35 Remarkable Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Food Poisoning Relief

We are all constantly trying to find shortcuts to living healthier lifestyles, but what might work for one problem area doesn’t necessarily work for another. So we decided to search for that special thing that could help humans improve their health in a wide variety of ways. After some thorough research, we are incredibly happy to introduce you to coconut oil; to clarify, we are talking about virgin coconut oil – NOT the hydrogenated stuff.

Coconut oil is a magical superfood that can improve the health of each and every one of us. The list of benefits goes on and on, but these are the 35 most significant health benefits that will 100% sell you on coconut oil…it may very well save your life.

We have all heard of it – dreaded food poisoning. Coconut oil can help reduce the severity of food poisoning symptoms when ingesting and kills the bacteria that causes symptoms (Hybrid Rasta Mama). In the process of recovering from food poisoning, the last thing someone really wants to do is put anything into their bodies.

Eases Sore Throats

In order to make consuming coconut oil less daunting, try drinking coconut milk or coconut water. If you’re feeling well enough to eat, then try eating some gelatin with coconut oil whipped cream.

Coconut oil creates a soothing layer over one’s sore or scratchy throat. You can either eat a spoonful of coconut oil or take a spoonful and mix it into hot tea to drink (Sun Warrior).

Helps Cracked Heels

It acts as an anti-inflammatory, which is why it relieves you from the pain and scratchiness. As if that wasn’t enough, coconut oil is also an antimicrobial, which means it will fight whatever bacteria, fungi or virus that might be causing your sore throat in the first place.

Many people struggle with this, but especially you runners and dancers – so pay attention! Coconut oil doesn’t only help with internal struggles, but also issues at the surface level – e.g. cracked heels! Take some of that virgin coconut oil and massage a spoonful of it on the cracks of your heels.

Reduces Appearances of Varicose Veins

For optimum results, do this right before bed time and be sure to put on a pair of socks immediately after! When you wake in the morning, your heels should be much softer and smoother. If you don’t experience immediate results, be sure to do this consistently for the next couple nights until you see the difference! Don’t Mess With Mama.

We are very excited to report that you can save yourself a lot of money and a lot of pain in your efforts to get rid of unwanted varicose veins. Before you ever start dabbling with the idea of getting surgery, try coconut oil. You’re not alone, varicose veins, aka spider veins, are something most people want to get rid of if possible – so that’s why people started looking for all-natural ways to do so.

Acts as Constipation Relief

Massage warm coconut oil on the area where you have varicose veins for five-to-fifteen minutes twice a day (Bustle). This will promote blood flow and get rid of the blood clots that cause the veins.

For a lot of people, eating fiber-rich foods, drinking lots of water and exercising moderately doesn’t necessarily means you’re “regular.” After a few days of zero bowel movements, people start to get a little desperate for relief. What to do, what to do? Ah hah, you guessed it – coconut oil!

Relieves Dry Nostrils

Once upon a time, people thought coconut oil actually caused constipation, but it’s quite the opposite. Eating coconut oil is considered the best natural laxative to helps relieve difficult and infrequent bowel movements (Fussy Body).

If you’re anything like us, you aren’t a huge fan of nasal spray or other nostril-drying solutions. Whether your nose is dry from that god-awful cold or the brisk winds of winter, we have the solution for you. Instead of suffering, go to your local grocery store and buy some affordable virgin coconut oil.

Can Be Used as Diaper Cream

Coconut oil is a wonderful go-to for people who want to relieve their dry nostrils with something natural. It’s effective, simple and smells nice. Simply take some coconut oil on cotton swabs and apply it to the inside of your nose (Everyday Roots).

First-time parent? Worried about putting something prescribed or over-the-counter on your little one? We totally understand. Our style is all-natural too.

