Roommate From Hell: Scary Roommate Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

"My roommate was from Appalachia, West Virginia. Gets drunk and catches a "mess of squirrels" and brings them inside the apartment house. They're all in the same damn cage.

When he opens it up to clean one before cooking it, they all shoot out and run off. Dude stumbles around trying to catch them all again." -Reddit user (deleted)

"Had a roommate freshmen year in a shared room who was training for a bodybuilding competition. He would wake up at 5, make a ton of noise, go for a run, come back at 6, go to the gym, and come back and pose in front of the mirror (sometimes in the nude), all while I was clearly awake.

He would also go to bed at 8 pm and get pissed if any noise was made, the clicking of the keys on my phone once set him off because he needed beauty rest." -Reddit user Doggo_Of_Wisdom

"Freshman year of college, I got stuck with a smelly, anti-social dude who would call his mom on the landline (this was on the cusp of the cellphone explosion) in our room and complain about his classes and professors in the whiniest tone for about 2 hours every single night. He never once hung out with us despite our encouragement, and by the 2nd month in, we stopped talking completely.

I wonder how he's doing." -Reddit user RedBarnBurnBlue

"I had a horrible, nightmare roommate who had no sense of smell.

Her boyfriend was a creep who lived with us without my permission, and they each paid one-quarter of the rent while I paid half (he also loved to leave hair in the bathroom sink!) She got pet rats that stank, and they escaped and ate/pooped on a bunch of my stuff when I was out of the apartment on winter break." -Reddit user FontenotA

"Roommate was a huge drug addict, would stay up for benders, yell about crazy things all night, play with the radio by changing the frequency and took out the wiring to warp around his head, left food everywhere, oh yeah attacked my car one night and threw my cat outside, drunk and on some sort of upper or downer depending on the time of the month, ate my food, peed all over the bathroom and got violent with little notice." -Reddit user ImBlueCuzImCat

"My ex-roommate smashed our kitchen window with a samurai sword because I didn't put the clean silverware in the cup he had designated for clean silverware." -Reddit user threeofbirds121

"My roommate took my 600 dollars every month and used it to pay her car insurance. Went two weeks with no hydro or gas in the middle of a -30 degree winter. Also, never bought groceries but ate all the food. Burnt a hole in my blanket, then denied going in my room while I was on vacation.

Would come home after work with like ten people and get wasted and be obnoxious until like 6 am. Good times. Don't live with friends, kids." -Reddit user who_you_gonna_call

"Roommate locked me out of the dorm by accident while I was in the shower. My key and phone were in the room, and the RA was non-responsive.

A weird way to meet my hallmates." -Reddit user monkeyhead_man

"I'm 21.

My 45-year-old half-sister moved in with me, became verbally and physically abusive, and when I took legal action to get her removed from the lease, my landlord threw us both out because of the "drama." She then asked me to pay her damage deposit to her since the landlord wouldn't and drove me to file a restraining order against her, all the while I was recovering from surgery and preparing for final exams." -Reddit user detectivespock

"This girl had clothes all over the floor up to the hypothetical line dividing up the room. She would jump from my side to get on the bed.

It was a nightmare." -Reddit user letsjustnotok

"Rented a room in a family's house. When I was out, the wife or kids would enter my room, leaving the door ajar.

This allowed the house cat to enter and piss on my bed. This happened fairly regularly." -Reddit user blahblahblahger

"Not me but my co-worker's sister. Her roommates would take her food out of the fridge/freezer to make room for theirs. They've walked in on her naked because they don't knock.

They steal her makeup, which is disgusting. And they wear her clothes, and shoes without asking." -Reddit user blmo

"Dirty dishes that filled the sink and covered the counters and part of the kitchen counter. Some were pots and pans with food in them.

All were used by the roommate and his fiancee, who did not live with us. They were there for six weeks." -Reddit user Lastshadow94

"Had a friend of 4 years move in with me and just completely fall apart financially and mentally. She lost her job, began stealing money, and lying to the other person who lived with us.

Basically destroying our circle of friends even outside of the home. The really sad part is that her grandmother owned the house and kicked her out, allowing us to stay for two more years!" -Reddit user (deleted)

"I woke up to my roommate just standing over me, staring while I slept on multiple occasions.

Pretty strange way to wake up." -Reddit user spaceman_slim