People Share Popular Mysteries That Were Found to Have Pretty Simple Explanations

Unsolved mysteries while fascinating can be mind-racking. I mean who wouldn’t want to know the actual reason why the disappearances around the Bermuda Triangle happen? Or if the Bermuda Triangle even exists in the first place?   As humans, we all love to find the reasons why things have happened.

A logical explanation to why things have happened. Well sadly, the Bermuda Triangle is yet to have an answer (Or is it?) Here is a list from Reddit of some actual mysteries that had people almost believing in the supernatural till they were solved.

The disappearance of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince, who was also a French reconnaissance pilot during World War II. In 1944, he took off on a reconnaissance mission from Corsica and never made it back, and there was never any evidence of what might have happened to him and his plane.

Finally, in 1998, a French fisherman pulled up his net and found wrapped in it a silver bracelet engraved with Saint-Exupery's name, and in 2004, a diver searched in the area and found the remains of his plane, which had apparently been shot down by a German fighter after all. BitterestLily

Adrienne Shelly was a screenwriter for Waitress. Husband came home to find her hanging in the shower - ruled a suicide. He insists she was happy and would never off herself promoting another view of the crime scene where they found a shoe print that matched a construction worker in the building.

Sure enough, the construction worker went to rob her and thought he had offed her, so he tried to make it look like she did it herself and it turned out that the hanging ended up being the actual thing that offed her. Juniper338

Benjamin Kyle, a man found beaten behind a Burger King with severe amnesia. It was a fascinating mystery until it was solved, then it was kind of sad. He had made TV appearances, had a couple of AMAs on Reddit, but no one could identify him.  When his identity was discovered, William Burgess Powell, there was still a 20-year gap in his life from 1984 to 2004.

There's no record he had done anything. He had distanced himself from his family and had no friends, which is why no one recognized or identified him from his TV appearances. Kariodude

1947 a British South American Airways aircraft named Star Dust disappeared, its last message was simply "STENDEC". After an exhausting search, no trace of the aircraft was found. For years conspiracy theories and talk of Alien abduction by wackos circulated. Till 1998, when mountain climbers on a remote mountain found an engine, pieces of metal, and clothing at the bottom of a glacier on the side of Mount Tupungato.  Turns out the aircraft got caught flying the wrong way in the jet stream while it was flying at night and using a system of timing when to start their descent. Being in the jet stream reduced their airspeed in relation to the earth and they smacked themselves straight into the side of a mountain, after which an avalanche covered the wreckage.

The wreckage took decades to flow down the side of the mount with the glaciers. The glacier preserved the wreck so well that 50 years later the recovery team found identifiable remains, personal items, and could read serial numbers on the engines. Amazing one of the landing gear tires were still inflated, and that teams continued to visit the site periodically as more of the aircraft, cargo, and remains of passengers are still emerging from the ice. OldWhoFan

I have one that most people seem to not know about. Grand Duchess Anastasia died with the rest of her family in 1918. She never escaped and several women throughout the 20th century claiming to be her lied. The site of the execution of the Tsar and his family was completely untouched until 1991. The excavation found only 9 of the 11 expected remains.

It wasn't until 2007 that two further sets of remains were found a small distance away from the previous gravesite. DNA testing found that one of the sets of remains belonged to Tsarevich Alexei and the other to one of his sisters. With this find, it proved conclusively that the entire Imperial family was in fact executed and buried in 1918. Voltwaffle

A hen was laying eggs with messages like "Christ is Coming" and people thought the world was ending. Turned out the farmer was actually writing on the eggs herself, and then reinserted it back into the chicken.


In 1981, a Soviet submarine ran aground in Swedish waters. This was a huge deal - although the Soviets claimed the sub was in distress and didn’t purposefully enter Swedish waters, basically, everyone in Sweden saw it as evidence that their waters were being invaded by spy subs. Plus, they did some snooping of their own and determined that the sub was emitting radiation, meaning it had nukes on board. So, they went along with the Soviets’ clearly false claim about an accident and helped get the sub out of there, but panic was in the air.
So the Swedes did exactly what you’d expect, and they prepared for more Soviet subs. I mean, when you see one Soviet sub, surely there are more, right? So Sweden developed advanced acoustic technology to detect subs and they created a plan to basically seal off their waters when they heard a sub. And wouldn’t you know it, a year later, they found a Soviet sub! Well, they didn’t find it, but they absolutely heard it. And they cut off the bay and figured they just had to hunt the sub down. But after a month, they couldn’t find it. They gave up and reopened the bay, but they assumed the sub found a way out. But they’ll get it next time! And then it happened again, but they couldn’t find it again. And then again and again with no clear pattern for a decade.