Soothes Insect Bites

Which is why we are excited to tell you that you don’t have to take risks when it comes to your child suffering from a diaper rash. For those looking to ease the discomfort of a diaper rash with something safe and natural, coconut oil is highly recommended. It creates a soothing barrier and even prevents diaper rash by keeping your baby’s skin smooth. It contains antimicrobial, anti-viral, ant-bacterial and anti-fungal properties promoting your baby’s healthy skin (Home Remedies for Life).

Nothing can spoil a summer’s day out quite like being eaten alive by blackflies and mosquitoes – buzzzzz kill (get it?) Don’t do that silly thing where you make an “X” on your bite with your finger nail… If you’re bit by those terrible summer black flies don’t panic, just get your butt to the closest grocery store and pick up some coconut oil. Might sound unorthodox, but hear us out.

Helps Prevent Scratch Marks

Coconut oil’s anti-microbial actions kills harmful microbes in the infected area and helps it heal faster without infection. This means less scaring, less itching and fewer sleepless summer nights (Coconut and Health).

Don’t be embarrassed because majority of us have or will experience stretch marks throughout the course of our lives. Whether it’s from aging, weight gain or pregnancy – it’s a natural part of life and should be treated as such – naturally. The number one way to fight stretch marks is by keeping the skin lubricated as often as possible! Coconut oil is famous for its ability to moisturize and nourish skin.

Counters Body Odor

Simply apply coconut oil to one’s skin right after you shower. Don’t rub it in all the way – allow it to be absorbed into your skin for optimal results. Think of it like conditioning your hair, the more you leave on and the longer you leave it on – the smoother and greasier it will be. If you don’t want to walk around all day with coconut oil all over your body, then shower before bed at night and allow your skin to spend 10-12 hour absorbing the benefits (The Healthy Homes).

You’ve probably heard it time and time again, but have paid no real attention to it. The deodorants that you buy at CVS or Walgreens, more often than not, are made with toxins and harmful ingredients. You were probably unaware, but something commonly used to make deodorant is aluminum, which has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But you that’s not your only option to stay smelling fresh. Coconut oil works as an excellent deodorant.

Can Treat Ear Infections

Not only will it moisturize your armpits, but your armpit absorbs the coconut oil and acts as a good-smelling agent for longer than your store-bought stick (Xovain). Not kidding. There is tutorial after tutorial walking you through how to make your own natural deodorant at home. What is consistently the common denominator among them all – coconut oil!

As you now know, coconut oil can be used to treat viral and fungal infections. It can be used to treat things that’d you normally have to take antibiotics for, including…(drum roll – get it?) ear infections! If you simmer some coconut oil with a garlic clove. Make sure it’s not warmer than 98-degress before using it in your ear. Simply take a eye drop or the heated coconut oil, lie on your side and put two drops of the natural remedy in your ear.

Increases Energy and Helps Burn More Fat

Wait five minutes for getting up, making sure the oil has time to reach it’s destination within the ear drum. Repeat on the other side if necessary. Again, it acts as antibacterial oil in the ear and helps heal the infection. (Green Med Info)

How ironic, right? Coconut oil, a source of fat (and has the consistency of fat), ACTUALLY helps you burn fat! Oh, what a world. Crazy as it sounds, there was a time not long ago when people thought coconut oil was actually one of the “worst fats.” It was claimed that it contributed to heart disease and obesity.

It Can Kill Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses & Help Prevent Infections

Wow, we bet some scientist somewhere is a wee bit embarrassed because that claim is so far from the truth. It’s one of the world leading natural thermogenic agents. A study reported by Authority Nutrition proved that 15-30 grams of coconut oil’s MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides) per day increased 24-hour energy expenditure by 5 percent. Meaning, the study subjects burns an extra 120 calories per day.

It Can Kill Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses & Help Prevent Infections

We have said it more than once already, but it doesn’t cease to amaze us just how powerful coconut oil really is. Yes, it can act as an antibiotic. Imagine all the money people spend on antibiotics each year when coconut oil is only a fraction of the price. The point: coconut oil helps with a wide variety of problems ranging from mouth ulcers to bruises to urinary track infections.

