Ready to Fly? Check Out the Safest Airlines in the World

Ready to Fly? Check Out the Safest Airlines in the World

As the world begins to move to a post-Covid-19 state, people are starting to travel again, and flights during Christmas 2020 broke records. Even in a world without a pandemic, an airline can make or break a trip for you if you don’t choose the right one. Here are some of the top-rated airlines for safety, entertainment, and punctuality to help you feel like it's safe to fly once again.


Voted the safest airline 2014-2017, Qantas has again taken the top spot in 2020. The company has led the charge in operational safety measures for over 60 years. Known for its friendly cabin crew, complimentary WiFi, and inflight streaming services, there’s a reason it’s considered the favorite airline of Australia.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has swapped the title of the safest airline with Qantas for years. It came in second in 2019 but shared the top spot in 2018 with the Australian airlines. Praised for its airport lounges for waiting customers, Air New Zealand also has a unique gate-to-gate entertainment service. Customers can start streaming their on-flight videos while at the gate before even boarding their flight. It was also rated fourth place for the best long-haul flights in 2019.


Ranked third in safety, Taiwanese airline EVA Air hasn't had a major incident since it was founded in 1988. EVA Air has been repeatedly recognized for its excellence and multiple awards over the years for safety priorities. It's also become one of the trendiest airlines as well. In 2020, fashion designer Jason Wu designed a special EVA Air exclusive, with pajamas and slippers for business passengers.


ANA, also known as All Nippon Airways, is Japan’s only 5-Star rated airline. It is also rated second in most punctual airlines in the world. Awarded a seven-star safety rating, the highest an airline can get, its history includes no major incidents within the last five years. For parents, the ANA Lounge in Haneda Airport features a Star Wars Kids Area for your little ones to run off some energy before their flight.

Etihad Airways

Not only is Etihad Airways considered one of the safest airlines, but it was also ranked fifth in the world for entertainment on long haul flights. Etihad is also at the forefront of innovation for its premium class amenities. The airline's diamond level features leather seats with a massage function, a personal minibar, a wardrobe for overnight flights, and a private changing room. Even the economy class offers free WiFi, full meals and drink services, plus audio inputs so passengers can play their own music.


While it might not be the fanciest airline on the list, JetBlue is one of the safest airlines in the United States. It has an excellent record in its sixteen-year history with no major injuries. It's also affordable, ranking among the top ten of low-cost air carriers in 2016. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of Etihad or EVA, but JetBlue will get you to your destination securely and won't break the bank.

Alaska Airlines

You might have seen the Alaska Airlines’ viral “Safety Dance” video, but safety is a title that they’ve earned. Ranked in the top 20 of airlines in 2020, they have something positive to dance about. They’ve been at the forefront enforcing Covid-19 protocols to make sure each passenger is cared for.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is another 5-Star Airline that’s considered one of the safest in the world and ranked in fifth place in 2020. It's well known for its amenities, including over 4,000 movies for in-flight entertainment and tasty dining options. Even the economy class is known for its spacious room and excellent customer service, plus every seat gets a blanket and pillow. As you plan to take to the skies again, consider booking a flight on these top-rated safe airlines.