What the heck! Thankfully, the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed. So... no more subs, right? Nyet! Because the Russian subs were still coming! Wait, what? Okay, so now nothing is making sense. At this point, the Swedish military brought in outside experts to figure out what was happening. This included oceanographer-types who were obvious experts in the surrounding waters. The military then played the audio evidence of the Soviet submarines, only to be told they weren’t submarines at all - they were fish, and the propeller-like sound was water being released from their swim bladders. And that’s the story of how the Swedish military spent ten years and tens of millions of dollars chasing fish farts. DecoyOne

This is a personal family mystery that got solved a few years ago, so nothing exciting that would have gotten media attention, haha. But my maternal great-grandmother once ran away from home to the big city and came back pregnant. She refused to disclose anything about the father. Either way, even down to my generation, we have had unusually shaped feet. Rather flat, with a strange angle, and it has made most regular shoes uncomfortable. It's not so bad for me, I take physically more after my paternal side of the family, but my brother and mother have it really bad. So does my cousin, who ended up seeking the help of a physical therapist. The therapist said that her feet are truly unusually shaped, and referred her to a specialist doctor who's an expert on feet. (Apparently, that's a thing!) The doctor examined her feet and said that the only place in the world with distinct feet like that is a certain county in France, with winemakers who have been stomping on grapes for centuries.

He said that he is 99% certain that the feet come from there, that we must have close family lineage from there. My cousin told our family, and we were very confused. We most certainly don't have French relatives! Until we realized... GREAT-GRANDMA. The city she ran away to was known to house traveling craftsmen from all over the world. She must have hooked up with a French winemaker. We joked that now she rolled over in her grave because this strange feet doctor discovered her secret! EstrellaDarkstar

Devil's Kettle Falls: A stream separates into two sections, one continues normally the other spirals deep into a hole. All sorts of things were thrown down the hole in an effort to discover where the water went.

Ping pong balls, various dyes, it was even rumored that someone stuck an old car down there. Eventually, someone came up with a clever idea, they measured the total water flow above and below the falls and discovered they were similar enough to deduce the two streams join back up relatively quickly.

In 1964, Jim Templeton, a fireman from the English city of Carlisle, was spending an afternoon out with his family when he snapped a photograph of his young daughter without much thought. But when he got home and had the film developed, he noticed what has now become known as the Solway Spaceman. The photo shows what many people say is a person in some form of a spacesuit.

Kodak even analyzed the photo and their experts said it was authentic, lending to the spaceman theory. The spaceman was his wife with her back to the camera, he was only able to see 70% of the frame and didn't realize his wife was in the background of the picture.

Residents of Windsor (Canada) have been saying they could hear a hum coming from across the river in Detroit for the better part of a few decades. Well, turns out that when a steel producer turned their furnaces off recently (when they were closing up shop) the Hum stopped.

People had no idea what the noise could be until the factory closed. Also, a little fun fact; Zug Island (where the factory was located) was mentioned in Robocop and was also the destination of the SS Edmond Fitzgerald before it sank.

Scientists spent 37 years trying to figure out where monarch butterflies go in the winter. They spent a ton of time searching in Texas because that was the southernmost location where tagged butterflies were found. But the people in Mexico simply didn't get the memo that anyone was looking.

Until an American tourist found a butterfly tagged in Canada hundreds of miles south of Texas in the mountains near Mexico City. taleofbenji

Roman concrete that resisted seawater, and the missing Roanoke colony. The lost recipe for the concrete turned out to be something we misinterpreted, and the Roanoke colony was abandoned because the settlers decided to live and mix with the natives.

DNA tracing was able to connect this. November_Dawn_11

In 1997 a really weird and loud noise was detected underwater and everyone was all "WTF was that?". In 2012 it was determined it was an iceberg breaking and/or rubbing against the seabed.


Rocks would magically move up to 1,500 feet in the desert. Turns out it gets cold & freezes the ground overnight & the rocks would get pushed by the ice sheets that melted under the wind.


Dan Rather was attacked and beaten on a New York street by two men who kept demanding, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" He was rescued by a doorman, and the two guys got away. For years, no one knew who they were. Then a man invaded NBC Studios and caused the death of a stagehand. When captured, he explained that the networks were beaming radio messages into his head.

He wanted to know the frequency they were using so he could jam the signals. Dan Rather was shown a mugshot and positively identified his attacker. SpecificMost19

While it does not reveal the identity of The Zodiac, they were just recently able to solve his most infamous 340 cypher after 51 years.


Back in the 1800s, evolution theorists had predicted the age of the Earth to be several milliard years, since this would have been necessary for the current life forms to have evolved. But Kelvin, the number one superstar of physics at the time, had used thermodynamics to calculate the age of the Earth based on the temperature of its insides, and he said it was quite a bit younger. This was a mystery for many years and was considered one of the major flaws of then-current evolution theory. It was not until the early 1900s they found the answer: Radioactivity! Decays of uranium and other radioactive elements are heating up the Earth, so the cooling takes longer than expected. The biologists were right all along! But when the scientists who made the discovery were about to present their findings, who's sitting at the back of the lecture room?

