Plane Lands After Being Missing, The Truth Comes Out

Sci-Fi Movies Come To Life

The notion of time travel has made a home in the hearts of all sci-fi fans since it made a terrific theme for these kinds of movies. So it is with good reason that everyone gets excited when evidence of this theory could be proven. Doesn't everyone want to be swept away in the mystery?

The key to this mystery may lie in the notorious story about a missing Pan Am plane.

Bermuda Triangle

At the heart of another intriguing phenomenon is the infamous Bermuda Triangle. This mystical triangle in the middle of the sea has been fascinating and terrifying people since Christopher Columbus sailed through the area on his first voyage to the New World. 

Reports of entire ships and planes going missing began to pour in, and most were never seen again. Except for one...

Flight 914

The true story of Flight 914 began on July 2, 1955. The flight was scheduled to take off from New York. It was carrying 57 passengers and four crew members to Miami – nothing unusual. 

However, nobody could have expected that Pan Am Flight 914 would experience a bizarre chain of events that have baffled skeptics and historians to this day.


The plane took off from the airport in New York as expected, but it wasn’t long before air traffic controllers noticed something truly strange. The plane disappeared off everyone’s radar as if it had blipped out of existence. Nobody could explain how or why it had happened. 

Officials immediately began to search for evidence that the plane had met an unfortunate end, but they could find none. 61 people were unaccounted for – gone without a trace. That is, until 37 years later...

Where Was It?

After trawling all the areas on the plane’s route, authorities found nothing. They chalked the plane’s disappearance down to a crash. But why had no bodies been found, or indeed parts of the aircraft? The authorities speculated that Flight 914 must have landed in the sea. 

With the mystery supposedly solved, the airline rushed to compensate the families of those who had been on board. A tragedy. But that was that. Or so they all thought. Until something remarkable happened.


On May 21, 1992, air traffic controllers were going about their business as usual at an airport in Caracas – the capital of Venezuela. It was around midday when a DC-4 Douglas aircraft seemingly appeared out of nowhere. 

It was not visible on the airport’s radar and everyone was taken by complete surprise. Air traffic controller, Juan de la Corte, spotted the plane first.

A Voice

Juan had the plane locked in his sights as he prepared for what it would do next. But how had it managed to evade the airport radar? Was it a threat? 

He had no idea what to expect. But then, he heard a voice through the transmission. It was the pilot, but what he said sent Juan reeling.

“Where Are We?”

“Where are we?” the pilot asked. Then, he said the words that blindsided the entire air traffic control unit. “We are Pan American Airways flight 914 from New York to Miami with a crew of [four] and 57 passengers.” 

Somehow, the flight had managed to travel 1,800 km – in the wrong direction. Juan was baffled. He began to ask the pilot some very pertinent questions.


Juan asked the pilot if the plane had been involved in some sort of crash and if they had been unable to make contact with anyone else. Nonetheless, Juan knew what he had to do, so he cleared the plane for landing. 

But he had no idea that there was a lot more to the pilot's story and that the events that were unfolding were about to become stranger still.


The plane touched down on the runway without a hitch, but then Juan heard the pilot say something truly bewildering. “We were scheduled to land in Miami at 9:55 am on 2 July 1955,” the pilot said. 

Juan had to wonder if he had heard correctly, so he asked the pilot to repeat himself. Then, he took a deep breath.

He Couldn’t Believe It

Juan was incredulous. Was the pilot mentally sound? Then, he told the pilot that he had actually landed his plane in Caracas and that the date was May 21, 1992. 

Surely what the pilot said couldn’t be true. There must be some sort of mistake. But when he laid his eyes on the plane, he began to doubt himself. 


Juan inspected the mysterious Pan Am plane as it came to a stop and was astounded at how old and outdated it looked. The aircraft looked very different from the ones he was used to seeing. 

In fact, it looked like it belonged in another era. But he needed to talk to the pilot to find out what was really going on. Then, the pilot did something truly unexpected.

He Started Yelling

The pilot began to yell into the radio as if Juan’s words had only really hit home for him now. He was only beginning to understand the gravity of the situation. Then, he heard the unmistakable sounds of the crew and passengers as they all began to scream and panic. 

Juan ordered a team of security guards to approach the plane and escort the frightened crew and passengers to safety. Little did he know, he was in for another surprise.


The air control team fully expected the security guards to calm the passengers and crew and coax them off the plane. But when the guards began to approach, the pilot warned them not to come any closer. 

Juan heard the pilot scream over the radio. “No, do not get near! We are leaving now!” And sure enough, the plane began to roll down the runway and took off. 


Juan looked for the plane on the radar once more, but it was still untraceable. Subsequently, the airport sent three jets to try to track the Pan Am flight down, but to no avail. 

But this was not the end of the story. Just hours after the plane had left Caracas, it was spotted again. This time, it had landed in Miami.


It was reported that Pan Am Flight 914 had landed at the airport that it had intended to reach more than 30 years ago. Of course, staff at Miami Airport was just as baffled by the plane and its passengers as Juan de la Corte had been. 

But when they checked their records, they found that the pilot's story checked out. This was indeed the same plane that had never arrived back in 1955. 


The staff at the airport had many questions about this mysterious plane. They interrogated the crew and passengers for hours, but they couldn’t make sense of any of it. In the end, they decided to let the families go home to their families. 

But there was a startling detail about the people on Flight 914 that indicated something far stranger was at play here.


