School Expels Teen Over Outfit, Regrets It When They See Who Mom Is

When Melissa McKinlay found out her daughter was sent home because of her outfit, she was livid. No one was allowed to treat her precious child this way. But, once she heard the whole story, she knew she had to teach the school staff a lesson. 

Soon, they would regret messing with the McKinlay family. 

The Day Of

It was an ordinary September morning when Melissa's daughter woke up to go to school. She made some breakfast and picked out an outfit for the day. 

When she entered her history class, one of the school administrators approached her and pulled her out of class. Melissa's daughter was confused. As far as she knew, she hadn't done anything wrong. 


The school administrator then handed her a note explaining that she was suspended for the rest of the day. According to the letter, the girl's outfit was inappropriate and violated the school's dress code. 

Melissa's daughter couldn't believe what she was hearing. There was nothing wrong with her outfit, or so she thought.

Ripped Jeans

You see, Melissa's daughter was wearing ripped jeans that day. She liked them a lot, and they were in fashion at the moment. Melissa was furious after hearing her daughter's story. 

She took it to Facebook to express her frustration. "My daughter wore a pair of jeans today to school. They had a hole in the knee," she wrote.

The Reason

"In the middle of a quiz in her History class, a male administrator came into the classroom," Melissa continued.

In the Facebook post, Melissa stated that the administrator said that “she needed to consider the guys in her class and their hormones when choosing her wardrobe.”

She Missed An Entire Day Of School

Her daughter was then pulled from the history class. "Not only did she miss an entire day of core classes," Melissa wrote. "But she couldn't finish her quiz."

Melissa knew she needed to teach them a lesson. But what could she do about it?


Melissa uploaded a photo of the jeans her daughter was wearing that day, explaining that it was just a case of male "sexism."

Melissa felt that the school administrator needed to be suspended  for humiliating her child and "victim-blaming." But what the school administration didn't know was that Melissa was in a position of power, a position much higher than the school administration. 

A Mother With Power

The school would soon regret suspending Melissa's daughter after learning just how powerful her mother was. 

Melissa was the mayor of Palm Beach County and also a member of the District Six council. She was not someone to mess with.  

A Violation Of The Rules

As mayor, Melissa wasn't afraid of big corporations and educational institutes. She wanted to hold the administrator accountable for his sexist actions and behavior. 

She knew that her daughter wearing ripped jeans to school was not the real issue. 

Tear Police

According to Melissa, the administrator's job was not to be the "tear police." She was aware that ripped jeans were against the school rules. What bothered her the most was the explanation of why her daughter shouldn't wear them. 

But what did other people think of the incident?


Many people wondered what the problem was. It was clear that her daughter's outfit was against the school policy and girls and boys had the same dress code. 

They believed any other child would have been punished for the same offense.

The Real Issue

However, Melissa believes it all came down to respect and how the school administration treated her daughter. 

She was okay with her child being suspended for the day for breaking the school rules, but she was not okay with her child being told that she was the reason that the male students in her class couldn't concentrate in class.

Not Responsible 

Melissa's daughter was not responsible for her male classmates' hormones in any way. 

She was just a teenager who wore ripped jeans to school, not a mini skirt or dress. In Melissa's opinion, this was ridiculous. 

Who Is Really Responsible?

In her Facebook post, Melissa wrote: “I’m sorry, but, EXCUSE ME? Perhaps my daughter should have worn a different pair of jeans."

"But why should she have to worry about dressing a certain way to curtail a boy’s potential behavior?"

Not Her Fault

"So, like, it's her fault if the boy touches her because of what she was wearing?"

Do you agree with Melissa?