It's Kelvin! Now an old man, he's still alive and has come to watch their presentation. They were terrified at the idea of having to stand in front of the Lord of Physics himself and basically explain why he was wrong. But to their great relief, he immediately fell asleep. I think about this when I myself fall asleep in physics class. It happens to the best of us. Merinther

The identity of Deep Throat (the Watergate whistleblower that eventually led to Nixon resigning) (not what you think, you pervs). His identity was secret for 31 years until 2005 when he was identified as Mark Felt, an FBI AD, who had come down with dementia when it was revealed (not by him, heh).


When I was a kid in the 80s, all that was known were the bones of the arms with enormous claws. Hence its name, "terrible hand". They were mostly shown grasping a small car because they were so freaking huge. The rest of the animal was a complete mystery. Was it like a giant Allosaurus, one that'd make the T-Rex look like a puppy in comparison?

A few years later it seemed more likely to be ostrich-like and an omnivore. Either way, given how rare it is for fossils to form at all, I was convinced I'd meet my maker without ever knowing what this dinosaur actually looked like. Then surprisingly in 2014, they found more bones and it was just the weirdest thing. riceandvegetable

So, in the early 2000s, someone posted new wave music that had been initially recorded off a German radio station on cassette around 1985. It contained about a minute of a song that became known as "Stay, the Second Time Around”, that no one seemed to be able to find any more information about. This became a pretty famous "earworm" internet mystery, until 2013 when folks on Reddit discovered the actual song and artist.

It turned out it was a song by Swedish artist Johan Lindell titled "Up On The Roof" that never became any kind of hit, and up until that time, had never been re-released after the original analog release. SovietShooter

Bermuda Triangle/devils sea... a triangle-shaped section of ocean where airplanes and boats were known to disappear. Apparently, most stories were embellished, and there is so much traffic that goes through the area it’s actually a very small number of vessels that go missing (percentage-wise).

So, there you have it. Most times, mysteries turn out to have a very simple explanation when closely examined. Weak_Independence793

El Dorado or the lost city of gold turned out to be a mistranslation. It was just the name of some guy that got mistranslated to the name of a city.


In the 1970s, a number of Japanese citizens disappeared from coastal areas in Japan. After many years it was found out that North Korea had abducted them.

Most of the missing were in their 20s; the youngest, Megumi Yokota, was 13 when she disappeared in November 1977, from the Japanese west coast city of Niigata. your-playboy

I mean, really, wtf! This woman starts giving birth to copious amounts of rabbit parts.

The woman gets taken to London and studied under intense supervision, turns out she was shoving the pieces up there days before for the publicity. IngravSrk

For many years, human feet kept washing up on the shores near Seattle and Vancouver. A total of 21 were found. Naturally, people thought there was a murderer afoot (sorry), and their modus operandi was to cut their victims’ feet off before disposing of the body in the ocean. Turns out many of the remains were deemed as suicides. 
The explanation is quite easy if you know what to look for.

You see, Seattle and Vancouver have many bridges, once people jump off and drown, their remains begin to decompose and the limbs detach. The foam and floaty material in their shoes ensured their feet would FLOAT and get caught in tidal currents, thus dispersing the detached feet. Case closed. CheapComb

Bourdin, the french guy who claimed to be a missing boy in the 90s- he even lived with the crazy mother. Nicholas Barclay, aged 13 at the time he went missing, was last seen playing basketball with his friends in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas, on 13 June 1994. Barclay never made it home and has not been seen or heard from since.  In 1997, Bourdin took Barclay's identity and was flown to the United States. Although Bourdin had brown eyes and a French accent, he convinced the family he was their blue-eyed son, saying he had escaped from a child prostitution ring and the ring had altered his eye color.

Bourdin lived with the family for almost five months until 6 March 1998. The craziest part is they recently found out the brother was the murderer and took Barclay’s life with permission of his mother, and the only reason the French guy got away with it was because the family didn't want to reveal that they knew how Barclay died. Taronar

Weeping Jesus statue in India mystery. Apparently, a Jesus statue started crying and all Christians along with Hindus started to drink it thinking it was miracle water.

It turned out to be sewage. beingbond

A small town in west Texas has lights that can be seen dancing off the horizon in a certain spot some nights. For many years the source of the light was not known and explanations ranged from mass hysteria to the ever-popular UFO. One researcher finally figured it out. The elevation changes and desert air would occasionally combine to distort and project headlights from cars on a highway several miles away.

Reports of the mystery lights from times before the invention of highway or automobiles are probably campfires in the general area of the highway. Like many highways, the area was already used as a road for quite a long time. debbieae

Chupacabra has been pretty much explained by a guy who investigated it for five years and wrote a book called Tracking the Chupacabra. Long story short, the initial eyewitness thought the movie Species was a documentary.

Most subsequent sightings/bodies were wild animals that looked weird because they had mange.