Girl Steals Parking Spot From Couple, Gets What She Deserves

Seeing Red

He began fuming as he heard the girls screeching and laughing behind his back. But when they called his name, a grin slowly started spreading on his face. Now he knew what to do.

Now it was his time to get some revenge. Taking one step forward, he had the perfect plan to teach those girls a lesson. And when the right time came, he didn’t hesitate.

Josh And Alice

Josh and Alice Berwick are a couple in their 30s living in Westerville, Ohio. Recently, they protagonized one of those stories of rightful revenge that leave a sweet taste in your mouth when you read them.

After knowing all the details of how it happened, one can’t help but root for the Berwicks and rejoice in how the chain of events turned out. This is how it happened:


The last few months hadn’t been easy on Josh and Alice. They both were swamped at their respective jobs. Most days, they would get home late in the evening and only have time to make dinner, sit down, and eat while mindlessly watching TV before going to bed.

Usually, they were just too exhausted to go out for dinner or even have any meaningful conversation in the last hours of the day. But there was something else that contributed to their general stress.


Alice had recently become pregnant. After almost one year of trying, the Berwicks had taken their last test three months ago and finally seen the two lines they had desired for so long.

They were absolutely elated when they learned that they were finally about to have their first child. However, the pregnancy came with new complications for the two of them.


As it often happens, pregnancy hit Alice with a whole bundle of changes, both in her body and her mind. Now, she had a harder time falling asleep, and she would suddenly feel really cold or really hot.

It was all worth it when she thought about the life she would soon deliver into the world. However, that night she would be struck by a different kind of symptom.


Alice and Josh were lying on the sofa in front of the TV, watching an old movie and exhausted after a long day of work. They had ordered dinner, as they were too tired to cook, and had just finished eating it in the living room.

But suddenly, Alice noticed something. She was still hungry, and she was seriously craving something sweet. Donuts, to be specific.

Night Escapade

She told her husband about it. After thinking for a while, Josh came up with an idea. “What if we get the car and go to the mall then? It’s 10 pm, so most donut joints are probably closed now. But I know about one over there that will probably stay open until late.”

Instantly, a wide smile spread on Alice’s face. This was the first time in months that they could bring themselves to make some plans to spend time together rather than just sitting in front of the TV. Little did she know what was waiting for them.

On Their Way

They both got up from the sofa and ran to the car, giggling and playfully pushing each other like high schoolers. It was raining, but they didn’t mind. Suddenly, they seemed to have been possessed by a cheerful frenzy as they started the car and took off to the mall.

After a few minutes, they finally arrived at the mall parking lot and started looking for an empty spot. And that’s when their problems started.

It Was Crowded

Surprisingly enough, the parking lot was absolutely crowded. Alice and Josh roamed around the rows until they finally saw an empty space. But as Josh was positioning the car to get into the parking spot, right before they could do anything about it, a small car full of loud, young girls appeared out of nowhere and swooped in. 

“Excuse me,” Josh said, rolling down his window. “We were about to park there.” One of the girls’ heads popped out the window. What she said next left Josh and Alice speechless.

“I Didn’t See Your Name”

“Oh yeah? I didn’t see your name on it!” the girl said. Her peers bursted out in laughter as they got out of the car and walked towards the mall at a staggering pace.

Josh and Alice were fuming inside their car. Now they had to find a solution fast. The donut shop was about to close. They started racking their brains until, finally, Josh thought of something. 

Acting Fast

“Quick, get on the wheel, drive towards the door and wait for me there. I’ll be right back,” Josh said as he got out of the car. He rushed to the mall, praying that the donut joint wouldn’t be closed by then. 

After running through the mall halls for a few minutes, short of breath, he arrived at the donut shop. Luckily enough, it was still open. But there was a problem.

He’d Have To Wait

There was a long line in front of Josh. He’d have to wait for at least four people to get their orders. And there weren’t that many donuts left on the counter. What could have happened to make so many people want donuts that day at such a late time?

But that wasn’t all. He was in for another unpleasant surprise. Suddenly, he heard something behind him that made blood boil in his veins. 


He heard some girls obnoxiously screeching and laughing behind him. He turned around, and he saw red: they were the same girls who had stolen their parking spot! Visibly intoxicated, they got right behind him on the line.

Right then, Josh realized something. That was his perfect chance to get some revenge on the rude pack. He grinned maliciously as the server at the counter yelled, “Next!”.


Josh stared at the roughly two dozen donuts that were left on the counter, savoring his imminent revenge. The girls behind him kept chattering obnoxiously. They didn’t know what was coming for them.

“Yeah, I want all of them, please,” Josh said, motioning his hand in a gesture encompassing the whole counter. Instantly, the yapping behind his back stopped. “What? You’re gonna take all of them? You can’t do that!” one of the girls screeched. Josh turned back and gave them a response they would never forget.

Sweet Revenge

“Oh yeah? I didn’t see your name on them,” he said with a grin. He listened to the girls complaining and wailing in delight as he watched the cashier fill two big boxes with all the donuts left.

They were more than Josh and Alice would be able to eat in a week; however, they would also taste sweeter than anything they had ever tried before, thanks to a perfect touch of rightful revenge. In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.