Police Pulls Over Couple, But When They Start Filming She Realizes Something's Up

What Was Happening?

She was at a loss for what to do as her heart began to race. She watched from a distance as the policeman forced her boyfriend to the ground and handcuffed him. She was unable to believe what was taking place.

She was aware of nothing they had done to even remotely merit such mistreatment. She didn't want to risk being added to the handcuffs by speaking up, though. The next question she heard nearly knocked her off her feet!

Car Enthusiast

Sam Watson had previously witnessed her boyfriend, Austin Urhahn, being stopped by the police. In actuality, it had occurred frequently. There was nothing Austin enjoyed more than cars and motorcycles; he was a true racing enthusiast.

He put a lot of effort into his career from an early age so that he could afford the cars he wanted. And he was reaping the rewards of all of his hard work. 

His Pride And Joy

Austin had been able to earn from his passion for the car industry by selling used cars for a profit. Because of his aptitude, he was able to accumulate enough savings to purchase the Honda motorcycle he had always desired.

But when he acquired a black 2006 Corvette, he truly realized the fruits of his labor. His love and joy was this car. Fortunately, he had someone to share it with.

The Woman Of His Dreams

Nearly seven years had passed since Sam and Austin started dating. She shared his interests and had the best 6-speed sports car driving skills of any girl he had ever met. She gave him the impression that he was the luckiest guy alive. 

 She was also a nurse in the emergency room who, although working in one of the most demanding settings possible, always had a smile on her face and a cheerful outlook. He was aware that he had to continue dating this girl. However, it wouldn't be that simple.

Breaking The Law

Austin had both his advantages and disadvantages. The urge to crank the engine and press the gas pedal was always present when owning a Corvette. It was the world's greatest sensation. He unfortunately got into a lot of difficulties as a result of it.

He occasionally drove recklessly, which resulted in his receiving speeding tickets. He admits, "I try not to go over the speed limit, but it happens." And his relationship was starting to suffer as a result.

Second Guessing Things

Austin received around 20 traffic fines for speeding on his record. Sam was well aware of this since she had accompanied him to nearly half of those traffic stops in the car. She was aware of Austin's love of speed and that he was a skilled driver, but she was still concerned.

Though they had already begun discussing a future together, she recognized that this was a warning sign. What if this caused him to lose his license? Then, one day, something occurred that put the entire situation in stark contrast.

Being Pulled Over

Sam and Austin were traveling from Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where they lived, to Scott City, Missouri, to visit Sam's grandfather. They were traveling at the posted speed because it was a short distance and they had no pressing needs. Austin then changed lanes without using his blinker.

Before they realized it, they were being signaled to pull over by a cop cruiser and siren lights in the distance. "Are you serious?"  Sam cried out. "For once, we didn't even drive fast!"  And the situation was about to worsen.

Out Of The Ordinary

The police car parked behind them as they pulled over into a parking space. A policeman emerged and went over to their car. He told Austin he hadn't signaled his lane change and demanded his identification.

The officer then revealed that he had received a report of a black Corvette exceeding the speed limit. Sam was puzzled. They hadn't been driving that quickly. At that point, events took an odd turn.

A Bizarre Situation

Austin was requested to exit the vehicle by the officer. Austin agreed, and the two of them moved to the back of the vehicle. The officer then requested Sam to exit as well. This has never occurred previously during a traffic stop.

She complied with his orders before observing the cop pat Austin down. This was becoming very bizarre.


She couldn't see what was in Austin's pocket when the officer pulled something out and stated, "That's what I suspected," but what followed made her dread the worst: "You're going to do life for this," the officer shouted as he forced Austin to kneel and placed his hands behind his back.

He then put handcuffs on him. Sam was becoming more and more anxious.

A Tricky Situation

The officer then asked her to stand in front of Austin as he went back to the patrol car to get his “evidence camera.” Reluctantly, she complied. And then her world was turned upside down.

Sam’s eyes darted from Austin to the officer and back. Then she watched as Austin pulled his hands out from behind him and placed them in front of her, holding a ring.

The Big Question

She gasped and brought her hands to her face. “Will you marry me?” she heard him ask. “Yes!” she replied and reached out to kiss him as he got back on his feet.

The officer, who was filming everything, started laughing. This had all been a ruse.

A Humorous Moment

“Were you scared?” Austin asked Sam as the newly engaged couple hugged. She said yes, and they both laughed. Then Austin turned toward the camera and began speaking. “Thank you very much,” he said, smiling. “We really appreciate everything you’ve done. Thank you, Scott County Sheriff’s Department. Everybody, thank you so much.”

Once the excitement died down, Sam found out how this whole thing came to be.

The Proposal Idea

The couple had already discussed marriage a few times before. Austin knew Sam was expecting a special proposal. "I don't want it to be cliché, I don't want it to be something I've seen a hundred times, and just please make sure it's on camera," she told him.

So the pressure was on. Then he had an out-of-the-box idea.

