Robbers Break Into Surgeon’s House, Unaware Of What’s Waiting Inside


They made their entrance into the living room, ready to shake the surgeon down; but instead, they became paralyzed with horror. Immediately, yelling and screaming filled the room, shattering the silence of the night.

Up until that moment, they thought they were the ones to be scared of; but now, the situation had just done a 180. Their lives would never be the same again after that night.

Worst Mistake Of Their Lives

That was the last thing the gang of robbers expected to find when they broke into that rich surgeon's house. Their plan was simple and straightforward: break into the house, intimidate the surgeon, ask him for the money, and leave.

They thought it would be a walk in the park. But now, they realized they were very wrong. They had just made the worst mistake of their lives.

Howard Adams

Howard Adams was one of the most renowned surgeons in his hospital in Minnesota. He seemed capable of things that other surgeons in his team could have only dreamed of.

No matter how hard or challenging an operation might seem, no matter how adverse the circumstances, Howard always came up on top, saving his patients' lives. It was almost like he had been gifted by some supernatural force that gave him powers never seen before. 

Supernatural Skills

He seemed to know his way around human bodies like no one in the hospital had ever seen before. His skills felt almost godly sometimes. It was like he was able to do whatever he pleased with human bodies.

Everyone wondered what the mystery could be behind his prodigious hands and mind. Still, no one could put their finger on the root of his bewildering powers.

Everyone Respected Him

Everyone in the hospital admired and respected his skills, which could only be defined as out of this world. Every time he walked into a room, a wave of reverential silence took over the whole atmosphere.

His coworkers would always listen in quiet awe to whatever he had to say. However, Howard was also the subject of certain rumors and gossip among the hospital staff.

A Secretive Man

Howard was a secretive man who barely talked about himself. No one in the hospital knew much about him. They assumed he was single, but that was just because no one had ever seen a wedding ring on his finger.

No one ever dared to ask Howard questions about his personal life. It was obvious that he preferred to keep to himself and let his relationship with his coworkers stay strictly professional. However, people talked about him and made conjectures when he wasn't present.


For a while, word had been around that Howard was about to get promoted to chief of surgery. Considering all his years of experience and expertise, it seemed like the logical next step in his career and for the hospital's management.

Therefore, all the hospital staff was waiting for it to happen. However, there was one surgeon who wasn't too happy about Howard's popularity; nothing would make him more resentful than seeing him get promoted.

Henry Louis

This surgeon's name was Henry Louis. He was the eternal underdog. He was regarded as a skilled surgeon among the staff, but not even close to Howard's level.

He was also a secretive individual who was often talked about in the hospital's halls. However, he had a darker aura around him, and the rumors surrounding him were a lot grimmer than those about Howard.

Murky Matters

There was one rumor about him that most people believed was true. It was said that he was involved with some dangerous yet powerful people and that he often conducted black-market, clandestine surgeries in his own house.

However, not many people knew the full story behind this side of Louis' life. There was a reason why he preferred not to disclose too much about himself.

Unlawful Habits

Henry Louis had a series of unlawful, and expensive habits that consumed most of his income. In order to feed them, he often required more money on top of his surgeon salary, which is why he conducted clandestine surgeries in his house.

The night it all started, he was having a quarrel in his living room with some of his underworld acquaintances. There were asking him for some money he owed them; but Henry couldn't pay his debt at that moment, and his creditors were losing their patience.

Louis’ Solution

So he chose the easy way out: he told them about Howard. He said he was quite wealthy, and he knew exactly where he lived. All they had to do was break into his house, scare him, and take all the money and valuable items they wanted. He would never know what hit him.

The crooks looked at each other's faces and nodded. Then they left Louis' house, got in their van, and drove to Howard's place. Little did they know that this would be the biggest mistake of their lives.

They Broke Into His House

They got inside the house through one of the windows; then, as they wandered around the house, trying to figure out where the riches were, they noticed something: Howard was in the living room.

Quickly, they burst inside and started threatening the surgeon and demanding him to tell them where he hid the money. But suddenly, something happened that made them regret ever entering that house.

There Was Something Waiting For Them

Nobody knew that one of Howard's hobbies was dog breeding: he had a set of pitbulls, rottweilers, and bulldogs, and he was feeding them in his living room at that moment.

Instantly, the whole bunch jumped and ran towards the gang of robbers. In a matter of seconds, they were put out of action by Howard's dogs before neither Howard nor the thieves could fathom what was going on. But the incident was far from over.

Police Steps In

Quickly, Howard called the police; a few seconds later, two police cars were in front of his house, and the robbers were detained and taken to the station.

Thanks to their underworld connections and habile lawyers, they were released after a few days. It was someone else who would have to pay for the incident and who would be charged as the main culprit of the whole thing.

A Happy Ending

Henry Louis was acquitted as the main culprit behind the robbery attempt. Whether this was completely fair or not, one thing is for sure: he had it coming.

From then on, Howard was even more respected and admired by his colleagues. He was finally promoted to chief of surgery just a few weeks after the incident.