It Reduces Hunger

You might be asking yourself, “how exactly?” Coconut oil is filled with fatty acids, 50% of which are Lauric Acid. When it’s digested, it forms monoglyceride known as monolaurin. Both of these kill harmful pathogens including bacteria, fungi and viruses. (Authority Nutrition)

We mentioned earlier how coconut oil can help burn fat, but it can also prevent you from packing it on in the first place. According to a study cited by Authority Nutrition, the more coconut oil ingested by people, the fewer calories they ate per day. This is great news, because many people agree it’s significantly harder to lose weight than to maintain weight. If we can stop the problem before it starts, life would be that much easier.

Can Dramatically Reduce Seizures

When we say “eat less” we’re talking a whole meal’s worth of calories less! The study showed a dramatic 256 fewer calories per day were consumed. This method leads to long-term dramatic weight loss.

This is how it works. The fatty acids in coconut oil are turned into ketones, which are being applied to epilepsy treatments.

Improves Blood Cholesterol Levels & Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Many epileptic patients are put on a special diet on which they consume very little carbs and a lot of fat because this creates increased amounts of ketone bodies in blood. According to Authority Nutrition, “Because the MCTs in coconut oil get shipped to the liver and turned into ketone bodies, they are often used in epileptic patients to induce ketosis while allowing for a bit more carbs in the diet.”

Improves Blood Cholesterol Levels & Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Coconut oil contains Lauric Acid (a kind of MCT) that increases good HDL cholesterol in blood, which improves cholesterol levels. It lowers cholesterols by converting to pregnenolone (Dr. OZ).

Prevent Hair Damage

The overall improvement in cardiovascular health can reduce the risks that lead to heart disease. According to Quick and Dirty Tips, “there has been a recent study in humans and it discovered that LDL cholesterol increased 8% on a diet rich in coconut oil versus a diet rich in olive oil.” Coconut oil should not be consumed as someone’s only source of monosaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, but it absolutely posses enough benefits to be considered a vital part of anyone’s diet.

According to Authority Nutrition, studies have proven that coconut oil is great for preventing hair damage because of its moisturizing properties. Even people with the driest and most brittle of hair have found that by using coconut oil they can transform their locks into a shiny, lush, manageable mane. Your stylist might have even slipped you this tip!

Moisturize Skin

Coconut oil is abundant in properties that help regrow and strengthen hair including antimicrobial properties, medium-chain fatty acid and lauric acid. Not to mention how rich coconut oil is in antioxidants, which can help scalp health and promote hair growth.

Much like how it prevents hair damage, coconut oil has great moisturizing properties that are applied to skin regimens. Authority Nutrition reports that coconut oil improves the moisture and lipid content of the skin. Not to mention that a lot of what people use on their hands and bodies contains toxins and fake fragrances.

Act as Sunscreen

It’s coconut oil’s saturated fats that your store-bought lotions can’t compete with! Accompanied with its ability to moisturize, coconut oil can also improve skin tone!

If there is one thing we can count on every day of the year, it’s that there will be UV rays. Some people are incredibly sensitive, both to the sun and to harsh properties of store-bought sunscreens. It simply comes down to this; why would you use toxic chemicals on your body if there is an all-natural, equally as effective option?

Improve Brain Function in Alzheimer's Patients

If you’re interested in natural remedies then you’ll be interested in knowing coconut oil can act as a substitute for sunscreen. A study cited by Authority Nutrition found that coconut oil blocks about 20% or UV rays.

Alzheimer’s is one of the most challenging illness, for both the person suffering from it and everyone who loves them. One in three seniors dies from Alzheimer’s or another dementia. It’s the sixth leading cause of death in the United States overall. They are continuing to conduct studies, but here is the good news: coconut oil has been proven to improve memory function.

Help Lose Harmful Fat

Alzheimer’s patients have a reduced ability to convert glucose into energy in parts of the brain. Coconut oil possesses ketone bodies that can supply an alternative energy source and help reduce the Alzheimer’s symptoms. (Authority Nutrition).

