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Red Flags To Help You Avoid A Toxic Relationship

If you are in a relationship with someone you love but you feel like something is not right, then this might mean that you are in a toxic relationship. The problem with this is that most people tend to overlook major red flags that show they are in a toxic relationship because they care deeply for their significant other. Unfortunately, this never works out well in the end because there’s nothing good that can come out of a toxic relationship. With that said, today we are going to show you the top 20 red flags that will help you avoid toxic relationships.

The biggest red flag that you need to look out for is the lack of communication. If your significant other is not willing to talk things over and to solve issues by communicating about them and coming up with a solution, then you are surely going to have serious problems with him/her in the long run.

This might be a tough pill to swallow, but irresponsible people are not the best ones to start a relationship with. Just think about it for a second. If the person you love is irresponsible and never goes to work on time, then this lifestyle is only going to get worse from here on out.

Are you familiar with the feeling of “walking on eggshells”? This is the feeling you get when you are hesitant to express yourself because your loved one might overreact and it never feels good. This is a major red flag that shows you will never able to be your true self.

Do you feel drained of energy throughout the day? The cause of this might not be your diet or fitness and it might be caused by having to deal with your significant other. You should never feel exhausted emotionally or physically after spending time with your loved one.

Another red flag that most people seem to simply overlook is negative energy. If you feel like your significant other is constantly throwing fits and making you feel bad, then this sadly means that your relationship doesn’t have a bright future.

All couples fight from time to time. This is normal and it’s actually healthy according to psychologists. However, if this happens quite often and things get out of hand, then it shows that you are not on the same page with your loved one. 

If the words screaming and accusations sound too familiar to you, then this is another red flag. This means that your significant other doesn’t trust you and that he/she is always feeling like you are doing something behind their back.

If your significant other is doing everything in his/her power to have you all to themselves, then this is showing that they are needy. The worst case is when the significant other is trying to get you to break relationships with friends and family members.

Another important red flag that you should take note of is how your significant other talks about their ex. This is all about emotional baggage and how your significant other deals with it. Keep in mind that he/she will talk the same way about you if something goes wrong.

The biggest red flag that you need to look out for is controlling behavior. Both female and male partners will do this and it reveals that they are manipulative people who will make you choose between them and everyone else.

When people are being rude to their family members, then this should start sounding like an alarm bell. This shows how that person is treating people that they love and that they have long-term relationships with.

If you ask any psychiatrist what is the most important thing in a relationship, they will all answer with “respect”. Therefore, feeling disrespected by your loved one is a big red flag that you should avoid.

As previously mentioned, mutual respect is essential to a healthy relationship. The same can be said about trust because, without it, you basically have nothing keeping you together.

If you have ever been abused in any way, shape or form then you need to get out of that toxic relationship as soon as ever. There are many types of abuse (mental, spiritual, physical) and all of them are bad.

One of the worst things in a relationship is to feel trapped. If this ever happens to you, then it means that your mind is trying to tell you that you need to move on because the relationship is not going anywhere.

Do you feel like you and your significant other are keeping score on each other? For example, score when someone is right or wrong. According to psychologists, keeping score is a hidden form of building up guilt and bitterness.

According to multiple psychologists, people who completely shut off or “stonewall” their partners when they are mad or upset are never good to start a relationship with. Couples need to learn how to express themselves and talk things over without throwing a fit.

If the balance of power is a major concern for you, then this is another red sign that you might be in a toxic relationship. Dr. Lachmann is saying that the power level needs to be balanced for a relationship to be healthy.

Another major red flag in a relationship is when someone has a secret past and doesn’t want to share it with their significant other. This usually means that the person is trying to hide who they really are and that they feel ashamed.

Feeling undervalued and underappreciated is one of the worst feelings in the world and there is no doubt about that. This shows that the significant other doesn’t really care about the way his loved one feels and that he/she wants to get the feeling of being on top at all costs.


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