How Good Are You At Riddles? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Riddles are ancient puzzles that date all the way back to old Mesopotamia. They’ve been used to challenge the intellect of readers and are often used in texts to create suspense. But these days, riddles don’t appear nearly as often as they used to. Let’s see how many riddles you can get right.

What can go all over the world while staying in a corner?

{"answers":[{"answer":"A seagull","correct":false},{"answer":"A plane","correct":false},{"answer":"A box","correct":false},{"answer":"A stamp","correct":true}],"answerText":" A stamp can stay on the corner of a letter. ","answerImage":""}

The older I grow, the shorter I become

{"answers":[{"answer":"An ice cream","correct":false},{"answer":"A tree","correct":false},{"answer":"A candle","correct":true},{"answer":"A caterpillar","correct":false}],"answerText":" Candles get shorter as the wax melts. ","answerImage":""}

I have two hands but I can only use them to point

{"answers":[{"answer":"A chair","correct":false},{"answer":"A clock","correct":true},{"answer":"A ruler","correct":false},{"answer":"A pencil","correct":false}],"answerText":" A clock has two hands that point to the time.

Who are the three elves on the front of a popular rice cereal?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Snap, Crackle, and Pop","correct":true},{"answer":"Snap, Crackle, and Bang","correct":false},{"answer":"Snap, Pop, And Bang","correct":false},{"answer":"Pop, Crackle, and David","correct":false}],"answerText":" Snap, Crackle, and Pop are the elves on the front of the popular cereal.

You live in a one-bedroom house with red carpets, what color are the walls of the kids’ bedroom?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Blue","correct":false},{"answer":"Red","correct":false},{"answer":"Pink","correct":false},{"answer":"There is no second bedroom","correct":true}],"answerText":" The house only has one bedroom. ","answerImage":""}

What runs but cannot walk?

{"answers":[{"answer":"A car","correct":false},{"answer":"A refrigerator","correct":false},{"answer":"A river","correct":true},{"answer":"Usain Bolt","correct":false}],"answerText":" A river’s current runs but cannot walk. ","answerImage":""}

Which bird isn’t like the others?

{"answers":[{"answer":"Sparrow","correct":false},{"answer":"Eagle","correct":false},{"answer":"Ostrich","correct":true},{"answer":"Finch","correct":false}],"answerText":" An ostrich is the only bird there that cannot fly. ","answerImage":""}

I can fall a great height and I’ll be fine, I don’t weigh a lot, but water is my enemy.

{"answers":[{"answer":"sheet of paper","correct":true},{"answer":"A cat","correct":false},{"answer":"A dog","correct":false},{"answer":"A person","correct":false}],"answerText":" Paper is light and can fall any height but dissolves in water. ","answerImage":""}

I have a head and a tail, but no body.

{"answers":[{"answer":"A cat","correct":false},{"answer":"A sheep","correct":false},{"answer":"A dog","correct":false},{"answer":"A coin","correct":true}],"answerText":" A coin has two sides, heads and tails. ","answerImage":""}

What’s wet while it dries?

{"answers":[{"answer":"A hairdryer","correct":false},{"answer":"A towel","correct":true},{"answer":"A sponge","correct":false},{"answer":"A washing line","correct":false}],"answerText":" A towel gets wet when it dries our bodies.

What has a neck but doesn’t have a head?

{"answers":[{"answer":"A bottle","correct":true},{"answer":"A chicken","correct":false},{"answer":"A frog","correct":false},{"answer":"A glass","correct":false}],"answerText":" A bottle has a neck but no head. ","answerImage":""}

It always falls but it never goes up.

{"answers":[{"answer":"A balloon","correct":false},{"answer":"A brick","correct":false},{"answer":"Rain","correct":true},{"answer":"Gravity","correct":false}],"answerText":" Rain always falls but it never goes up. ","answerImage":""}

What has an eye but can’t see?

{"answers":[{"answer":"A needle","correct":true},{"answer":"A storm","correct":false},{"answer":"Clouds","correct":false},{"answer":"A person","correct":false}],"answerText":" The eye of the needle is where you put the thread.

What kind of room doesn’t have windows, floors, or doors?

{"answers":[{"answer":"A basement","correct":false},{"answer":"A bathroom","correct":false},{"answer":"A bedroom","correct":false},{"answer":"A mushroom","correct":true}],"answerText":" A mushroom isn’t like any other kind of room.