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Remembering Chester: Top 10 Linkin Park Songs

Linkin Park was one of the most influential bands of the early 2000s, which made the passing of frontman Chester Bennington hard to believe. Although Bennington battled some serious demons, he would want to be remembered for the way he lived, not the way he died. Here are the top 10 songs from Linkin Park that had the biggest impact on its fans.

1. ‘In The End’ – Hybrid Theory – 2000

This song screams at the mistake we make every day to watch the clock and live
by the judgment of others. It strongly makes the suggestion to start living in the moment.

2. ‘Numb’ – Meteora – 2003

A great life lesson buried by the numbness of great expectations held by others
around us. Numb shows us it is always better to walk in our own shoes rather
than try to fill ones that are simply misshaped for our feet.

3. ‘One Step Closer’ – Hybrid Theory- 2000

The straw that broke the camel’s back as they say. Everyone has a tipping point.
Knowing how to tell ourselves when we’ve had enough is one of the hardest
things we all have to do. Chester provides one of the best solutions when he says, “I find bliss in ignorance.”

4. ‘Breaking The Habit’ – Meteora – 2003

Addiction runs the lives of far too many. Breaking the habit is an inspirational
anthem to overcome our inner demons whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, self-harm, or any other crutch.

5. ‘Crawling’ – Hybrid Theory – 2000

Fear and insecurity or drugs and a deep dark path. Either one can lead us to the
same demons Chester battled. He used his music to tell us to structure our lives
and build ourselves up over and over again when we find those dark roads.

6. ‘What I’ve Done’ – Minutes to Midnight – 2007

This song calls for all of us to think bigger and take a larger responsibility. No, not about ourselves and our obsessions with power, money, and pride. Rather with a larger focus on creating a better world, environment, and society.

7. ‘New Divide’ – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – 2009

A new divide is one that reminds us that there are consequences to our actions.
Some create valleys too large to cross. Most closely speaking to relationships in
our lives, this one is a screeching reminder to treat others the right way to avoid a life of regret.

8. ‘Somewhere I Belong’ – Meteora – 2003

Fitting in can be harder than we think. People are not always empathetic in
understanding the ones around them. Friends can turn into a family if we find the
right group of people, where their normal matches our normal. Who’s to say what normal really is?

9. ‘Papercut’ – Hybrid Theory – 2000

We all have two identities. The person we keep inside and the one we allow
everyone else to see. Papercut is a self-awareness song that empathizes with the
fear we have of letting others see the identity we trap within. The closer we get
to aligning the two identities, the closer we come to self-actualization.

10. ‘Burn It Down’ – Living Things – 2012

We are constantly fighting ourselves and our own progress. This one is a self-
destruction of society. We try so hard to be better through education and caring,
but then we wage war on others and essentially burn it all to the ground. Quite

11. ‘Waiting For The End’ – A Thousand Suns – 2010

Reflection and regret being the eye of the storm here, Bennington puts his true feelings into perspective as he tells us how much it hurts to look back on his life and know there are so many things he should have said or done, making it hard to let the past go. He feels that the best part has yet to come and won’t come until the next life.

12. ‘Heavy’ – One More Light – 2017

One of the more relatable pieces of Bennington’s work, this one is about carrying the weight of our worries on our backs and taking them everywhere we go.

13. ‘In Pieces’ – Minutes To Midnight – 2007

Relationships can be confusing, especially from this perspective. This one is like trying to get a read on someone, only to receive mixed signals. Not really being sure whether or not they truly have feelings for you or if they feel more comfortable just being your friend. Frustration is the only natural response to being built up only to be broken down soon after.

14. ‘Numb/Encore Ft. Jay-Z’ – Collision Course – 2004

Linkin Park’s partnership with Jay-Z was the perfect revival at a time where they were starting to disappear from the spotlight. Combining these two hits together the way they did meant they were still in it to win it.

15. ‘Leave Out All The Rest’ – Minutes To Midnight – 2007

Leave out all the rest is about picking out the good a person has done when that tiny bit of sunshine is dim compared to the rest of the darkness. It’s a reminder to think about the end and how we will be remembered given the decisions we’ve made.

16. ‘Points Of Authority’ – Hybrid Theory – 2000

This one is definitely a tormenting story. It’s about being with someone who was abused and then become the abuser when they are in a new relationship with someone less powerful. It’s about projecting hardship onto the ones we love.

17. ‘Shadow Of The Day’ – Minutes To Midnight – 2007

Shadow of the Day is about being with your loved one while they are on their deathbed, and ultimately blocking out the sun in the room so that they can ultimately rest in peace.

18. ‘The Little Things Give You Away’ – Minutes To Midnight – 2007

Have you ever loved someone but they just didn’t love you back? This one is about the heartbreak and torment that this particular predicament can bring us.

19. ‘Blackout’ – A Thousand Suns – 2010

This one is most commonly interpreted as a political stance. It’s about taxes and waste of public funding. It’s about the government being shady and subsequently creating anger in the eye of the public.

19. ‘The Catalyst’ – A Thousand Suns – 2010


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