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“Please Get Me Out of Here!”: SPINE-TINGLING Stories That Will Have You Clutching Your Pillow

Have you ever had something so scary yet unbelievable happen to you? No matter how hard you try to get people to understand your experience, they find it hard to relate to because it is out of the ordinary? Here, we have collected the most spine-tingling moments of REAL people from the Reddit community.

Some said that my experience was tinnitus… But it’s not always tinnitus. I manage a boarding house where over the years, I have had many people experience the same strange things, and one thing I experience in the house is a ringing in the ears. Sometimes this is a spirit trying to communicate. Because once I leave the house, it’s not there anymore. Can’t claim bad electrical wiring either — had a guy rewire the whole thing. Still there. Sometimes it gets very loud, and I can feel a tingle go up the back of my neck and scalp… Eventually, I had a team of investigators come out. The lead guy sat in my room with me where this happens, and he had the same tingly up the back of the neck and scalp thing that happened when I also experienced it, and his emf meter spiked. By the way, they said that the EMF rarely even gets anything… but on my first floor, where things really happened before, that thing surprisingly popped off. athanais

I saw a medium at a psychic party several years back. She was off on her time but extraordinarily accurate. She knew I had 3 potential love interests at the time and shuddered as she described one of them as a complete jerk. She was definitely right about that. She said I would meet a man from an island of Italian heritage. I had planned a trip to Miami, and she thought this might be where I would meet him. It turned out the man was from Long Island, and 15 years later, we have 2 kids. The rest is history. She had also told me I would have 3 kids. At the time, I only had 1, and I had decided I was getting too old to consider having more. My son was a teenager at the time. She even knew I would have serious medical problems. I ended up suffering from Peripartum cardiomyopathy. It’s heart failure from pregnancy. I nearly died after my 3rd child and have suffered from heart failure since. Maineiacgirl71

It seems completely cliche, but I don’t know what I saw. I’ve always been sensitive to paranormal things in my surroundings. I’ve had dreams about people being pregnant, about events that were soon to happen, seeing shadow people, etc. My house is always active with good and bad entities, but this one shook me. Last night, I (33f) woke up from a nightmare where someone was in my house. I sat straight up and looked toward my door, probably 10 feet from where I was. There was a figure standing in the corner. It was nearly as tall as the ceiling, had multiple long legs, and by long, I mean taking up more than 2/3 of its height and a smaller round torso at the top. I couldn’t make out ahead. I blinked a few times, thinking I was losing it because I’d just had a nightmare, but it didn’t go away. It took me getting up and walking damn near to it before it slowly faded. I am petrified. I’m usually okay, but I don’t know what this was, which gave me an overwhelming sense of dread. mamasnark14

My daughter was 2½ at the time. We were sitting in her room while I folded laundry while she and her little brother were playing. She had a mirror on the wall, making silly faces and being goofy. The kids were being on the noisier side and having plain old fun. Then, my daughter stops, looks in the mirror, and says, “ Why is Mimi in the mirror? She’s in the mirror! She has purple and black butterfly wings!” I asked her who she saw again, and she said it was Mimi (my grandmother, her great-grandma). Then she went back to playing with her brother. My grandmother passed away when my daughter was 1 year old. She met her but was too young to know that. She only knew what she looked like from a picture on my wall. There were a few other times when she saw Mimi. She was sitting on my dad’s lap at his house, looked up towards the stairs, and said she saw Mimi seated at the top. This was only several months after she passed away. My daughter also saw Mimi at a restaurant with an old-fashioned look with visible rafters. She saw Mimi sitting “up there” above our table. Beagie_Mommy2

This experience was very simple, but it was more than enough to turn me into a believer in the paranormal. I always wanted to believe in ghosts and stuff but never actually did because I didn’t have any proof or had any experiences myself. So one time my mom, younger brother, and I visited a cemetery that my mom said had a mass grave dedicated to the victims of a train accident in our city. It was in the middle of the day, so it was nothing crazy. Then I saw a small mausoleum (I think it’s called). As I approached it, I faintly heard the sounds of small children laughing. It shook me a bit, but I thought nothing of it. On the way home, I kept thinking about it and kind of tried to cling to it because I wanted a paranormal experience. (I was a teenager then, so I was weird). I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t fully believe it had happened. Then later, when we were home, my mom was reading stories about the cemetery to us and said that lots of people reported hearing sounds of child laughter around the mausoleums. That sent shivers through my body, and I fully believed it had happened. Author_Spiritual

This happened about a month ago. I had just come downstairs to let my dogs outside before I went to bed. It was about 10 pm, and I was super tired. I let them out and went into the living room to get some dishes. I heard a knocking at my front door, so I answered, but no one was there. My dogs then ran inside the house while whimpering as soon as I went back inside. I was scared to death because this was honestly my weirdest encounter. I went to check the cameras when it happened, but there was nothing on them. ii_Tygerty

