Secrets About "Sweetheart" Carrie Underwood You Probably Want To Know

Carrie Underwood was a small-town Oklahoma girl who made her big break on American Idol, when she won the contest on season four. Since then, Carrie Underwood has taken the country hostage with her incredible vocals! While the singer seems to be open to talking about anything from family to diet to workouts, there are still some things that the superstar has tried to keep hidden from fans!

She Had 40-50 Stitches In Her Face

Underwood revealed that she suffered severe damage to her face after falling in her home. Due to the many stitches she had to have in her face, her face looks very different from before. She has told fans on an Instagram post that, "I am determined to make 2018 amazing and I want to share things with you along the way. And when I am ready to get in front of a camera, I want you all to understand why I might look a bit different."

Many are Saying She's Trying To Hide Getting Surgery

Many fans are suspicious about Underwood's story about the stitches in her face after seeing this particular photo. Apparently, this fan ended up working out alongside Carrie Underwood a month after her accident and asked her to take a picture with her. Underwood did take a picture with her and fans were surprised to see she looks...totally fine. Because of the angle, you can't see a small part of her face which was confusing to fans due to the facial injuries she apparently received during her fall. It's possible that the accident happened on the side of her face that isn't seen by the camera. The phrasing of Underwood's post saying she might look, "different", and not scarred makes fans question whether she was just attempting to hide cosmetic surgery on her face.

She Kissed a Twelve Year-Old Boy

Underwood faced backlash after the 29 year-old bestowed a 12 year-old boy with a kiss on the lips on stage during one of her concerts after seeing his sign asking her to be his first kiss.

She Has a Feud With T-Swift

In 2012, Carrie joked about Taylor's love life on stage during the 2012 Country Music Awards referring to her romance with Conor Kennedy by saying, "The greatest trade of the year had to be the Kennedy family. They somehow traded Arnold Schwarzenegger for Taylor Swift." Apparently, there had never been any love between Swift and Underwood and it is reported that Underwood rubs Taylor, "the wrong way." It was later admitted that during the 2013 Grammys, they wanted to sit as far away from each other as possible. Since then, it is revealed that following the breakup between DJ, Calvin Harris and Swift, Underwood was heard badmouthing their supposed "faux-mance." There has been no news about whether the two have reconciled since then.

Beef With Faith?

On the night of the 40th Annual Country Music Association Awards, Carrie was nominated and won "Best female Vocalist of the Year" against Faith Hill. When they announced that Carrie Underwood was the winner, Faith Hill yelled "WHAT?!" to the camera and stormed off. That night, Carrie added two awards to her collection. Carrie Underwood has won a total of 116 awards during her career.

Oklahoma Officer Breaks his Neck and Carrie Responds

A Checotah, Oklahoma Police Officer broke his neck when he was crushed by a truck along with many other severe injuries. According to the Go Fund Me page started for the officer, it says that, "Injuries he suffered from are broken neck, and too many staples to count on his head. He went under surgery last night and the vertebrae’s affected were c3-t2. His spine was bruised but still waiting and watching as of now. He cannot feel from chest down, Legs nothing.” When Underwood found out about this news it saddened her, and she realized that she had been childhood friends with the officer. She donated $10,000 to the Go Fund Me page.

American Idol Love Triangle

It was reported that during the final episodes of season 4, Carrie was stuck in a love triangle with the other two finalists! After dumping her hometown sweetheart, Drake Clark, in the middle of the competition she won the affections of Bo Bice and Anthony Fedorov.

Her Rendition Of Maria Had Mixed Reviews

Underwood starred as Maria Von Trapp in NBC's live rendition of The Sound Of Music and although her acting was described as "lifeless", "amateur", and "lacking emotion", the production brought in over 18 million live viewers. This had been one of the biggest Thursday night audiences NBC had ever recorded besides the 2004 finale of Frasier.

Remember When She Dated Chace Crawford?

Many years ago, you could usually catch Underwood on the arm of Chace Crawford who starred as Nate Archibald on the hit show Gossip Girl. The two eventually split up when he broke up with her over a quick phone call.

She Was Chosen By The King

It was revealed by Grammy Awards executive producer, Ken Ehrlich that Michael Jackson was a big fan of Underwood, and he hand picked her to perform during his 2010 tribute at the Grammys.

