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Rude Customer Calls Police On Target Employee, Has No Idea Internet Is Listening

Tori has been working as a manager at a Target store for years and has dealt with many rude customers before. 

She thought she had seen it all, but nothing could have prepared her for what happened that day. 

One day, a supposed ”award-winning journalist, “David Levitt, stormed into the store and caused a huge scene over an electric toothbrush. 

She couldn’t believe how rude and obnoxious he was.

David saw an electric toothbrush that had been used for showcase purposes and was confident he would get his way. 

The item had been priced very low, and he wanted to buy it. 

David rushed to the cash register holding the toothbrush, and waited for his turn to pay. Tori couldn’t tell if he wanted to save money or if he just wanted to start an argument. 

The cashier calmly explained to him that the electric toothbrush was displayed as a demo item and, therefore, he couldn’t purchase it for $.01. 

David’s face turned red. He wasn’t taking no for an answer and was ready to do whatever it took to get the toothbrush. 

He demanded to have a word with the manager. But unbeknownst to him, Tori had been watching him the entire time, and she certainly wasn’t going to take his side in this silly argument. 

Tori explained that he couldn’t purchase the toothbrush for obvious reasons, but David was not a reasonable customer. 

Seeing that he wasn’t going to get his way, he pulled out his phone and took a photo of Tori’s face. He then shared it with his 210,000 followers on Twitter. 

Tori remained calm while David continued yelling at her and even threatened to call the police. 

Underneath the photo of Tori’s face, David typed the caption: ‘this @target manager Tori is not honoring the price of their items per Massachusetts law.’ But when he realized his public shaming tactics weren’t working, he posted another disgusting update to his Twitter account. 

“I just had to call the police because @target refused to sell me the toothbrush,” David wrote. He wanted to gain sympathy from his fans, but his actions would backfire on him in the most unexpected way possible. 

His followers immediately began to roast and shame him online. But this was just the beginning…

People were angry that he was wasting the police’s time on such a stupid request. 

David then defended himself, explaining that he did “not call 911” and had explained to the authorities that it “was not an emergency’ and they “could take their time.”

His Twitter followers were also quick to side with Tori. 

“So, Let me get this straight. You’re bothering the police because of an obvious mistake Target made that you want to exploit? Because we all know those toothbrushes don’t sell for .01. Then you went on Twitter and blasted the photo of a $15 per hour employee just doing their job?” one user wrote. 

Seeing that his followers weren’t fooled, David tried to gain sympathy in another way. “I have not been able to afford to go to a dentist in over three years,” he wrote. 

“So yes, I wanted a good toothbrush and was thrilled to see such an amazing prize on an @OralB, but @target refused to honor it, and now I have to take them to court.’”

“How can you be an award-winning multimedia journalist and also be illiterate?” another user wrote, referring to the apparent mistake in the price tag on the toothbrush. 

“It’s for the display, not the item. Probably because that display is a spot on the shelf and has to have a tag on it because of the store’s internal system.’”

Another user wrote: “I want to go give this woman a hug, one former retail worker to another.”

One Twitter user felt so bad for Tori that she decided to open a GoFundMe account to raise money to send her on vacation.

Tori soon earned the nickname #TargetTori. Her story went viral, and local news stations wanted to interview her. 

People were so shocked by her calmness during the argument with David that the donations began to pour in. But what about David?

David’s face also appeared in many memes, earning him the nickname “let me talk to your manager.”

And just a few days later, Tori’s GoFundME account reached $35,000!


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