Principal Tells Boy To Wait, Has No Idea School's On Fire

He Never Saw It Coming

Adrenaline was pumping through Mitchie's body as his hands shook. Surely this had to be some kind of joke, right? His heart was pounding at this point. 

He couldn't believe any of this. He never imagined that he would find anything like this, especially not at his school. But there it was, right before his eyes.  


He thought about running as far away as he could or scream for help. But instead, he stood frozen in his tracks, the look of terror plastered on his face. He knew he had to do something. 

He knew he had to get everyone out of the school. But the clock was ticking, and time was running out. 

End Of An Era

For Mitchie Smith, he knew he had to salvage every single high school moment. You see, graduation was just around the corner, and it would soon be the end of an era for him and his buddies. 

But with every chapter that ends, a new chapter starts, and Mitchie couldn’t help but feel excited about what was coming next.


So when a new school week kicked in, Mitchie made sure he would cherish every single memory and moment before he would have to part ways with his peers. 

However, something was about to happen that he could have never suspected. But he had no idea his world was about to get turned upside down.  

One Of His Last Days

Mitchie walks through his high school entrance, armed with a fresh coffee and his earphones. Walking down the hallway he greeted his classmates with a beaming smile. Oh, how he was going to miss them!

He had nothing but fond memories of all his years in that high school, and it was for a good reason.


You see, Mitchie was a popular kid, but he wasn’t just popular amongst students; teachers loved him too. He was clever, funny, smart, and sensible. He excelled in all his classes, and everyone could tell that he was going places.

But not even Mitchie, despite being one of the most brilliant students in the school, could have predicted what would happen next. 

Starting His Day

Mitchie’s first lesson of the day? History. Not his favorite lesson but it could be worse. He lets out a sigh as he sits at his desk and he rubs his tired eyes. As soon as the lesson starts, he taps his pen and watches the clock go round and round; counting down until the lesson finishes.

Yes, Mitchie thought today was going to be just a normal, boring day. But he had no idea how wrong he was. 

Hallway Memories

After his lesson finished, Mitchie shot up from his desk and met up with his friends in the hallway. They huddled together and headed outside to eat their breakfast. 

Walking through the hallway, nostalgia hit Mitchie. He kept remembering all the moments he had lived in those hallways; the good, the bad, and the ugly. And he wasn’t the only one. 

Emotional Moments

A lot of people were crying and hugging; wiping away the tears from their eyes while scrolling on each others’ yearbook. Everybody was obviously feeling emotional about the imminent graduation. 

However, they couldn’t suspect that this wouldn’t be the only thing that would leave everybody in tears today. So much more was yet to come. 

Next Lesson

Once Mitchie and his friends finished their breakfast, they headed back inside for another lesson. This time it was Art. Mitchie usually had a good time in Art class. 

He thought his teacher Mrs. Michele was great, and the two of them got along really well. However, that day things would be different, he just didn’t know yet.

Stern Look

He sat at his table and smiled at his teacher. Usually, she gave back a cheery smile at the beginning of every class, but this time was different.

Instead, a stern look was plastered on her face. Suddenly, she started to make her way over to Mitchie. And a terrible feeling hit the pit of his stomach. 

Running An Errand

What did his teacher want to tell him? By the look on her face, it looked like it was something serious. Mitchie braced himself for what she had to say.

“Will you take these documents to the headteacher please Mitchie?” she asked. “Sure thing!” Mitchie responded, flashing his smile. He picked up the documents and made his way to the principal's office. 

He Saw It

At first, Mitchie thought it would be something more serious. But what was in those papers? Well, that was none of his business. As he walked down the eerily quiet hallway, memories of his school years came flooding back. 

But then suddenly, in the corner of his eye, he saw something outside. And what he saw made his stomach drop to his knees. 

Terror And Shock

This had to be some sort of joke. Mitchie’s mouth drops wide open as his eyes fixate on what he can see outside. Confusion, terror, and adrenaline burst through his body and his breath quickens. 

Right then and there, he knew what to do. However, there was something blocking him from acting. He was paralyzed.


He had to get help. He had to do something; he couldn’t just stand here. But for some reason, he couldn’t move one muscle of his body.

He was frozen in his tracks, filled with terror and anxiety. After a few seconds, he snapped out of it and raced to the principal. He had to get everyone out of here. 

