Woman Leaves House To Neighbor, He Drops To His Knees When He Looks Inside

New House

 John looked at the old house with familiarity. He had done so much work on the house, he's fixed windows, retiled the kitchen and countless other things. 

He was still stunned. He could not believe that the place belonged to him now. He opened the door and stepped inside his new property. John noticed something strange on the table, and once he recognized it, tears started streaming down his cheeks. 


Judith Almadovar lived in rural Alaska for her entire life. She was 89-years-old and content with her life. She adored the beautiful landscapes and how quiet the area got at night. She despised the city and was content with her simple life.

She and her husband had been married for nearly 70 years and they had two beautiful children. They were all grown up and out of the house, and Judith and her husband lived alone in their big house. Things were perfect until something horrible happened. 


Willie, Judith's husband passed away suddenly after falling ill with pneumonia. Judith was heartbroken. 

Judith never prepared for Willie's death, despite their age. She chose to believe that she would deal with it when the time comes. She could not accept his death and did not know what to do now that he was gone. 

Won't Leave

Judith's children did not enjoy growing up in rural Alaska. They wanted to live in the big city and moved to Washington as soon as they could. 

After Willie passed, Judith's children asked her if she wanted to move in with them. Judith could not imagine living anywhere but rural Alaska, so she politely declined. Her daughters will never understand why she loved living there, only Willie did. 

Together Forever

Judith and her family moved to Alaska when she was five years old, and she met Willie on her first day of school. 

Willie built a one-bedroom cottage with his own hands on a family member's ranch to provide them with a place to dwell. But what was supposed to be a temporary solution developed into a more permanent situation. 

Let It Go

When Willie passed away, the house he built had been fixed for  what felt like a thousand times. It was also a source of contention for Judith's daughters.

They tried to encourage her to tear down the house and to go and live in Washington with them. Judith couldn't do it because she couldn't bear it. She did not know how to take care of the house now that she was alone, but she knew she would make a plan. 

Kind Neighbors

Judith was lucky enough to be friends with her kind next-door neighbors. After they learned of Willie's passing, they offered to help her keep up the house.

They weren't able to do constant labor to keep the house livable as they were also quite old. They also did not have the time to, as they had their own share of problems. 


The neighbors had a son named John. After years of being homeless, the 25-year old decided to move back in with his parents. John however, did not find the small town charming at all. 

John was desperate for independence but finding a job in such a small town was impossible. Was John the answer to Judith's conundrum? 

Young And Strong

John was only 25 years old, so he had more stamina and strength than his parents. Therefore, he told Judith that he would be able to help her with the house. He repaired so many broken things, like the shutters, the leaky roof and the broken oven. He really did make Judith feel more comfortable. 

Judith wanted to compensate John for his hard work, but he refused to take her money. He owed her a lot more than money after all...

Small Community

The small community was tight-knit, so once John moved to town, the whole town knew he had been homeless. People always looked at him funny and whispered when he walked around town. People called him horrible names such as bum and leech. Because of this, the town's people refused to give him a job.

Judith and Willie, however, always treated him with kindness and respect. They frequently invited John over for dinner. John always felt welcome in their house, and to repay their kindness John made a promise to ensure that Judith was taken care of. But he had no way of knowing what fate had in store for him.

Special Bond

John kept his word and took care of Judith. He picked up her groceries, cleaned up her house, and kept up with all the repairs. Judith loved his company, and their bond grew stronger. 

Although John wouldn’t take Judith's money, she tried to repay him in other ways. She’d knit him scarves, repair his clothes, and cook him dinner every night. But not everyone was pleased with the arrangement.


John’s parents were not happy when they found out that he’d been working for Judith for free. They wanted him to find gainful employment so he could start contributing to the household bills - after all, they had been supporting him for years now. 

They were furious when they found out that he couldn’t look for a job because he was spending so much time at Judith’s house. Something had to give.


John’s parents decided enough was enough. They gave him an ultimatum: find a job or get out

While John understood their dilemma, he was shocked to learn that they did not approve of him helping Judith. Judith was well-loved in the community, and she’d always go out of her way to help anybody else. He was faced with an impossible decision.

Moving Out

John had made his decision. He packed his bags to go and live on the street again. Of course, his parents didn’t want to see their son homeless again, but they weren’t willing to support him either. 

There were no opportunities in rural Alaska for a man like him, so he decided to go back to the city and leave everything behind. But what about Judith?

Trying To Get By

Without John, Judith struggled to get by. Her daughters kept insisting that she should leave it all behind and move to Washington, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. 

She had so many happy memories in this old house - it was all she had left. If she left, she would be leaving Willie and a part of herself, too. But, after just three weeks, something happened that made the decision for her.