Strange Feelings That Prompted Action Saving Lives

Texting Mistake

John and his girlfriend had been dating so long he could quickly identify her texting style. One evening John received a text from her, and he could not help but feel like something was off. He turned his car around and went back to her to see if everything was alright. 

He opened the door and was welcomed with the unpleasant sight of her kissing someone else. He trusted his instincts, and it showed him who Sheila was deep down.

Not Taking Him Home 

Sarah connected with an interesting man on a dating website, and they hit it off almost immediately. They shared the same hobbies and enjoyed the same kind of music. He made her feel safe, and she was enjoying their date. However, she could not help but feel like she had to walk away from her date. 

As soon as she arrived home, she noticed her friend's message regarding her date. He was a thief who made his way into women's homes and then stole everything they owned. 

Second Opinion 

Josie struggled with migraines for more than three days, blaming the hot summer days for her ailment. But something kept prompting her to go to the hospital for a second opinion, so she did.

When the doctor inspected her and found no problems, he ordered a cat scan, which revealed that Josie had a lump in her skull, which could have grown larger if she had arrived a few days later. 

Impulsive Decisions 

Amy hated her job. She felt like her employer was constantly taking advantage of her and could utilize her skills in a better way. Amy shared these thoughts with a friend who, in return prompted her to apply for a job in a different country. Excited at the prospect of starting over, she applied instantly and handed in her two weeks notice. 

Amy felt concerned when the deadline for the new job passed; just as she was going to ask for her job back, she received word that she had been hired and would begin work in a week.

Nagging Saves The Day 

One woman's sister pestered her about a strange noise her car was making. She loved driving with loud music, so she did not notice it at all. Her sister insisted on having it checked, so she complied with her request to keep the peace. 

When they arrived at the mechanics, he informed her that her tired had a large screw inside, and if she came a few days later the damage would have been irreversible.


Joy wanted to purchase a new printer, so she tried to sell her old one. She posted an advertisement online and almost instantly got a response from someone who was interested. 

Joy suggested they meet at a coffee shop to do the exchange, but the man constantly messed her around. She started to get a strange feeling and decided to withdraw her offer. It turns out that these people were snatching electronics while posing as buyers.

Spotting Something Dangerous 

Making their way home from a day at the mall, two girls walked across the street to find their car. One girl noticed two weird men approaching them. She urged her friend to start running, but she refused to listen to her. 

She noticed one of the men pulling out a weapon, and she sprinted away into oncoming traffic. They were so taken aback that they ran away. Her gut feeling saved them that day. 

Life-Saving Call

Her friend called her after school like she usually does, but there was something different about this call. The conversation was dry and bleak, and she kept on sharing how much she loved me until she abruptly ended the call. 

She then contacted her friend's sister and begged her to see if she was okay. Good thing she called her sister because they found the poor girl on her bedroom floor, and it appeared like she had drank a lot of pills. 

Beating The Morning Traffic 

One woman's sister had an important interview and asked if she could get a lift. Her sister informed her that she had planned the route and needed to leave at 7 to be there at 8. 

However, she had this nagging feeling that they should leave right away on the morning of the interview. Her sister obliged, and as soon as they hit the freeway, they were welcomed with a lot of traffic. Despite this, they made it to the interview on time due to her gut feeling.

Overbearing Mother 

One person shared that their mother was known as the 'panic mechanic' in their household as she always wanted to be informed of everyone's whereabouts. So, her sister decided to take advantage of this and lie about where she was going. 

But when she arrived at her party, she completely forgot to text their mother that she was safe. Their mother rallied everyone up to find their sister, and when they did, she was furious. She was seen drinking alcohol and the authorities arrived shortly after they left. Thanks to her mother, she avoided going to jail. 

Violent Outrage

My little sister Ammie and I decided to attend a concert together, she was paying me to drive her there, so I did not mind. The first artist performed, and I enjoyed it. However, when preparing for the second stage, I told her that we should leave, and she said no. 

Within seconds people started beating each other up and getting violent, lucky for me I was already by the door and away from the insanity.

Do Not Talk To Strangers

When we were kids, my mom used to say that we should not talk to people we don’t know or eat anything from a stranger. My friend James and I were playing outside when our ball fell into the yard of the guy nobody liked. When we got to his house, he offered us a drink and candy. 

My friend took it, and I declined. Later that night, my friend had terrible tummy aches. He learned his lesson that day, and I thanked my mom for her teachings.

Free Drinks

Nothing makes an adult happier than the word ‘free.’ So my girl Robin and I went clubbing that night, and when we got to the bar to get our drinks, some guy offered to buy us drinks. I told Robin that this was a bad idea, but she told me to loosen up. 

So she drank mine and hers. Within 5 minutes, she told me that the room was spinning and feeling nauseous. The guy kept offering to drive her to the Dr, but little did he know I was a medical student and knew what was going on.

Someone Is Behind Me

Suzy was driving home from lunch and enjoying the scenic route home. She realized that there was a red car behind her, because it was the same car driving behind her from the mall. 

So she went into survival mode and drove the way her dad taught her if she ever got followed. She turned her indicator light to the right and went left instead, and the red car drove off.

Intruder Alert

My parents lived in a gated community, and I would visit them whenever I could, for the pool, of course. My dad was on a work trip when I got home. It was just my siblings and mom. So after the movie ended, everyone went to sleep, excluding me. 

For some reason, I could not sleep. It turns out a man was standing behind the curtain waiting for me to leave so that he could rob the house. As soon as I went upstairs, we heard the door open and my brother yelling, ‘stop.’