Rescued Squirrel Returns With A Huge Surprise

She Kept On Coming Back

She was distinctive in some way. She stood aside to observe the family she had known as her own for so long as the other squirrels raced off. Eight years whizzed by, yet she continued to drop in on the family to check how they were doing.

She was aware that this was her safe haven because the nut bowl on the front porch was almost always refilled. One day, she surprised them on one of her trips by giving them the most wonderful present they could have ever imagined.


Brantley and John Harrison devote their life to the welfare and safety of wild animals. When Brantley was a little girl, her grandmother, Mamie “lulla” Hunt, taught her to care for all creatures, no matter how big or how small.

Since then, Brantley and her husband John founded a local wildlife rescue group in Greenville, South Carolina. Their love for animals intensified when they met Bella. But what they didn’t know at the time was that Bella had something up her sleeve.

Fruits, Veggies & Nuts

Bella was not old enough to be released back into the wild, so the Harrisons waited until spring to free her. Bella and her squirrel friends spent their days eating fruits, veggies, and nuts.

The family thought Bella was a completely normal squirrel as she acted similarly to every previous squirrel they had rehabilitated. Then Bella did something that made them realize that they were so very wrong.


Bella and the other squirrels proved adequately rehabilitated, as all of them were wholly nursed back to health.

The Harrisons decided that it was time to release them into the wild. They opened the cage among the other wildlife, and while the other squirrels hurried onto nearby trees, Bella hesitated.

Heavy Heart

With a heavy heart, the Harrisons went back home. It was bittersweet. but still, they were extremely proud of themselves for a job well done as all the squirrels were healthy and free.

Within a week, all four squirrels had safely adapted back to the wild. But Bella wasn’t through with the Harrison family just yet, and things soon took an unexpected turn.

Missing Bella

One day, the Harrisons were sitting quietly in the lounge, wondering how Bella was doing. They remembered the time spent with her fondly when they had nursed her back to health. 

They had a soft spot for the little squirrel, and couldn’t help but miss her. There was just something about her. Then, they heard a small tap at the door.

A Visitor

Was that Bella at the door? they couldn’t believe their eyes. For eight years Bella’s visits continued. She would wait for them in front of their door anticipating to get let in. 

This became a tradition for the family, Bella was their new lovely unannounced guest. The family even set up a nut bowl on their porch so Bella could always have something to snack on. But one day, Bella desperately needed attention, and she realized that waiting outside their door wasn’t the best way to get it.

Windowsill Waiting

She began climbing up the windowsill waiting to get noticed, peering in for someone to see her. She didn’t enjoy belly rubs or people petting her fur, but she would be extremely content to sit on their laps and eat her snacks. 

“She comes almost daily for a little loving, treats, and to torment our dog, Cid, through the glass door,” Harrison said to MSN. The Harrisons still had no idea what was to come.

Wild Instinct

Bella soon became no ordinary guest around the house, and everyone soon fell even deeper in love with her. She also became Instagram famous!

This is where Bella was supposed to be, but her wild instincts kept calling her back. Until one day, one of her instincts told her otherwise.

Something Wrong

On one particular visit, the family noticed Bella had hurt her leg. The Harrisons were completely prepared to nurse her back to health, but Bella wouldn’t let them catch her.

The wild side in her didn’t want to be captive. But after a couple of days, Bella appeared again, and that’s when they knew something was wrong.

Left Behind

She thumped around and got onto the windowsill and eventually let herself be caught by the family. They could nurse her leg back to health. And they did. 

They gave her antibiotics, supplements and took care of her like they always had. Bella was on the right track to being healthy again, but as they departed once again, they couldn’t help but notice something strange Bella had left behind.

Three Little Ones

There was something mysterious about how she had acted. She wanted to get caught, to be captive. This was not usual behavior for any wild animal. 

The Harrisons soon knew why. She had made a nest and given birth to three little squirrel babies. The family knew then and there that Bella knew that this is where the babies would be completely safe.


The Harrisons could not believe the trust Bella had in them. A wild animal or any animal is entirely overprotective of their young.

Bella knew that this family had helped her years back, and now, she was telling them in her own way that she too loved and trusted them. “It was truly amazing to watch the baby I raised raise her own babies,” Harrison said.

No Matter

“She is a very special squirrel and has always had a large local following,” Harrison said, “She has changed the way many of my friends think of squirrels, especially the ones she has met. The kids just love to come over and feed her.” 

Bella has become an internet sensation, and the Harrison family only wants to educate people on their thinking when it comes to animals. “If Bella can teach at least one person to have compassion for all living things, no matter how big or how small, then we have done what we have set out to.”

