Rare Photos Of Bruce Lee That Are Newly Discovered


Bruce Lee is one of the most influential martial artists of all time. He was well-respected all throughout the world and loved by many.Unfortunately, Bruce Lee was taken from us in 1973 at the young age of 32, but his legacy lived on.

In our article, we include photos of Bruce Lee that are rarely seen.

Bruce Lee was working on the film 'The Game of Death' when this photo was taken. He worked as a director for that film as well as the 'Way of the Dragon'.

Viva Las Vegas

Although he was working on 'The Game of Death', the film was not completed in his lifetime.

Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali were good friends throughout his life. Here they're taking a photo in Las Vegas at the prime of their lives.

Joseph Hayes

In the 1960s, a cultural revolution was on the rise and these two were living it up in Sin City.

Joseph Hayes is one of the greats in the world Tae Kwon Do, and Bruce Lee was a big fan of Hayes. This rare photo shows Lee congratulating Hayes after a successful competition in Washington D.C.

Bruce In China

at the time.

Bruce Lee is one of the most influential martial artists of all time, and his workout methods are still being studied and used today.

Teenage Bruce

This picture epitomizes him very well as it shows his balanced life and infectious smile.

Bruce Lee was born in San Francisco, but he moved to Hong Kong at a young age.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Hong Kong’s film industry was just starting out and Lee landed a few film roles in both Hong Kong and Hollywood.

The star basketball player towered over Lee with his astounding height. This shot was taken during the filming of 'Game of Death', which was the film Lee was making when he suddenly died of what the autopsy called cerebral edema, swelling of the brain from an allergic reaction to painkillers.

Chuck Norris

His untimely death has been at the center of controversy since the autopsy.

The jokes are endless when it comes to Chuck Norris due to his manliness, but the fact is that he trained with the best-- Bruce Lee. They were in several films together on their way to becoming the masters that they eventually became.

Sharply Dressed

The two respected each other very much and had a good friendship with each other.

Bruce Lee looked good in anything he wore.

Buff In Color

As a great martial artist who could do moves no one else could duplicate, he was also an actor with star power and would occasionally have to show up to read carpet events all dressed up.


Bruce Lee is a master of martial arts, and fitness gurus and martial arts experts alike study and use his methods to this day to whip themselves into shape and realize amazing strength other humans can only dream about.

There's no doubt Bruce Lee was a good looking guy.

Family Man

If people weren’t so interested in his martial arts expertise, he could have easily made it as a model.

Here's a rare family photo with his wife Linda Emery, son Brandon, and daughter Shannon. His philosophies in martial arts covered how he conducted himself in life as well.

Interesting Workout

He was a great father to his children and a good man to his wife. His son Brandon even went on to become a famous actor as well, although his life was cut short due to an on-set accident while filming 'The Crow'.

Discipline was a major theme of Lee's life. Not only did he have a very strict diet, but did very difficult workouts that no one had heard of during his time.

Happy Bruce On A Boat

His regimen was so demanding that few people can actually go through it, even to this day!

It's rare to see Bruce Lee like this because of his disciplined background but everybody needs some time to relax, right?

Michael And Bruce

So, when he wanted to put the star power on, he could do it just like any natural Hollywood actor.

Skeptics love to hate this photo. Michael Jackson was born in 1958, which means he couldn’t have been more than 15 since Lee died in 1973.

Ceremonial Gear

So it's safe to say that this photo has its reasons to be controversial.

In this photo, Lee is sharply dressed for a Chinese ceremony. According to experts, Lee is wearing a special martial arts outfit used for ceremonial purposes.

The Lee Kids

Although this photo may not look too out of the ordinary, nothing else is known about this rare picture.

Although Bruce spent a lot of quality time with his kids, there aren’t many photos of them together.

Van Williams

The media may have liked to leave Bruce and his family alone because they could potentially be afraid of the martial arts master and what he could do with just his hands.

While the two were co-stars on the film 'The Green Hornet', Bruce and Van were actual friends in real life.

Finger Strength

This was Lee’s first exposure to the audience in America, and Bruce even had a cameo in one of Williams' films early on.

Lee had incredible strength and he proved it in many ways. Here, we see Bruce Lee doing a pushup with just two fingers!

DJ Bruce Lee

His two finger push up was one way he showed the strength everyone marveled over, and it proved how disciplined and strong he truly was.

Apparently, Bruce Lee was good at anything he put his mind too, including being a DJ. Although we couldn't find any types of vinyl with Bruce's name as the producer.

Maybe there's a secret tape with his music on it out there somewhere.