The families who were reunited with their loved ones after believing them to be deceased were truly unsettled by the way they looked. Apparently, the entire crew and all the passengers looked exactly as they had back in 1955. 

They hadn’t aged at all during the 37 years that they were missing. And another mystery is how the plane was still operational after so many years. So, what really happened?


Over the years, many theories about the disappearance and re-emergence of Flight 914 have been presented. 

Some say that the disappearance was due to the Bermuda Triangle – and paranormal enthusiasts claim that the Bermuda Triangle is actually a kind of portal that enables time travel. But investigators have other theories.

No Proof

Despite the story of the Pan Am Flight being widely distributed, there is no concrete proof that any of the events described actually happened. And all sources can be traced back to one source: Weekly World News, which published the story on three separate occasions. 

But there are inconsistencies between the stories. Namely, the photographs of the key character, Juan de la Corte are of two different people. Nevertheless, the Pan Am Flight 914 mystery prevails. However, this isn’t the first case of this nature.

Flight 370

You may remember the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. On the 8th of March 2014, this international passenger flight, a Boeing 777-200ER registered as 9M-MRO, vanished from the face of the Earth to never be seen again.

The plane was flying from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to Beijing. But just 38 minutes after taking off, while the aircraft was over the South China Sea, it disappeared. 

Fariq Hamid

Flight 370’s first officer was a 27-year-old man named Fariq Hamid. He was yet to obtain his pilot certificate; Flight 370 was his last practice flight before becoming a full-fledged, rightful pilot.

There was no way for him to predict that it would also be the last flight of his life. Or maybe there was?

Zaharie Ahmad Shah

The pilot in command was Zaharie Ahmad Shah, aged 53. Shah was one of the most experienced pilots on Malaysia Airlines, as well as Hamid’s trainer. He was married and had three adult children.

Everyone who knew the two men in the airline thought of them as hard workers and easy-going people who were passionate about what they did. But what really happened?


The news took the world by storm; instantly, the topic became the focus of most news broadcasts around the globe. 

Multiple countries, from Malaysia and China to the United Kingdom, France, and Australia, conjoined their efforts and resources to solve the mystery and find the missing plane. However, no one seemed to have a clue about what became of the aircraft. 

Many Theories

Shortly after, unofficial theories began emerging in different publications, forums, and social media. Some of them were instantly labeled as conspiracy theories, while others might seem to be more realistic and plausible.

However, many of the suggested theories hinted at a similar type of hypothesis as to why and how the Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared.

A Deliberate Action

Many believed that the disappearance was not an accident; or, in other words, that it was the result of a deliberate action, either an attack or a hijacking.

But this inevitably led to one question: who did it and why? And according to many theories, the crux of the matter would be the plane’s crew.

The Crew

The crew was composed of 10 flight attendants, all of them Malaysian, and 227 passengers. Five of the passengers were children.

Most of the passengers were Chinese; of the rest, 37 were Malaysian. The rest of the passengers were from Indonesia, Australia, India, France, the United States, Iran, Ukraine, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Russia, and Taiwan. But that wasn’t all.

Chip Manufacturers

Apparently, there were twenty former employees of an expired American semiconductor manufacturer, traveling in the plane before it inexplicably went missing.

This might seem like a trivial fact, but it might not be. As a matter of fact, some people believe that they were the very reason why Malaysia Airlines’ Flight 370 was shot down or hijacked.


The twenty employees in Flight 370 were mostly engineers and other experts working to make the company’s chip facilities in Tianjin, China, and Kuala Lumpur more efficient, according to Mitch Haws, vice president of global communications and investor relations.

“These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people,” Haws said. “It’s definitely a loss for the company.”

Something Else

Top-quality engineers are extremely sought after by technology companies; they are as valuable as they are scarce. Losing them can have a significant impact on any technology business.

But apparently, that’s not all there is to it. According to some sources, four of the twenty employees were in possession of something of crucial importance that might be related to the plane’s disappearance

A Patent

Allegedly, four of them owned a share of one of the company’s patents, which would have been conceded to them after the company went under. 

Specifically, it would be a patent dealing with the fabrication of integrated circuits on a semiconductor wafer. These employees would own 20% of the patent, shared between the four of them. But how is this relevant to the plane’s disappearance?

A Conspiracy

Those theorists argue that the plane was shot down or hijacked so that the employee’s share of the patent would pass on to the former company’s owner.

According to these theorists, that would be a very well-known individual; a member of one of the most powerful families in the world, with a strong participation in international finance, industry, and technology.

A Powerful Individual

We won’t reproduce that man’s name here, as these theories have not been confirmed. Some sources dispute the claim that four of the twenty company’s employees owned a share of the patent in question, arguing that there is no definite evidence of that.

However, that’s not all; there are many other theories about who could have caused the plane’s disappearance and why.

North Korea

Some believe that it was North Korea that hijacked the airplane. It wouldn’t be the first time that something like this happened; the North Korean government has admitted to kidnapping Japanese and American citizens in the past in order to enslave them as language teachers for higher-ranking officials.

However, hijacking an entire plane seems like something beyond the North Korean regime’s reach.

In The Dark

No government or terrorist group in the world ever claimed to have hijacked Malaysian Airlines’ plane. So far, every other theory about the flight’s disappearance is doomed to remain a speculation.

We simply don’t have enough evidence to deem any theory as the right one. More than seven years after the plane’s vanishing, we’re still in the dark about why and how. We may remain so forever.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.