Rich Celebrity Kids Who Like Showing Off Their Wealth On Instagram

Ava Phillippe

Have you ever come across an Instagram account that intrigued you? Their life seems to be fabulous! So you google them and you find out that their parents are two celebrities who probably have big bucks in the family account. The perks of being a famous celebrity kid is that you can flaunt all your fancy things and money on social media to make people jealous of your life. The best part about it?

You can hate them as much as you want, but you're probably still following them. These are some accounts and child celebrities that will make you think twice if they're even real. Some of these kids are so spoiled because of the money they have to flaunt on Instagram. Here's a collection of those Instagram accounts who will probably make you wish your parents were celebrities too.

Being the daughter of two A-listers can be pretty convenient. She's the daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe and looking at her pictures it's pretty clear to see she inherited her famous mothers looks. Ava's instagram is quite artistic and not totally "bratty" in the sense.

Connor Cruise

Although she's been able to keep her Instagram pretty "normal", you can still see the amazing art that she flaunts. She posts pictures of her and her mom from award shows, (like a normal girl), and her artsy effects tell us that she knows her celebrity status. Good for you Ava, for keeping it real!

This 23 year old Dj is the adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. He has 21.6 thousand followers, and he's not shy at all about flaunting his luxurious life. He often shows off his tours and his love for hunting sea creatures.

Sofia Richie

He seems to enjoy his life and is often seen vacationing with beautiful girls and groups of friends. He also is often seen snapping pictures with celebs like Justin Bieber. Although he doesn't post any pictures with his parents, he still gets to enjoy their fame.

Sofia Richie is the daughter of famous and legendary singer, Lionel Richie and she has a whopping 3.3 million followers. It also doesn't help that she's been linked to celebs like Justin Bieber and more recently, Scott Disick. Each post features money, money and more money.

Justin Dior Combs

She often snaps pics of her on luxurious vacations and she also has her model-like pictures that she takes from around the world. From private jets to helicopters, it looks like Sofia is definitely taking advantage of her status.

Combs is the son of famous P. Diddy, and with 1.2 million followers, he's obviously doing his best to flaunt his wealth to everyone.

Lourdes Leon

He often snaps himself in expensive cars and other things rich brats do on Instagram. He spends his fortune on jewelry, fur jackets and other expensive items.

Lourdes Maria Leon Ciccone is the daughter of singer Madonna. Minus the blonde, Lourdes is pretty much Madonna's mini-me. Her Instagram account screams boldness and of course, money.

Tiffany Trump

She is the co-founder of the clothing line 'Material Girl' that she started with her mom, models for perfume brands, and flaunts it all. Her bold pictures of her smoking and partying are all you see on her Instagram. She often even compares her crazy ways to her mother's back in the day.

Are you surprised to see her on this list? She's the daughter of the President and the richest billionaire, Donald Trump. Tiffany Trump is like her dad in the sense that she likes to be everywhere.

Ava Sambora

Her Instagram is full of snaps of herself. She snaps pictures of herself partying, vacationing, wearing expensive clothes, and everything else a rich girl would take photos of. Looks like she never gets tired of showcasing her amazing life.

Ava is the daughter of Bon Jovi's guitarist, Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. She's also another rich girl who took advantage of her parents fame, and is using it to enter Hollywood as an actor.

Ava is another celebrity kid who likes flaunting her parents' money. She likes posting snaps of her bikini bod on beautiful beaches, while drinking wine and champagne.