Bet you never thought someone would be telling you to fight fat with fat, but we are! As we discussed earlier, coconut oil can promote weight loss. Something special about it though is that it can help you lose harmful fats, specifically in the abdominal cavity. “Coconut oil appears to be especially effective in reducing abdominal fat, which lodges in the abdominal cavity and around organs,” from Authority Nutrition.

Boosts Immune System

All it takes is adding some coconut oil to your everyday diet. A little bit of the science behind it is that coconut oil is made up of medium chain fatty acids and which is processed in the living and turned into ketone bodies. It’s these ketones that make the major difference!

According to Organic Facts, coconut oil strengthens the immune system because it contains microbial lipids, capric acid and caprylic acid; all which have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. “Coconut oil helps in fighting harmful bacteria like listeria monocytogenes and helicobacter pylori, and harmful protozoa such as giardia lambli,.” said Organic Facts.

Improves Digestion

Some of the most popular things that coconut oil has reputation for fighting off includes: herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, HIV, listeria monocytogenes, helicobacter pylori and giardia lamblia. It has not necessarily been proven to cure any of these diseases, but it’s absolutely been proven to help with and/or improve them.

Coconut oils improves your digestive system and helps prevent problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Like how coconut oil can boost your immune system, those same antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties can helps fight things that cause indigestion.

Improves Dental Quality and Bone Strength

(Organic Facts) To an even more extreme level, people who suffer from Crohn’s Disease claim that coconut oil provides a lot of relief. As reported by Health Impact News, “Another study done in 2009 in Spain that compared sunflower oil with coconut oil on mice found that the mice fed the MCT diet with coconut oil had reduced colitis and reduced intestinal inflammation offering therapeutic hope for those suffering from Crohn’s disease.”

When it comes to dental and bone health, the major player is calcium. And ta-da! Coconut oil facilitates our bodies ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, including calcium and improve quality of teeth, as well as prevent tooth decay. This same notion applies to bone health.

Helps With Diabetes

(Organic Facts) Make your life easy by simply adding ¼-1/2 cup of coconut oil to your diet a day. Try drinking it in a smoothie or melt it in your tea. The coconut oil is also effective in attacking Streptococcus Mutans bacteria, which is notorious for causing cavities. You can also participate in oil pulling, which is when you swish a tablespoon of coconut oil around in your mouth for 20 minutes and it whitens your teeth.

Coconut oil assists in controlling blood sugar levels and secretion of insulin as well as helps utilize blood glucose effectively. (Organic Facts) A study was published in 2009 that discovered mice who were fed this all-natural oil had less insulin resistance and less body fat.

Balances Hormones for Thyroid and Blood Suagar Control

That being said, we are not suggesting anyone use large amounts of coconut oil to improve their diabetic symptoms. Simply incorporating a little bit of coconut oil in your everyday routine should improve your health.

Some people don’t realize just how important balanced hormones are to an individual’s ability to function day to day. Your hormones affect everything from growth to sexual function to overall mood. Coconut oil is great for helping balance hormones because it assists in weight loss, reducing inflammation, and has its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Anti-Aging Remedy

Because of this, “it’s considered to have to necessary building blocks for hormone production,” (Wellness Mama) It’s medium-chain fatty acids that work their magic. It’s one of the three essential blocks for keeping hormones in check and hormone production.

It is coconut oil’s antioxidants that make it great for anti-aging. It helps the body prevent damage to healthy fats and tissue. According to Dr.

Can Cure Yeast Infections

Oz, oxidation is a major contributor to aging and coconut oil can help the body reduce the need for antioxidant intake. “The natural oil minimizes wrinkles by promoting collagen production and replacement.” (Natural News) Some bloggers also recommend adding apple cider vinegar in your daily regimen for the best possible results.