She Gave Stevie Nicks a Run For Her Money

Stevie Nicks has admitted to Underwood that she was glad she "wasn't around when we joined Fleetwood Mac because I think you would have won the lottery on that one, and I would have been back to being a waitress.”

She Became The Youngest Member Of The Grand Ole Opry

For those of you who aren't a fan of country music, the Grand Ole Opry is a majorly big deal in the country music industry. It is a huge prestigious honor to be inducted into the Opry, and there are countless country stars who haven't had that opportunity. Carrie Underwood became the youngest member to be inducted back in 2008 by Garth Brooks when she was only 28 years old.

She Did Red Carpets With Braces

She once told People Magazine that, "I had to get braces more than once. I actually had them on the bottom for like three months while I was doing red carpets, but no one knew-so I felt like I had a secret."

She Has A...Uhm Deformity?

Underwood revealed during her audition for American Idol that she was born with a birthmark that turned out to be a third nipple. To this day nobody knows why she felt the need to tell everyone on national television this information.

Simon Cowell Was Rooting For Her

After hearing Underwood's rendition of "Alone" by Heart, he predicted that Underwood would not only win the competition, but she would outsell all previous winners of the show.

She Almost Gave Up On Singing

Despite Underwood's amazing voice, she gave up on the idea of being a singer by the time she was in college, and figured that it made more sense to pursue a regular career. She decided to get a degree in Communications from Northeaster State University with an emphasis in journalism.

She Got College Credit From American Idol

For Carrie Underwood, being on American Idol counted as a college credit for a her Degree at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma seeing as she was still only a junior. She told People Magazine, "I've obviously done enough with TV, there was my internship right there."

She Almost Had a Record Deal at 14

When Carrie Underwood was 14 years-old, she traveled to Nashville to audition for Capitol Records. Although the label was impressed with her vocal talent, a change in management derailed penning a deal.

She Had a Humble Start

Carrie Underwood's mother would sew the singer's outfits from material she purchased at Wal-Mart and her family STILL lives in the house that Carrie grew up in. Looks like Underwood has come a long way, now sporting $30 million dollars worth of diamonds around her neck.

Her First Job Was At a Gas Station

Underwood told Refinery 29 that she was first employed at a gas station near her small town in Oklahoma, she's admitted that since then, she's never been back.

Her Wedding Was Pricey

Very often in the entertainment industry, many stars gravitate towards someone in their corner of the industry. However, Carrie Underwood didn't fall for another country star, she fell for a hockey player. Both Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher have demanding careers, travel frequently, and have tons of demands placed upon them by fans and the press. They also had a super-sized wedding and it was rumored their overall costs was $500,000.

She's Been Vegetarian For Over 20 Years

Carrie Underwood is known to be a huge animal lover. She's been outspoken about her passion for animals since she came into the lime light, so it's no shock that she's been a vegetarian for over 20 years. When Underwood was 13 years old, she realized she could no longer eat the creatures she loved so much, and she hasn't wavered her belief since.

She's A Huge Fan Of Horror

Given her bubbly personality and positive attitude, it comes as a shock that the star is such a huge fan of the horror genre. She's said that she loves everything from Stephen King novels to the latest horror blockbuster.

She Loves The Smell Of Skunk

One of the weirdest things about Carrie Underwood is that she loves the smell of skunk. Everyone who has been sprayed or had their pet sprayed can probably disagree.

She Hates Valentine's Day

Unlike many people who play into the huge romantic antics of Valentine's day, Carrie Underwood doesn't buy into that. She's gone on the record to say that she strongly disliked Valentine's day because regardless of the day, she loves her husband and loves their date night adventures.

She Had A Black Eye During Her Graduation

The day before her high school graduation, she got hit in the face during a softball game and got a black eye that wouldn't go away. There's a lot that can be done with make-up, but apparently the naturally gorgeous Underwood just wasn't a pro when it came to concealer.

She Only Drinks Three Things

Underwood has shared that she only drinks water, coffee and red wine. She shared that water is a necessity for her health, coffee is a fantastic jump start and energy boost and red wine-because everyone deserves to indulge.

Before American Idol She Had Never Been On a Plane