Producers Reveal Why Andrew Lincoln Is Leaving 'The Walking Dead' Amongst Other Hidden Details

20. The Flesh The Zombies "Eat" Is Actually Ham Soaked In Vinegar

Since 2010, The Walking Dead has been making headlines with its zombie slaying, suspense building story plots. You may think you're an expert on the show, but we found 20 facts most people — including you— don't know.

Fair warning, there may be spoilers involved. Also, click through to find out why Andrew Lincoln is talking about leaving the show after the 9th season of 'The Walking Dead'!

19. Norman Reedus Originally Auditioned To Play The Role Of Merle

Not that it sounds any more appetizing, but it's good to know no humans were harmed during these scenes.

Imagine a world where Norman Reedus didn't play the part of Daryl Dixon, and instead played the role of Daryl's brother, Merle.

18. The First Scene Involving Michonne Was Not Actually Actress Danai Gurira

As most fans know, Merle's character was short-lived on the show compared to crossbow wielding Daryl.

Danai Gurira was not yet casted as Michonne when her character was first introduced.

17. The Word “Zombie” Is Never Said During The First Four Seasons

That explains why her face was hidden during this scene.

This is because “zombies” don’t exist in The Walking Dead world.

16. Andrea Survives In The Comics, And She And Rick Are Lovers

The characters don’t understand the situation of the living dead because zombie movies don’t exist in their world, which explains why they didn’t know to shoot them in the head in order to “kill” them in the beginning of the series.

Talk about a plot twist! Fans were saddened by the loss of Andrea, but she's alive and well in the comics.

15. There Are Several References To ‘Breaking Bad’ In The Series

In fact, she and Rick are lovers!

The bag of drugs Daryl finds includes blue meth, which is a subtle reference to Breaking Bad.

14. The Missing Walkers' Arms Are Made Using A Green Screen

The red car Glen drives in the first season is also a reference to the Dodge Challenger used in Breaking Bad.

13. The Zombie Noises Are Added In Post-Production

The actors who played Michonne's armless walkers wore green screen gloves to hide their arms.

The extras who play the role of zombies don't actually make noises, and instead their grunts and groans are added in after filming.

12. Character Dale's Guts Were Made From Chicken Breasts In His Death Scene

However, some zombie actors may make a few sounds to help them play the part.

11. Realistically Eating People Was One Of The Hardest Things For Actors Playing Zombies To Master

All those gory guts were actually chicken breasts— not that it makes it any less gross.

One "walker" said devouring human flesh was one of the hardest things to get down. "But then when you eat someone you have to look like an animal devouring prey. You can’t look like you have any specific motive or where you’re going to take a bite.

10. The Walkers Continue To Decompose More And More Each Season

You’re just blindly eating prey. That’s something that I wanted to get right, making it look very animalistic and not human at all. I wasn’t making choices a human would make."

9. The Mouse Lizzie Uses To Feed A Zombie Is Made Of Gelatin And Jelly

The producers want it to look as real as possible, and that includes deteriorating zombies.

In season four, the "mouse" Lizzie feeds to a zombie is actually made of only edible ingredients.

8. Carl Was Really Eating Chocolate Pudding During This Rooftop Scene

Of course, the "zombie" wouldn't really put a live mouse in his mouth!

7. People Actually Called The Police When Merle Was Shooting From A Rooftop In Season One

By the time filming wrapped, actor Chandler Riggs “absolutely hated pudding” following the scene involving the 112-ounce can of the stuff.

6. Rick’s Hand Get Cuts Off In The Comic, But Not In The Show Because It Would Be Too Complicated

The SWAT team was called in as people thought Merle was really an active shooter.

5. Both NBC And HBO Passed On Airing The First Episodes

It would take too much computer-generated imagery to edit his scenes and would also negatively impact his action scenes.

Surprisingly enough, AMC was not the first choice of producer Gale Anne Hurd.

4. Green Screens, Blue Screens, And Other Tricks Are Used To Create Realistic Looking Scenes

She first approached NBC and HBO, but both networks passed on the show claiming it was too violent.

3. The Actors Who Play Zombies Are Told To Act As If They're Leaving A Bar At 2 AM

Such as this tights-wearing zombie and scary cliff drop.

2. Carol's Husband Doesn't Exist In The Comic Book Version

This makes sense once you think about how the walkers stumble and fumble around.

1. None Of The Walkers Blink

While Carol's abusive husband plays a major role in defining her character for the TV series, he is never mentioned in the comic books.

Any blinking done by zombies is edited out in post production.