For those of you who have had a yeast infection, there is no mistaking it. For those of you haven’t, it’s an inflammation on the body that’s irritated, can cause discharge and is usually very itchy. People want to get rid of this as soon as possible, and that might mean acting before they can get into the doctor. According to Organic Facts, coconut oil can prevent and cure candida.

Protects the Liver

“It can provide relief from inflammation caused by candid, both externally and internally,” said OF. This is a gradual process and doesn’t happen immediately. Partnered with its antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties – coconut oil’s caprylic acid helps break down the cell membrane which controls the yeast, keeping it from growing and getting worse.

The liver is one of those organs that people tend to forget to take care of. If you’re human, than it’s likely you have a drink now and then (maybe even more), which can be damaging to your liver. Give back to it by adding some coconut oil into your diet – it’ll be worth it.

Reduce Inflammation and Arthritis

As reported by Coconutoil.com, a study found that coconut oil protects the liver from toxic antibiotics. The coconut oil’s MCFAs, aka medium chained fatty acids, can have a lot of antioxidant properties that keep the liver healthy. Also, coconut oil is broken down very quickly in the liver, which gives the consumer an extra boost of energy and is processed like a carbohydrate.

According to the CDC, an estimated 52.5 million adults in the United States suffer from some form of arthritis, whether that’s rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus or gout. No only have researchers found that coconut oil works in treating arthritis inflammation, but it might actually work better than current pharmaceutical drugs. Coconut oil relieves inflammation and pain for people suffering from Arthritis.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Its MCFAs ease and loosen up stiff muscles and joints. It acts as a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory and muscle/joint lubricant. (Be Healthy with Coconuts)

Breast cancer (and this goes for all cancers) is something that people fight passionately for and we’re working toward making advances for a cure each and every day. 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in the course of her lifetime. Even though coconut oil is not a cure by any means, studies have proven that it might help act as a preventative measure.

Improves Skin Issues Like Burns, Eczema, Dandruff, Dermatitis, and Psoriasis

In the study, individuals who were given coconut oil were less likely to develop tumors and more likely to fight off cancer cells. Also, breast cancer patients going through chemo claim that coconut oil helps curb some of the painful side effects of the treatment.

Our skin is by far our largest organ and can experience a very wide range of issues including burns, dandruff, dermatitis and more. A Dermatologist might prescribe you many different pills and topicals to fight each issue individually, but there is something – one thing – that has the ability to treat almost the skin issue you’re battling. That’s right, this magical coconut oil is the ticket. The secret to coconut oil’s ability to help with all of this is its incredible moisturizing properties.

Helps Build Muscle

The fatty acids in the oil make it great for cleansing, moisturizing and sun protectant. It also has antioxidants that help heal the skin. (Dr. Axe)

When people decide they want to start really building muscle, one of the first things they do is cut out foods that are going to keep them from their ultimate goal. People start eating lean and drinking whatever protein shakes necessary to bulk up. The downside – healthy food doesn’t really taste ALL that good…What some people have found has really helped them see progress when building muscle is incorporating coconut oil into their daily shakes. It adds juiciness and flavor to what would otherwise be bland.

Can Treat Cold Sores

The magic of coconut oil is its healthy fats. The good monounsaturated fats it has to offer are what make those muscles really pop (not to mention the longer lasting energy). (Muscle and Fitness)

Gotta hate those pesky nuisances that pop on on the corners of mouths from time to time. Not only are they painful, but they are pretty embarrassing. We can get rid of cold sores fast enough! Luckily, coconut oil is a cheap, fast-acting solution to the problem. Cold sores are caused by a herpes virus that lies dormant in nerve cells until activated by anxiety, stress, cold, sun exposure or illness (Sun Warrior).

Coconut oil’s antiviral properties make it a great way to heal cold sores quickly. It also acts as a pain reliever. (Green Med Info) How? Again, those medium0-chain triglycerides have antiviral properties and knock back those cold sores. Bonus: coconut oil is clear, so by applying to the sore you’re not drawing any more attention to it.