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Policeman Invents Fake Law To Abuse Uber Driver, The Uber Driver Turns Out To Be A Lawyer

You would think that if a policeman stopped a defense attorney, he recognized that he would know better than to come up with fake laws to make him get out of the car, right? Well, this is not what happened when officer Kenneth Becker pulled over Jesse Bright while he was working his part-time job as an Uber driver. The policeman abused his power and he invented random laws to scare Jesse Bright but to his surprise, the man was well versed in law. 

Uber is such a useful app that it has basically changed the way people get to their jobs or any other destinations. No one needs to sit outside in the cold in order to hail a taxi when they can simply order an Uber directly from their smartphones.

There are many people who work as Uber drivers in their spare time to earn an extra buck. Even though you might think that people with high-paying and respected jobs such as a defense attorney wouldn’t work as an Uber Driver, Jesse Bright is showing us that this can happen.

Jesse Bright finished law school and he is now working as a defense attorney in his hometown. The man has learned every law there is and he is always reading up on new changes. This is why Jesse is always prepared when a policeman asks him to pull over.

Jesse says that the reason why he drives for Uber is obviously to make some extra money but not only because of that. He gets to meet lots of amazing people and make new friends that he wouldn’t usually meet. However, driving for Uber is what got him in trouble.

Jesse had dropped a client at his destination and only a couple of minutes after he started driving towards his home he gets pulled over by a police car. Jesse knew that something was wrong and he decided to turn his dashcam towards him.

Getting a dashcam is super useful because you never know how someone might cut you off in traffic and you will end up paying that person’s repair bill. However, the dashcam can also be used when policemen are abusing their power.

Kenneth Becker is the name of the officer who pulled Jesse over and he was aggressive right from the start. Kenneth Becker started yelling at Jesse to turn off the dashcam because he didn’t want to be filmed. Although, Jesse knows his rights very well.

As previously mentioned, Jesse is well versed in law and he told the policeman that the law allows him to film policemen, even when they are pulling you over. The policemen didn’t like what he was hearing and he started yelling at Jesse to get out of the car.

Jesse realized that the policeman is abusing his power and that he doesn’t have any reason to make him get out of the car. Jesse was speaking calmly to the policeman and asked him under what law is he forced to get out of the car? The policeman’s answer is what got him demoted.

Without any hesitation, the policeman told Jesse that there is a new law that has passed recently and it makes it possible for all policemen to make people get out of their car. Jesse could feel that something fishy was going on, especially since another cop had brought two K9 dogs close to his car.

The reason why the second policemen brought the K9 dogs next to the car was to intimated Jesse and to make him get out of the car. Well, the exact opposite happened because Jesse was even more adamant about leaving his car.

As Jesse was looking around the car, he realized that the second policeman knows him from court. The two have met during a trial and the shocking thing about this is that the policeman didn’t care that Jesse is a defense attorney.

After arguing with Jesse for a total of ten minutes, the two policemen decided to stop. They couldn’t get anywhere with Jesse and as a plan of revenge, Jesse posted the video filmed by the dashcam online. The video went viral in less than a couple of hours.

The video that Jesse posted had millions of views the next day and people were angry to see how policemen are abusing their power. Everyone asked what would’ve happened if Jesse didn’t know his rights?

Since the video went viral and it made headlines all over the country, the Chief of Police had to release a statement. The Chief of Police said that what the two policemen did was wrong and that he actually encourages everyone to film policemen in action.

Even though the police force was criticizing Jesse for putting the two policemen in the spotlight, Jesse had an entire community supporting him. We can be sure that the next time that he gets pulled over, other policemen will not try to lie to him.

This story serves as a prime example of why everyone should make sure to learn their rights. You never know when a policeman like officer Kenneth Becker might pull you over.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the Chief of Police made sure to demote officer Kenneth Becker from his position. After all, he showed that he isn’t fit for the job and that he abuses his power.

We also want to mention that the video of Jesse arguing with the policemen doesn’t mean that that all cops are bad. Most of them are good people and they are just trying to do their jobs.

We have to give praise to Jesse for knowing his rights and for being smart enough to not fall for the fake laws that office Kenneth Becker was telling him. Let’s hope that the officer Kenneth Becker has learned his lesson.


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