Running For Help

Mitchie raced through the school hallways, his heartbeat in his throat. Finally, he reached the principal's office and he bursted inside. 

“Sir, sir,” Mitchie yelled out. The principal was inside, however, he was speaking to someone else. “Just wait boy,” the principal said, his tone blunt. But Mitchie couldn’t wait any longer. Time was running out. 

You Need To See This!

“Sir, please you need to come here and see this!” Mitchie proclaimed. With each second that passed, Mitchie’s pulse beat faster and faster, to the point where it felt like his heart was about to jump out of his mouth.

What he saw outside still burned into the back of his mind, he had to make sure everyone was safe. 

“Sir, Please!”

“Sir, please!” yelled Mitchie. But the principal turned around and gave Mitchie a look that could freeze ice. “What is all this yelling about? You better learn your manners, boy, and I’ll get back to you after,” he spat out. 

His words were bullets hitting straight at Mitchie. How could he not realize that what he had to say was urgent?

An Emergency

Mitchie knew that he couldn’t wait any longer, he yelled, “look outside sir, it’s an emergency!” Visibly annoyed, the principal muttered to himself and glanced over at Mitchie. 

For the first time, he saw the look of terror on Mitchie’s face and he instantly realized that he meant business. But still, he was puzzled. What could be so urgent?

Lost For Words

Although slower than Mitchie would have wished, the principal then walked towards the window and peered outside. And what he saw left him lost for words. 

Now he understood why Mitchie was so shaken and dismayed by what he had just seen in the hallway. How could he have been so foolish for letting this happen? 

Not What He Expected

You see, a fire had broken out in one of the dustbins near the entrance. It wasn’t a rip-roaring fire but it was still a pretty wild fire, and as soon as Mitchie saw it he knew he was in trouble.

However, he had enough sense to realize that he wouldn’t be able to deal with it by himself. That’s why he ran to the school’s authorities.

“I Told You”

The principal’s mouth dropped as he saw the fire become even stronger and even bigger. He turned to Mitchie who just smirked at him, despite the seriousness of the situation. “I told you,” Mitchie said. 

The principal started to panic. Now, he had to think fast on how to deal with it. Because it wasn’t too late, was it? 

Pressing The Alarm

There was only one thing they could do at that moment, and they both knew it: Mitchie raced down the hall and immediately smashed the fire alarm button. 

The piercing sound lingered in the air, and crowds of worried students and teachers left their classrooms and started to race through the hallway.

Leaving The Building

Mitchie rounded up a few students and told them where to leave. Suddenly, the principal appeared and he thanked Mitchie and apologized for dismissing him and taking his fear for rudeness. 

The fire department arrived 15 minutes later. Luckily for everyone, they managed to put out the fire in no time. However, things were about to get even worse for Mitchie. 

Who Started It?

While the entire school (2,000 students to be exact) stood outside worried about their school, the fire department soon arrived. Within half an hour, they were able to put the fire out.  

As soon as they did, the students cheered and applauded the fire department. But when it came to figuring out how the fire was started, all fingers started to point in one direction. 


Everyone looked at Mitchie, and some hands in the crowd even pointed at him. Mitchie’s jaw dropped. He didn’t expect to be singled out like that. How could all those people believe he had been the one causing the fire?

Why would he even do something like that? There was no way he could be guilty. Or maybe there was?

Blame Game

As Mitchie was the first to discover the fire outside, the fire department immediately blamed him for starting it. Offended and angry, Mitchie proclaimed his innocence. 

The principal stared at Mitchie, baffled. What if it all had been a dumb antic? But how could that be? After all, Mitchie was one of the top students in the school. And that wasn’t all. 

Model Student

During all his years studying in that high school, Mitchie had never gotten himself in trouble. In short, Mitchie was the last person anyone could suspect of doing something like that.

But now, the principal had doubts. What if he had fooled them all along? So after thinking for a few seconds, he made a decision.


Mitchie was temporarily suspended until the CCTV examined on the hallways could be examined to find out how the fire started. He was devastated to hear this. What if he missed his graduation?

In order to have access to the footage, however, the school would have to get authorization from the police department. So it would take a few days, if not weeks.


Thankfully, the process didn’t last for longer than a couple of days, and Mitchy was proven not guilty after CCTV footage was reviewed. 

The footage showed that the fire was started by a cigarette. Mitchie was happy that the fire was resolved, now he could concentrate on the inevitable emotional next few months.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.