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Renters Ruin Apartment, Landlord Comes Up With A Plan

“I can’t believe that! It can not be true!” – Thomas screamed after seeing what happened to his apartment. He has just renovated the house and leased it to what seemed at first an ‘appropriate’ family.

The family completely ruined his apartment, in which he put so much money and love. When Thomas saw the terrible condition of his beloved home, he was shattered! Soon, however, he found the perfect way to get the sweet taste of revenge …

Thomas Ravaux had put his blood and sweat into renovating his home. It was a long project but he was finally happy with the outcome. He was on a hunt for renters and the search led him to a couple with three children. 

It was a usual family, nothing out of the ordinary and no red flags! The only thing Thomas had to do then was to write a good contract. Once this was done, the family moved in.

Thomas was pretty convinced that he had found a perfect family to rent his prized possession. The family seemed friendly and the children also showed good etiquette. 

Thomas was happy that he had finally found a perfect family to rent his apartment. But he had no idea that destiny had other plans for his apartment and the family who moved in, wasn’t actually as nice as they first seemed to be.

Thomas wasn’t someone who believed in doing things with half effort. Thomas did thorough work throughout the house. 

From painting to construction, his prime motive was to make sure that the home was ready for the new owners. He had the walls painted, the floor polished and also did finishing touches on all construction.

One good look inside the house and it was pretty evident that Thomas put a lot of work into the detailing and finishing touches of the house. Thomas wanted the renters to love the home as much as he did. 

Although, he was about to find out that the new renters he found would do exactly the opposite of that. The heavenly abode that he created was soon going to be turned into a nightmare.

The family which rented out Thomas’ apartment, soon started showing red flags. Thomas realized that the family hadn’t paid rent for the past fourteen months. He stuck by his patient self, hoping that the family would eventually pay. 

Thomas soon realized that the family never intended to pay when he called his bank. The bank employee told Thomas that the family had never made a single payment!

Thomas lost all patience that he had for the family and decided to call them up for rent. This is when he discovered that the family had gone completely off the radar. His calls were deliberately being rejected by the family. 

This went on for a year when Thomas decided to pay them a personal visit. He wanted to confront the family personally and evict them if they still refused to pay. But he was in for a very unfortunate surprise.

Once he landed in front of their apartment, Thomas started knocking at the door. To his surprise, no one answered. He realized that no one was living in the apartment anymore. He noticed a strange, handwritten letter with ‘ring the bell’ written on it. 

When he reached out to ring the doorbell, he couldn’t believe what he saw. The doorbell was ripped open as if someone tried to get inside the apartment by applying force.

At first, Thomas thought that it might be a trap or something but he rang the bell anyway. As soon as he rang the bell, a deafening sound came from inside. The shockingly loud noise took Thomas by surprise but he still didn’t give up. 

He finally managed to unlock the door with the spare key that he had with him. Thomas was finally confronted with the shocking truth.

As soon as Thomas opened the door wide open, his eyes grew wide with terror and shock. The apartment looked like it was destroyed by a hurricane. Everything on which Thomas could lay his eyes on, was destroyed. 

And the whole house looked like a big garbage dump. There were dirty dishes all over the place accompanied by bags filled with trash everywhere.

The inside of the apartment looked like it was inhabited by cave dwellers who knew nothing about cleanliness and hygiene. 

Everywhere Thomas looked, he found trash, dirty bags and dishes splattered. His only question was, how could a family with three children live like this?

Thomas started exploring the rest of the home, only to unravel even more things. The landlord also realized that the family also had a dog, which they never disclosed. 

Thomas could make this out by spotting dog poop everywhere. The walls were also covered in holes and the residents had also damaged the plasterboards beyond imagination.

The landlord couldn’t believe that the family he thought was nice, was able to pull such a thing off. When he started exploring the kitchen, his nostrils got filled with a terrible stench. .

He found empty boxes, containers with rotten food, dirty dishes, and trash. The refrigerator was also filled with rotten food that started smelling terrible. While Thomas was heartbroken, he was soon going to get his revenge

Thomas wanted to get back at them and that too, in a very revengeful manner. Not only did the ex-renters miss out on payment, they also completely demolished the property which Thomas had renovated with so much love and care.

 After brainstorming for a little while, Thomas knew exactly the way he was going to get his revenge.

The landlord didn’t want to leave any chance in implementing his revenge plan so he sought out some help from his lawyer. He also clicked some pictures of his apartment for reference. 

He just wanted to be sure not to break any law. After getting a green signal from his lawyer, it was now time to put things into motion.

Realizing that the damage was done rather intentionally, Thomas was steaming with rage. It was time to get revenge and that is all he could think of. 

He hired a company to deeply clean his apartment but he gave one specific order- not to throw the trash away. Thomas rented a large truck to load the trash. What did he have in mind?

Thomas was able to find out the family’s new whereabouts. He asked the truck driver to park the truck on their driveway. He took his phone and started filming. 

A large crowd of people gathered to see what was going on at the house. As the truck driver parked the truck on their driveway, Thomas kept filming. He was about to give that family a taste of their own medicine.

With a wide grin plastered on his face, Thomas watched as all the family’s trash was dumped onto their driveway. The ex-renters had completely destroyed his apartment so Thomas wanted to give them the same treatment. 

While he wasn’t expecting to get much response from the video, it soon went viral! The comments started flowing in, but as you might expect, they were mixed.

While many people were in awe of Ravaux’s plan to get back at the renters, others felt otherwise. They pointed out the fact that the house that Thomas destroyed, wasn’t really the family’s house.

 This translated to the fact that he would just be destroying another landlord’s property. But Thomas had already made sure that the family would be responsible for cleaning up the mess.

After some time, Thomas got to hear that the family had to clean it up themselves and not the new landlord. The revenge plan had worked perfectly. 

Thomas’ only intention was to force the family to take responsibility for their actions and by the looks of it, they did!

Thomas should consider himself lucky that the renters were already gone by the time he had decided to evict them.

 In some countries, renters are so well protected that it’s difficult to get rid of them. Thomas was saved from the extra burden, thankfully!


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