A Tame Animal

Bella was a wild squirrel who lived in the forest outside the small town of Maple Falls. She had always been a curious and adventurous squirrel, always exploring and trying new things. 

One day, while out foraging for food, she came across a beautiful old house nestled amongst the trees. The house belonged to a kind and loving couple, Brantley and John Harrison.

Curious Creature

Many creatures lived in the woods behind Harrison's house. The squirrel had always been curious about the humans who lived in the big white house on the hill, and one day, she mustered up the courage to venture closer. 

As she crept closer to the home, she heard the sound of laughter and saw a kind-looking couple, Brantley and John Harrison, sitting on their porch.

Good Vibes

As she approached the house, she noticed the couple sitting on their porch, enjoying the warm autumn sun.

Bella was drawn to the friendly atmosphere; before she knew it, she had scampered up to the couple and was perched on the arm of John's chair.

One With Nature

To Bella's surprise, the couple didn't seem at all alarmed by her presence. In fact, they seemed quite pleased to see her. Brantley reached out a hand and gently stroked Bella's head, causing the squirrel to close her eyes in contentment. 

John offered her a nut, which Bella happily accepted.

A Regular Visit

From that day on, Bella visited the Harrisons every day, always eager to spend time with the kind couple. The Harrisons were delighted to have a furry friend and enjoyed talking to Bella and watching her play. 

They even set out a small bowl of nuts and seeds for her to snack on.

A Bond Made

As the weeks passed, Bella began feeling more at home with the Harrisons. She loved spending time with them, and they seemed to love spending time with her. 

She began to wonder if she could stay with them forever. It was a really happy place for the little squirrel, and she felt she could stay there permanently.

Special Place

One day, as she was playing in the yard, Bella noticed that the Harrisons were setting up a small pen in the corner of the garden. She watched in fascination as they placed a cozy little nest inside the pen.

When they were finished, they turned to Bella and said, "This is for you, Bella. We want you to have a safe place to have your babies."

New Additions

The Harrisons were thrilled to meet Bella's babies and spent hours watching them play and grow. They were so happy to have the little family in their home and did everything they could to make them feel safe and loved.

They ensured that no other animals went near them. Bella noticed their kindness and allowed them to touch her.

Growing Up

As the months passed, the baby squirrels grew into strong and independent animals. They were always exploring and getting into mischief, but the Harrisons didn't mind. 

They loved having the energetic little creatures around and enjoyed watching them play. But they didn’t know what they were inviting into their home.

Helping Out

One day, as the baby squirrels were playing in the yard, Bella noticed that one of them was struggling to climb a tree. She rushed over to help, chirping encouragement as she guided the little squirrel up the trunk. 

The Harrisons watched with delight as mother and baby worked together to overcome the challenge.

Part Of The Family

As the years went by, Bella and her family regularly visited the Harrisons. The couple was always happy to see them and enjoyed spending time with their beloved squirrel friends. Bella was grateful to have such a wonderful home, and was glad that she had taken the chance to approach the Harrisons all those years ago. 

She knew their house was a safe haven for her and her family, and she was thankful to have such kind and caring friends.

Good Feelings

Bella couldn't help but be drawn to their warm, friendly faces; before she knew it, she was scampering up to the couple and greeting them with a chirp.

Brantley and John were surprised to see a friendly squirrel, but they welcomed Bella with open arms and offered her a few nuts. They didn’t know that they were making a lifelong friend.

Her New Family

From that day on, Bella became a regular visitor to Harrison's porch. She would often stop by for a quick snack and a chat with her new friends. The couple was delighted to have made a furry friend and they enjoyed watching Bella go about her daily life in the woods.

As the weeks went by, Bella began to trust Brantley and John more and more. She even allowed them to pet her and hold her, something she had never allowed any other human to do. The couple was grateful for the special bond they shared with Bella and they did everything they could to make her feel welcome.

Growing Up Fast

As the babies grew older, Bella regularly visited the Harrison’s, always bringing her children along with her. The couple was glad that the squirrel remembered them and they were happy to see her thriving with her own family.

People on social media couldn't help but notice the special bond between the Harrisons and their furry friend. They were amazed by the couple's kindness and compassion for an animal most people considered to be a nuisance. Some even called them "the squirrel whisperers," and their story went viral, spreading joy and inspiration worldwide.

Animal Family

Bella, Brantley, and John became the talk of the town, and their bond only grew more robust over time. The Harrisons were grateful to have such a special animal in their lives and they knew that they would always be friends with Bella, no matter where life took them.

As the years went by, Bella and her children continued to visit the Harrisons, always bringing joy and laughter to their lives. And the couple knew that they would always be grateful for the day they met the wild squirrel who became their beloved friend.

To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author's imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.