So, I was in my house alone, making my way down a staircase, when suddenly I felt a drop of liquid over the lower section of my thumb. I look, and it’s a nice big drop of fresh blood. No problem, right? I must’ve cut myself and not even noticed. It happens all the time. Except, when I washed this drop of blood off my finger, there was no cut. Oh well, there must be some other cut anywhere on my body– but nope. I took off all my clothes and inspected every square inch of my body. Well, it could be my ears or nose, right? Consider that I never had blood come out of my ears; the last time I had any blood come out of my nose was 15 years ago. Cleaned out my ears… clear. I blew my nose, absolutely no trace of blood. I have no animals, no bugs, or anything that could have produced this blood other than myself. So, what could this be? Sicklecellamigo

Last night I woke up around 4:30 (I think because my husband was in the kitchen getting ready for work), and I heard shushing. It happened about 12 times at different intervals. I thought it was because I had just woken up the first couple of times, but I was still hearing it once I was fully alert. Then I thought it was the baby monitor and a sound the baby was making. I turned that off, and the sound still happened. It sounded like a male, and as it continued, I freaked out more. I was about to text my husband to come to the bedroom to listen, but then it stopped. I fell back asleep but then heard it again about 40 minutes later, only twice. I’ve only lived in this house for a year. I had another experience hearing a heavy exhale (male sounding) in the master bathroom. I’ve only physically seen a shadow once (also in my room), but it was as I woke up, so I wrote it off as nothing. Maybe I heard some sort of animal outside, but it sounded so human, and in the room, I just don’t think it could’ve been an animal. Now I’m kind of freaked out about something in my room. I grew up in a haunted house, and everything was more “in your face,” so I’m not used to this more subtle stuff, but it’s almost freaky. jjremote

At 3:40 am, my daughter (2) woke my wife and me up by crying. Her pillow had somehow fallen out of her pillowcase and onto the floor. My wife got up and assisted her, so my daughter laid back down again. Where it got weird was when my wife came back into our room. She was looking for something in a laundry basket about 2 – 3 feet from our room door. While this happened, it sounded like someone smacked our doorknob outside the door. To maybe put it better, it sounded like someone pushed the doorknob down and just let it go. I got shivers down my spine, and I went to investigate. I found nothing. I’m torn on ghosts and have tried to find a logical explanation, but I couldn’t. I never had an experience like this one. It makes me rethink my stance on the unseen. Iron_Taco

This happened years ago when I was a child. I had a loft bed at the time, and I would always sleep with a small flashlight underneath the side of my pillow facing my bedroom. This was so that I would have a flashlight to see if the power ever went out during a storm or something. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night to my flashlight pulled off the bed by a gray/brown wrinkly demonic-looking hand. I saw it happen as soon as I woke up. It all happened quickly, like no more than a second. I then looked under the bed. Nothing was there, just my flashlight lying on the ground. My friends and family have experiences with ghosts and stuff, but this was the only encounter that felt evil. It honestly still kind of freaks me out to this day. WafflesNoCap

Back in November 2018, I’d say about 10 pm, my driving husband and I were over a viaduct, probably going about 50mph. Traffic wasn’t heavy, but there were more than a few other cars around. Suddenly, there is this thing, inches front, walking directly in front of me on the passenger side. I squeezed my eyes shut, thinking we were about to hit it. That should have happened when my eyes closed… but it didn’t. I looked in the side mirror to see if it had just stepped back. Then looked at the driver’s side, and I noticed my husband was sitting up and looking in the rearview mirror. I just sat back, kind of stunned, but I didn’t say anything. He ended up saying something along the lines of “what the heck was” and “did you see that.” When my husband saw it, it was directly in front of him, then it was behind us, and the car that was behind us swerved to avoid whatever the thing was. I have no idea what it was. The closest description I can give is it looked like Hoggle from the Labyrinth movie. It had gnarly-looking facial features. All of its facial features were undoubtedly human in every way, but like bigger and thicker. No taller than 4′, brown skin, it had clothes on, I can’t remember if it had hair, but its arms were extremely long. It was like a hummingbird fast, moving in a literal blink of the eye. This thing looked extremely confident and comfortable on 2 legs. alphacock69696

Growing up in a neighborhood with many elders, it was actually pretty common to also be at a lot of funerals as the years passed. What is kind of weird is that at every funeral, there was a tall man with a hat, not dressed in black or anything, just a tall old man who didn’t need walking canes to support him. He had a barely visible beard and wore normal clothes and a fedora. I have greeted him many times as I was young, thinking that he must have been someone who knew the deceased. What is weird, though, is that he didn’t miss a single funeral, from people in my neighborhood to people that lived miles away from where I lived. I always watched him come on foot wherever the funeral was held. What really had me weirded out was that he was pretty old but somehow walked without the support and attended every funeral I had attended myself growing up. I stopped seeing him a couple of years back, but then again, I haven’t been to many funerals lately either… gamwtosoi

