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Pizza Delivery Guy Gets Insulted, Internet Gets Revenge

Jarrid worked as a pizza delivery guy in the evenings to earn extra cash because his wife had recently given birth. The couple barely had any savings, and they needed to buy toys and clothes for the baby. 

The young father was constantly tired but didn’t have another choice. He needed to feed the family. 

Most of his customers were polite and understanding, and sometimes he actually looked forward to chatting with his regulars. Then, one evening, he was asked to deliver a few pizzas to a local car dealer shop called “F&R Auto Sales.”

 Little did he know, this pizza delivery would make him internet famous.

Jarrid arrived at the location and handed one of the workers a bill for $43. Someone working at the front office gave him $50 and walked away without waiting for the change. 

Naturally, Jarrid assumed that the person had left him a tip. So, he said “thank you” and walked away. 

When he arrived at the pizza shop, his manager approached him and asked him to come into his office. Jarrid’s manager explained that he received a call from the car dealer shop about him stealing $7. Jarrid couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He thought that they had given him a tip. 

After all, how was he supposed to know that the employee wanted his money back when he just walked away without saying anything?

Jarrid was an honest person. He would never steal from anyone. But would his manager believe him?

The manager told him that he had to go back to the store and return the change. Jarrid obliged and drove back to the office, where the angry employees were already waiting for him. 

“I gave you your $7 back, the world is better now,” he said to the people yelling at him. That’s when the woman on the right of the photo started to get aggressive with him. 

“It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway. I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here,” said Jarrid.  

He was annoyed that he had to drive all the way back just to give the $7 back. His honest response made the employees at the car dealer shop even angrier. 

The woman looked him in the eyes and screamed: “Out the door before I put my foot in your a**”. Everyone in the office started to lo laugh and call Jarrid names. 

Sadly, this was just the beginning.

As Jarrid was leaving the dealer shop, the director turned around and shouted: “I want him fired!” He then threatened to call Jarrid’s manager once again. 

Fortunately for this young father, the video that showed this argument leaked on the internet and went viral. People from all over the world picked his side of the argument and wanted to help him. Like Jarrid, they couldn’t understand how someone can be so angry about $7.

Amanda Marie Rogers was especially appalled by the footage. “For them to call him back over the money he should’ve received anyway. I decided to take it one step further,” she told CNN. 

She decided to create a GoFundMe page for the pizza delivery guy and his family. 

Amanda called the pizza shop and asked for Jarrid’s contact information. She then set up a GoFundMe account for him and posted the footage on the page. 

“I believe Jarrid should be rewarded for dealing with such crappy people. Please watch the video and donate. Even if it is $1, it will make up (maybe a little) for him having to deal with idiots like this,” she wrote. But would people donate money? 

Jarrid wasn’t aware of any of this and was shocked to see thousands of people donating $7 each. His GoFundMe page has raised a total of $36,000!

However, this wasn’t the only thing that the strangers had done for him.

The website of the car dealer shop has received hundreds of bad reviews from people all over the world. No one will away buy cars from this company again, and the woman who was screaming at Jarrid got fired.

Jarrid was so happy when he found out that he was going to receive $36,000. Now, he could finally afford better food and accommodation!

Carol Wentz commented along with her donation: ”This is because of how awesome you were and handled yourself so well dealing with such cruel people.” 

“I am outraged by the cruelty demonstrated by employees of a business who rely on commissions to pay their bills,” another person wrote. Then, F&R Auto Sales made a statement. 

The car dealer shop issued an apology and explained that all the workers who were rude to Jarrid had been fired. 

Jarrid says he doesn’t hold any grudges and is just happy he can quit his second job and focus on his wife and child. But do you think the F&R Auto Sales should have done more for him?


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