Boy Rejected In High School Gets Last Laugh As Trans Woman

Giving It Another Try 

She had been crushing on him for ages now, she needed to know whether or not he sees a future with her or not. Her previous attempt was rejected, but she could only hope that this time, things would be different. 

She could feel her heart racing as she typed out the message. It was now or never. She sent the message and left her fate in the hands of the universe. However, nothing could have prepared her for what was going to happen next.

Wrong Body

At the age of three, Erin Anderson knew she was given the wrong body. She was called Aaron then, but she loved makeup and dolls more than she enjoyed action figures and cars. 

She fell in love with a boy she met on Facebook, so she decided to message him and share her feelings. His response stunned her... 


Jared Norris did not even beat around the bush, he blatantly rejected her. It broke her heart, regardless of how nice he was about it. 

Jared informed her that he had no interest in her. However, she did not message him as Erin, but Aaron. She felt heartbroken and stuck in a body that was not meant for her. She knew she had to change the course of her situation. 

Regaining Control 

Erin spent hours researching online about how to transition into a woman. She felt like it was time for her to regain control of her life. 

She found a program that would help her become the woman of her dreams. She instantly enrolled in the program. However, becoming who she wanted was no easy task. 

No Time To Spare 

Erin had to undergo two imperative procedures. Firstly, she needed to go through an augmentation surgery, which she underwent as soon as she could. 

The second procedure was hormone replacement therapy, which would take two years to be completed. It broke Erin's heart, she needed to be freed from her restrictions, and she could not wait two years for it to happen. 

Words Of Encouragement 

Erin shared her problem with her closest friends and family, who told her not to be discouraged and to just follow through with the therapy. They told her that if she really wanted to transition, she would do everything in her power to do so. 

Erin took her family's words to heart and started hormone therapy. Halfway through the process, she felt like she had made a horrible mistake. 


Her body responded well to the therapy, but she felt like she went into this without thinking it through. There was no going back now, her life would forever be altered. 

She remembered the years she yearned to finally be a woman. She knew she was doing the best thing for her, but there was another issue staring her in the face.

The Last Stretch 

She was informed that she needed one more surgery, gender reassignment, to complete her transition. The problem was that it was a very expensive procedure. 

Erin desperately needed the support of her family. They assured her that they would be there for her no matter what. Now the question was, did she still want to do this?


Erin successfully completed her hormone replacement therapy. She felt renewed. She finally felt content with her body. 

Erin was eager to share her new body with the world, so she posted a picture on her social media. Various people shared in her joy, but there was one specific person that caught her eye. 

Hoping For A Different Outcome

Jared liked her picture! She felt like she was in a movie. The feelings she had for Jared years ago began to resurface. 

She knew that she was still in love with him. She had to do something about it. She promptly sent him a message containing her cellphone number. She hoped that this time would be different. She didn't think she would be able to go through rejection again. She closed her eyes and pressed the send button. 

His Response

Erin’s phone pinged within five minutes. She jumped to it, finding a message that sent a wave of searing heat up her spine.

Jared wanted to meet her. Seeing that her birthday was the next day, Erin set a date for that day. She met Jared, and they had a wonderful time. Afterward, Jared disclosed something that made Erin’s jaw drop.

True Happiness

Jared shared that he loved how Erin was free to be herself. He enjoyed spending time with her and would love to do it again. 

Jared and Erin spent the week getting to know each other. By Friday evening, they were an item on Facebook. Erin could not believe it. Little did she know that dating Jared brought its set of problems. 

Us Against The World

Before dating Jared, Erin had gone out with a few people. Although she liked them, none of them ever introduced her to their friends or family as trans, which was hurtful.

Everything was different with Jared. He introduced Erin as his trans girlfriend. He was proud to call her his. But his courage resulted in another issue.

Being Strong

Erin and Jared’s relationship was attracting the wrong crowd. The couple received death threats over their relationship. These messages made Erin feel like she was not woman enough. 

But in this sea of vile and hateful messages were words of encouragement that helped the couple power through the hate. Amid all this drama, Jared did the unthinkable. 

A Perfect Match

“I love you,” Jared confessed one rainy afternoon. “No matter what the world thinks. You are willing to put yourself out there, to be yourself. You are perfect in my eyes, and nothing will ever change that.”

This declaration shook Erin, showing her life was finally perfect. Erin had Jared by her side and the love of her family and friends. What else could she ever want?