A Little Help

Austin knew Sam was worried about all his speeding tickets. So he decided to use that to his advantage. His sister was friends with Detective Barry Morgan of the Scott County Sheriff’s Department.

He asked them both to help in coming up with the perfect plan for a surprise proposal. It worked better than any of them had imagined. 

A Surprised Girlfriend

Sam was truly blindsided by the proposal. "I was like what? What is this? What’s going on? And then it all made sense at the end,” she recalls. She couldn’t believe he had pulled this whole thing off. "I was very impressed with him that he went through all this.

It's something I can't describe. It's so many emotions in one.

Funny Proposal

Austin was always a bit of a prankster and he often played practical jokes on Sam. But his one she never would have guessed. It was the best ‘serious’ prank. The blushing fiancé was all smiles as she asked the police officer to take a few more snaps for them.

The police officer was happy to help. He was a kind hearted man who believed in love.

Proposal Heaven

Sam immediately looked at the photos and showed Austin. It was their special moment and they couldn’t wait to share it with the world. The police officer gave them his best wishes an was on his way.

The new bridal couple were hugging and kissing in the parking lot, taking selfies to remember the moment. Only they existed in that moment in time.

Loving Exchange

“I am so happy right now Austin, you have made me the happiest girl in the world today” the sweet girl said and hugged her new fiancé tightly.

 Austin felt a burst of joy. All his planning was worth it. Sam was so happy with the outcome. It was out of the box and completely took her by surprise. “I just want to make you happy” he said and kissed her forehead.

A Lucky Lady

Sam was in heaven and didn’t want the moment to end. “I think we should get moving from this parking lot now don’t you think babe?” Sam wiped her tears and agreed.

They jumped back in the car and decided where to go next. “I think we should go back to my place” “I thought you would want to show your parents the ring first” he said.

A Lovely Drive

Sam was in an elated state and didn’t think that the moment could get better. But she didn’t know that the romance wasn’t over yet. Austin had made a playlist of their favorite songs and had a mini chocolate and cupcake platter in a cooler box. “Oh my god Austin! ” Sam squealed “My favorite, you really thought of everything.”

She opened one of the chocolates and fed him while he drove. It was such a sweet moment. She never loved her boyfriend more than in this moment.

Excitement Brewing

When they pulled up to her parents house Sam said that she wanted to be the first to tell her parents. Austin agreed and opened the car door for her to get out.

He gifted her a beautiful bunch of mixed sweet flowers he had hidden in the car. “Wow, you are full of surprises today ” she gleamed.

Nobody Home

As she walked up the driveway se had butterflies in her stomach. She knew that her parents like Austin, but she still wondered how they would take the news. She was in for a big surprise.

Austin opened the front door for her, as she stepped inside it was dark. “Where is everyone?” she said.

In On It

All of a sudden the lights went on, ”Surprise! ” everyone screamed in unison. Her parents and Austins family were there, they had arranged a surprise welcome home party for them. Oh my god”” You guys! Sam gushed. “Congratulations honey her mother said”

Sam teared up as her parents walked towards her with their arms wide open“ You knew all along?” “Yes my darling,” her father said.

The Family Knew

It was such an emotional moment for everyone. “This fine young man, came to talk to me a few weeks ago with his grand idea, and also to ask for my baby girls hand in marriage” Sams father continued. “Oh Austin, thank you for doing things the right way by asking for permission”

Austin held her hand up for everyone to see her new ring. She was happy everyone was altogether and could share in this special moment with her.

Strong Family Ties

As the family sat together to take refreshments, they laughed and shred funny stories about the couples journey. They had a rocky start, as some couple do in the beginning, but the grew to respect and understand each other.

The moms spoke about the wedding venue and suggested a few of the best venues in the city at the moment. Sam could see that she wasn’t going to have to hire an event planner with the two of them around. The excitement to start planning the wedding was already brewing and Sam felt on top of the world.

Bragging Rights

Austin interrupted the wedding plans to remind everyone of how great his proposal ide was. Sam laughed as she pulled out her phone to share pictures with the policeman. “Oh how sweet ” Austin's mother exclaimed.

“How did you feel in that moment” Austin's dad asked her “My heart was racing because I really thought we were in trouble.” Everyone laughed at the funny story.

Online Official

Sam said that she wanted to share her big news on social media. She chose a few of her favourite pictures of the proposal and tagged them “I said Yes!” Her social media started going crazy with all her friends congratulating her and Austin.

Everyone was commenting on what a cool idea Austin had. They were the talk of the town for a few weeks.

Famous Proposal

The whole town heard about the man who got arrested went down on one knew, and then proposed to his girlfriend. It was going to be a classic proposal story for years to come.

Austin was even interviewed by the local newspaper about the story. The policeman who arrested him was also called for a comment. It was a lighthearted story that brought the community together.

A Bright Future

The couple had a lot of work to do to plan the perfect wedding. Now that they were in the spotlight, everyone was watching them to see what their plans were.

This put a lot of pressure on Austin to do things right. He wanted to give his future wife the wedding of her dreams. But would he be able to live up to her expectations?