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Ryanair Passenger Pays Extra For ‘Window Seat’ But Soon Discovers A Huge Problem

Marcos Molina turned to social media to express his frustration with Ryanair. He had tried to make his flight from Berlin to Ireland as enjoyable as possible and decided to pay extra for a window seat. 

But when he saw his seat, he immediately knew he had been fooled. 

When Marcos boarded the plane for his flight, he walked down the aisle looking for his seat number. 

It took him a few minutes to find his seat. But when he looked at it, he immediately saw that there was no window there. 

While he had paid extra for the window seat, Marcos discovered that the window he was supposedly sitting at was, in fact, missing. 

There was nothing but a blank grey wall beside his seat, and the only window nearby was the one behind his head. 

As soon as Marcos landed, he took a photo of his “window seat” and uploaded it to Twitter. 

‘The window seat I paid for, for my flight to Dublin. Refund? #travelfails,'” he wrote. Marcos, understandably upset, demanded a refund from the company. But would he get it? 

If you wish to sit next to a window or have extra legroom on your Ryanair flight, you have to pay extra. Customers usually pay an additional  £20 for the legroom. 

Marcos paid extra for his return journey as he had booked the exact same seat for his round trip. And now, he wanted his money back. 

Marcos explained that he decided to pay extra for his seat because he thought it would help him feel ‘more comfortable’ on a ‘cramped’ flight.

Needless to say, he was furious when he discovered he paid extra for nothing. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to see the seats which have windows beside them when using the Ryanair website. 

Customers can only hope that they get what they pay for.

The airline claims the customers are advised that there are no windows. 

‘There are three seats on all Boeing Next Generation 737-800s that do not have windows. Customers who choose to purchase these seats are advised of this fact during the booking process on the website,” said a Ryanair spokesperson.

According to Marcos, “It’s super annoying because the whole point of paying extra is to get those little upgrades.”

“You know, you pay more to be more comfortable, or at least as comfortable as it can be on a cramped plane.”

Marcos isn’t happy with Ryanair’s customer service, especially after paying extra for nothing. 

So, did Ryanair send him a refund?

Marcos said he won’t give up without a fight and will keep asking the airline for his money back. 

His tweet is rapidly going viral on social media. People from all over the world have shown support for Marcos. 

Ryanair warns passengers not to pick seats 11A, 11F, or 12F if they want to sit by the window during the flight. 

However, some annoyed passengers have still taken to social media to complain about the airline. Another traveler named Hamilton Morroy also tweeted a photo of his Ryanair seat. 

“I have to say, I’m loving the view from my Ryanair window seat,” he wrote below a picture of a plain cabin wall. 

“I paid for a window seat… and there was no window. I would like that money back. Thanks,” passenger Chelsea Deborah tweeted. 

One passenger even drew the window himself on his phone, saying: “I’ve fitted a temporary one for this flight only! I’ll wait to hear back from you.”

But Ryanair isn’t the only company that has this problem. 

Other airlines such as British Airways and Easyjet also have the same problem. But the customers aren’t warned when booking the window seat. 

Do you think Marcos should get his money back?


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