This is an interesting story from back when I was in college. One night, I had a weird dream about hanging around a girl wearing white with short black hair (bob cut). I don’t remember all that happened, but it was a pretty chill dream of us walking up the stairs and eventually ending up with her floating in the corner next to my bed. For some reason, I remember the girl very well despite the lackluster dream. I have mentioned this to no one because, obviously, it was nothing to talk about. A few months later, I had a group project, and my friends decided to go to my room for it. The project was long and tiring, so a girl in the group took an afternoon nap on my bed. We continued to work while she was resting. Soon as she woke up, she looked panicked and scared, hugging her legs on the bed. One of the other girls came to ask what was wrong. She described a nightmare about a girl in my room, exactly as I dreamed. The icing on the cake was when she pointed to the exact corner next to my bed and told me that the ghost girl was there. I haven’t dreamt of that girl since, and my friends stopped taking a nap in my room. SummerInSpringfield

I have heard some sounds coming from the attic. We store random stuff there year around and only go there twice yearly. So the sound is like something heavy is either dragged or pushed across the floor. It lasts around 5 seconds and then just stops. It’s really random. I told my mom, and she said it might be just snow falling from the roof, but it can’t be since I have heard it in summer too. I haven’t heard it in months, but it just came to my mind one day. To add, it also couldn’t be bats/birds because them running there couldn’t make that sound. Our house is around 30 years old, I think. I have been living here for my whole life, but my parents and older siblings moved here in 2004. I just know that the people before us build the house, but I don’t know anything else. So it was really bothersome at some point. chucadabra

It happened 3 years ago, when I was 15. I was hanging out with two of my friends and we were about to cross the road. That’s when I saw that truck that was close to the pedestrian crossing, going out of the road and heading toward us at full speed. It seemed like the driver had lost control of the vehicle. I just froze as my heart skipped a beat, and then nothing. I wouldn’t be here otherwise. The truck was not so close to us at all, it was relatively far from the crosswalk. I was a bit behind my friends as I watched the truck pass the crosswalk without a problem. After that, I just caught up with my friends and thought about what just happened for 5 minutes before forgetting about it for the rest of the day. My brother thinks I was transported to some alternate reality, where I died for an instant. Other than that, I don’t see what it could’ve been. Achlyyyss

When I was probably 10, I woke up in the middle of the night. This wasn’t uncommon for me, but I could hear talking this time. At first, it was barely audible, but then it got progressively louder. I was able to make out two voices, but I didn’t recognize either of them. One was furiously yelling at the other for, I kid you not, getting a bad score in bowling. It was kind of funny at first, but it kept getting louder and more verbally abusive. The walls felt like they were shrinking as I hid under my blanket. This went on for maybe 15 minutes, then they got quieter until it was gone. I didn’t get much sleep that night. My house hasn’t had any paranormal activity before or after this, so I don’t know what this was. Musicandcampingdude

15 years ago, my wife was walking in our city center, and a lady grabbed her by the arm. Immediately, she said she was pregnant with a girl, but she would be ill after the birth. And it changed her life. My wife buys a pregnancy test… Comes back positive. After our daughter was born, she was bleeding on and off at random. So we went for tests. It turns out that she has cervical cancer. Year of treatment, and she got all clear. badger444444

About 4 years ago, I was living with my parents. While taking my shower, I heard a very clear whistle in the bathroom with me. It sounded as if someone was standing in the middle of the bathroom just casually whistling a happy tune that didn’t sound like any song I’d heard before. I didn’t feel panicked when it happened; just confused. When I got out of the bathroom, I asked my parents if they whistled near the bathroom, and they both said no, they hadn’t left the spot they were sitting in. This experience has made me wonder for years if anyone has experienced anything similar. tyedyecatghost

Sometimes my bed gets shoved off. Like randomly, I’m just lying on the bed with my eyes closed, my arm on my eyes, and suddenly, I feel my bed being shaken like someone is pushing against it. Opening my eyes immediately after that and nothing at all. Silence. I’ve never experienced in my life anything paranormal in any way but this scares me like nothing else. blunder homie

When I was around 7, I casually did some tomfoolery with my friends in the park. Sometime later, I put my hand on my head, it felt wet. I brought my hand to my face and almost passed out when I saw what it was! My hand was covered with blood. I ran to my home, and my parents washed my head and tried their best to see what it was. There were no cuts, no broken head, or whatever, God knows where the blood came from. RobertWithAnIronFist


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