive meals) and they were very glad to find out where he was.

I don't know why, but that experience didn't stop me from trusting people - but I am much more careful these days.