Boy Claims He Lived On Mars In Past Life, Brings Warning About Earth's Future

Special Boy

She knew he was a special boy ever since he was born. The things he could do were clearly very advanced for his age, so the mother reached out to experts to take a look at her son.

But when he started talking about what he knew about outer space, researchers were captivated by what the young man had to say.

Painless Labor

Nadezhda Kipriyanovich gave birth to her son Boris in 1996 in the Russian town of Volzhsky, and from the very first moment she laid eyes on him, she knew he was different.

"It all happened so fast, I did not even feel any pain,” Nadezhda said of the unusual birth. But aside from the apparent easy labor, there was something especially curious about the way baby Boris looked at her.

Strange Look

“When they showed the baby to me, the boy was looking at me with a grown-up look,” said Nadezhda, unaware at the time that her son would offer a stunning explanation for this when he was older.

Nadezhda worked as a pediatrician herself, so was well aware that it wasn’t normal for a baby to focus on someone like that. But when she got him home, she claimed the anomalies continued.

Precocious Child

Boriska - as his mother called him, meaning “little Boris” - reportedly starting speaking at just eight months old and was able to utter complete phrases while other children of his age were still forming basic sounds. He didn’t cry much and rarely got sick.

By the age of one and a half years, he could read, draw and paint. Researchers would later determine that Boris displayed a genius intellect, but the boy himself would claim there was more to it.

Off The Charts

Boris’ kindergarten teacher agreed that his writing, language, and memory skills were off the charts.

Nadezhda said it seemed like Boris felt very alone in the world. "I had a very weird feeling that we were like aliens to him, with whom he was trying to establish contact," she said. But his mother didn’t know the half of it.

Righteous Indignation

As he grew older, Nadezhda decided it would be prudent to get him baptized. When young Boris walked past people, he would condemn them for their “sins”, warning them against drugs and adultery.

His drawings of people depicted a strange blue and purple aura around them, and Nadezhda started to wonder if he really could see inside their souls. Boris also had some ominous predictions about the future of the planet.

Forward Thinking

While being a shy boy, Boris wasn’t afraid to reveal his predictions for the future. In fact, he soon became a local celebrity in his hometown with tales of what was yet to come.

Boris claims the Earth is set to face a threat like no other in history, and the reason why was even harder for researchers to wrap their heads around.

Starry Eyed

Boris’ mother claims she never taught him a thing about astronomy, but Boris was able to wax lyrical about Mars, the solar system, and alien life.

"At first, I found it very frightening,” she said. “I thought that my son was out of mind, but then I decided to check if those names really existed. I took some books on astronomy and I was shocked to find out that the boy knew so much about this science." Then he dropped a bombshell that defied logic.

The Martian

When Boris explained how he knew all this, the story blew up. The youngster claimed that he was from Mars and that he had served as a pilot during a space civil war.

And when a Russian journalist sat down with Boris to confirm his claims, it was hard not to at least be captivated by the outlandish things he was saying.

Time And Space

“Did you really live on Mars as people say around here?” the journalist asked. 

“Yes, I did. It is true,” Boris replied. “The Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine. We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on planet Earth on triangular aircraft.” And he had more to offer on the state of the planet right now.


“Is there life on Mars now?” the journalist asked.

Boris claimed his fellow Martians were wiped out in a nuclear war thousands of years ago, and the reason he came to Earth was to warn the planet of a similar fate. “But Martian people still live there under the ground. They breathe carbonic gas. They are very tall, taller than seven meters. They possess incredible qualities,” the boy added. But while science can’t confirm the claims, some were quick to label him an “Indigo Child.”

Indigo Child?

Boris says he is not the only child from Mars living on Earth, claiming they’re all on a mission to save our planet and stop the same thing happening here.

According to the young Russian, the children are allegedly reincarnated souls, which some theorists refer to as "Indigo Children" and possess supernatural abilities - like some of the fantastical things Boris recounted.

Live Forever

"Many Martians are immortal," says Boris, despite the fact that they had been wiped out. "And don’t age past 35 years old."

On top of all these claims by the boy genius, he also hinted that the key to the salvation of planet Earth lies in Egypt - and he was curiously specific about where it could be found.

Secrets Of Egypt

According to Boris, the Great Pyramid of Giza hides a secret that will change the course of Eath once unlocked.

“Human life will change when the Sphinx is opened. It has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear. I do not remember exactly,” claims Boris. And there’s at least one person who believes he’s telling the truth.

Fact Or Fiction?

Nadezhda believes that Boris - now 21 - was telling the truth. "When we showed our boy to a variety of scientists, including ufologists, astronomers, and historians, all of them agreed that it would be impossible to make all those stories up," she said.

Proof of the existence of alien life? A boy with a loose grasp on reality? Or simply a tall tale for attention?