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Shaq’s Yacht Is Intimidating And Expensive

With famous sports stars making huge paychecks, there are inevitable spending sprees that would give any normal person a heart attack.

Here are what some of the biggest names (including Curry, Mahomes, and O’Neal) splurge on. Hint: there are tigers on this list. 

Between him and his supermodel wife, the money seems to go to a lot of property investments.

He has luxury homes in Brookline, Massachusetts, Los Angeles and New York City. All of them are decked out with exactly what you’d expect – expensive furniture, insane entertainment systems, and plenty of space to throw an impressive party. 

The pro-golfer might have started as a struggling sportsman, but he seemed to have made up for that with huge spending sprees.

One item of note was the $40 million dollar mansion he bought in Florida … only to demolish it and then build a new house on the remains. 

This wide receiver put an enormous amount of money into his “super truck.”

The final price tag was nearly $100k but reality set in and he had to spend it … mostly because it only got seven miles per gallon of gas.

Since soccer is the most popular sport in the world, the best players make a mountain of money. But his wealth also comes from cleverly cashing in on his name with endorsements and investments.

He has a stunning villa in Italy and a New York loft that cost $18.5 million. Then there’s his large car collection, which includes a Bugatti Chiron – one of the most expensive cars in the world.

Between his career and recent comeback, the boxer has certainly raked int he dough.

The three tigers he keeps, that also appeared on the Hangover, aren’t the craziest things he’s bought. He got his first wife a bathtub that cost $2 million. How? We have no idea. Maybe pure gold trimmed with diamonds.

He’s known for his wild style, dating Madonna, and his friendship with Kim Jong-un.

But what many people don’t know is that his most prized possession is his heavy metal record collection. It takes up 2/3s of his $8.7 million-dollar mansion. He’s also said he would sell a kidney before parting with any of it. 

While the boxer has plenty of fast and expensive cars in his massive garage, it’s his private jet that make other sports stars green with envy.

It’s a Gulfstream G650 and has a long-range cruise speed of 650mph. It has leather seats, a large bed, built-in entertainment system, and even an on-call masseuse to join him whenever he beckons. 

Curry loves watches … like … LOVES them – enough to spend millions on just that one habit.

Then there is a luxury mansion for his family and a condo for his wife – with lounge bard, huge dining room, and marble baths. He also spends a lot on charities as well as being a movie producer. 

Shaq might have vowed to be more careful with his money after his first million-dollar spending spree, but that promise didn’t last long.

His intimidating yacht, the Shaqapulco, cost $130 million! It can hold up to 24 guests and 40 people on board – including staff. It has a spa pool, retractable roof, fully stocked bar, two hot tubs, piano, and chandelier.

The MVP NFL player carried his team to a Superbowl victory – so his high salary is no surprise. But coupled with his many product endorsements, he rakes in some serious cash.

He bought a $1.9 million mansion in 2019 that also had a huge amount of renovations after purchase. He has a room dedicated to show off his 180-shoe collection – including every coveted pair of addidas collectables. Then there are watches and cars that could feed a small country.

Big sports stars seem to love their boats because Michael Jordan also has a super yacht, called Joy, that came in at a crippling $80 million. 

It boasts a deck jacuzzi, gum, dining room, full basketball court, and has eight luxery cabins that are accessible by lift. Oh, and each one has its own rain shower. 

This golfer might have been able to wow people on the greens, but off of them, he often rubbed people the wrong way.

He also had a gambling problem that set him back between $50-60 million – with on visit to the 5k slot machines draining his bank account by $1.5 million. Not all major spenders make wise investment. 

After retiring at a “young age” – at least by sports star years – she used part of her $200 million to fulfil a childhood dream of buying a red Ferrari.

It was even in a childhood letter to herself – along with the advice that rewarding yourself is okay, as long as you’re not doing long-term financial damage.

He might be known for that one particular locker room incident, but his spending is also part of widespread rumors.

This includes landscaping for his home, a crazy-expensive train set, and …. a shark tank …for his pet shark. Yep, you heard that right.


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