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Rumors About Famous Rock Stars You Won’t Believe Are Actually True

Rock ‘n’ roll has given us many many things over the last few decades. It hasn’t only given us entertainments and great songs, it’s also given us scandals upon scandals, turning artists into entertaining figures. Despite the bad rep that it has with drugs, alcohol, and sex, there’s no denying that these artists are still the most celebrated musicians to this day. For you rock ‘n’ roll fans, here’s fascinating rumors about your favorite (or least favorite) rock ‘n’ roll artists that are surprisingly true!

Charles Manson Wrote For The Beach Boys

You probably know the beach boys as being all-American, fun loving beach band, but at one point they were close with the famous cult leader, Charles Manson. After Manson was released from his second lock up in prison in 1967, he tried to make it in the music business. One of his songs happened to catch the attention of Dennis Wilson, and he decided to record it. The two of them became close friends and Manson even spent some time at Wilson’s home before his strange behavior got him thrown out. Very soon after that, he became the cult leader that we recognize today.

Michael Jackson Wrote Music For Sonic The Hedgehog

Yes, this is true, the King of Pop had so many hits that he’s one of the biggest known musicians of all time. One Michael mega fan noticed that the background music for the video game Sonic 3 sounded similar to Jackson’s style. After some digging, and the rumor mill went crazy, composers confirmed that MJ did in fact contribute to the soundtrack.

Tupac’s Friends Smoked His Ashes

Have you ever thought about what you would like to happen to your body after you pass? Many of us have considered whether we wanted to cremated and turned into a nice urn for out loved ones. Some have considered turning themselves into a memorial tree in order to contribute to a beautiful garden. However, according to some members of Tupac’s rap posse, they ended up putting his ashes into a joint and blazing it. Apparently, the idea came from a lyrics Tupac rapped in “Black Jesus” where he said, “Last wishes, , smoke my ashes.”

The Bassist Of The Rolling Stones Fell In Love With A 13 Year-Old

You’ve probably heard of The Rolling Stones, you know, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Ronnie Wood. However, bassist Billy Wyman, who played in the band up until 1993, looks like he has a few skeletons in his closet. When he was 52 years old, he married 18 year-old Many Smith. The pair had apparently been dating since Smith was just 13 years old. According to those near her, they consummated their relationship when she was 14, making this relationship….well illegal. The marriage was short-lived and the pair divorced in 1991.

Led Zeppelin Used A Fish On a Groupie

It’s never been a secret that rock stars love to party. This was especially true during the “Summer of love”, the 60s and 70s. In July of 1969, the band was staying at Seattle’s Edgewater Inn and they indulged in a spot of fishing from their balcony. Later on, when things started to get a little wild, members of the band inserted the fish they caught into certain….areas of a certain groupie. What a way to end a show.

Jerry Lewis Married His 13 Year-Old Cousin

In 1958, while Elvis was being drafted into the military, Jerry Lewis was set to fill his shoes as the biggest rock n roll star. However, his personal life quickly put a stop to that. He married Myra Gale Brown, who was the 13-year-old daughter of his first cousin right before he was due to set out on a European tour. When his fans found out about the news, they were disgusted and ravaged the stages. His reputation slowly recovered, but it took years to do so.

Bowie and Jagger Had a Wild Affair

Bowie was an unseen force in the music scene. Nobody had ever seen anything like him before. The gender-fluid-taboo-breaking musician was obviously the center of a dozen rumors. There was one rumor in which he was once found in bed naked with Mick Jagger. Bowie’s first wife, Angie rocked the boat when she claimed she stumbled in on her husband and the singer of The Rolling Stones in a very compromising position. However, she later claimed they were both passed out and not engaging in any sort of sexual acts. Yeah….sure…

Steven Tyler Adopted His Girlfriend

In 1975, the wild Steven Tyler from Aerosmith actually convinced the parents of his 14-year-old girlfriend to give him guardianship so he could take her on tour with the band. The couple had a three year relationship that ended up having a bunch of negative effects on the teenager. She was introduced to alcohol and all kinds of drugs, she even got pregnant and had an abortion with the relationship to fall apart soon after.

Ozzy Osbourne Snorted Ants

During Osbourne’s early years, he was known for his wild and out of control antics on (and off) the stage. He was also known to be a drug-fueled mess. While he was on tour with Motley Crue, he got into a game of truth or dare with Nikki Sixx. The pair battled it out until Ozzy snorted a line of ants crawling near them. He was soon after declared the winner.

Prince Was A Working Jehovah’s Witness


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