She Adopted A Dog In Need, But His Odor Led Her To Call The Police

What Did She Get Herself Into?

For Sale

Kelly had been searching Facebook when she found Rocco. He was being sold for $50 by the roommate of Rocco's owner, so she never did speak to the owner. Kelly really wanted Rocco, so she kind of just let it slide that she wasn't able to speak to the person responsible for the pup. She offered to buy Rocco and waited patiently for the day she could bring him home.

What's Wrong With Rocco?

Was It Something To Worry About?

There are a couple of reasons why a dog might smell bad. Obviously, one of those reasons is lack of hygiene. It was good possibility that Rocco hadn't had a bath. Another cause of bad odor in pups is the natural bacteria they produce in their paws; it kind of smells like Fritos! Maybe Kelly was a bit more sensitive to the smell, or maybe the smell was something that should alarm her.

What Could That Smell Be?

A Horrible Wound

On Rocco's chest, there was a huge gash, about 6 inches long and 1.5 inches deep. The injury was completely hidden by the harness, so Kelly hadn't noticed it. It was obvious that the smell was from the wound because it was badly infected. Rocco had to be taken to the vet as soon as possible.

Medical Attention Required

Rocco Was Neglected

The vet closely examined Rocco. She realized that his injury was caused by the harness he was wearing. The vet told Kelly that Rocco had most likely been wearing the harness since he was a puppy, and while he grew, the harness became embedded into his skin. Obviously, Kelly was extremely mad, so she called the woman who sold her Rocco.

She Panicked

Getting Help From Police

When the owner was contacted by the police and Kelly, he tried to say he had no idea where the injury came from. He said that he didn't even know that it was there. He claimed the harness was for Rocco's safety, so he didn't run away. It was too bad for him and his roommate that the court didn't believe them.

Justice Served

Bonded By Love

Rocco immediately loved Kelly, and now she couldn't imagine being without Rocco. “I have never felt this strong of a bond or this much love from any living thing,” she told AnimalKind. Even though Rocco was clear of any immediate danger, his wound was definitely not healed. His road to recovery would be slow, but he had his new mom there by his side.

Slow Recovery

A Voice For The Animals

Rocco eventually had the surgery he needed, and he healed up quite nicely. The pain that they experienced was finally behind them and they were able to enjoy their new life together. After a year, Rocco still has a scar on his chest, but regardless of that, Rocco is extremely happy and absolutely adores Kelly. And Kelly will always have his scar to remind her to speak up for animals.