36 Pictures that Trump Doesn't Want You To See

"Remember... I'm Gonna Pretend To Hate You..."

A Presidential candidate for the "Most Powerful Nation in the World" needs to uphold a certain standard of morality, honesty, and dignity...

Or do they?

Not only is he friends with Hillary Clinton… he’s also friends with her husband, former Democratic President, Bill Clinton. How much more GOP-controversial can you get?!

Smiling With the Enemy

Ive Got Billions, They've Got Hooters

Running as the Presidential candidate of a party that espouses (if not practices) traditional standards of morality… Donald might want to keep this picture under wraps… oops.

Ooooh man! You might be surprised to hear this, and Donald might want to keep this a secret (too late), but he’s really good friends with his supposed enemy, Hillary Clinton.

Donald Arrives With His Harem

This Is Just Plaid Embarrassing

We can see why he pretty much always wears suits. This is not his best look, and we know he's got the means to do better (he's told us at least 3,000 times).

We know Republicans secretly love debauchery, they just love to pretend they don’t. Donald has no problems flaunting it but he might want to keep it secret during the campaign.

Friends First

Donald the Playboy

Thinking of himself as a Hugh Hefner suits Trump just fine. Here he is with his wife, Melania Trump, and one of Hefner’s many, many women.

Donald Trump enjoys the company of former President, Bill Clinton, as they play a round of golf on one of Trump’s golf courses.

Money Buys Beauty

Women don’t really care if a guy is good looking or not… so long as he has money.

Decidedly Un-First Lady Like

Money trumps all, as it were, and Trump has some serious trumping power!

Every guy in America WISHES the First Lady acted like this all the time, but that’s not what’s going to win an election… or is it?

He Sure Loves Women

The Gateway To Hell Is Now Open

We’re not quite sure what’s happening here or how we should be reacting, but it’s clearly obvious that the gateway to Hell is now open for business.

We know Donald is a straight guy, so we KNOW he loves women! But as a Presidential candidate, you’re technically not supposed to draw attention to that.

Thumbs Up For Allah

Illegal in NYC

Busting out his best man spreading pose, Donald might want to stay out of New York City for a bit… a city that has banned comfortable poses. Bunch of tyrannical morons!

Donald Trump has nothing but love for Saudi Arabia… in front of the Saudis… and nothing but hatred for Islam… in front of Republicans. Anyone else see a contradiction here?


Bring on the Chicks

Donald has to spend his money somehow and what else spends money as fast as gold digging women? Nothing, that’s what.

America today has reverted to nearly the Victorian standards of modesty from England of years gone by… so Donald kissing a much younger Miss America doesn’t really fly anymore.

Hail To The Sheikh

More proof of Donald’s love of Saudi Arabian oil money… uh, we mean Saudi Arabia.

Pledge Allegiance To THIS!

Actually, no, we really mean his love of money.

Donald Trump refuses to be caught on camera pledging allegiance to a country… that would limit his options too much. He needs some breathing room for his backdoor dealing.

Donald vs The Wind Aint Pretty

Trump, Clinton & Co.

A quick round of golf with people richer and more powerful that you can ever dream possible is a regular day in the life of Trump. But don’t worry, he’ll fight for the people!

And that was just a light breeze! Can you even begin to imagine what this man looks like in the morning?!

This Should Be Plastered EVERYWHERE!

Sucking Face, Trump Style!

This will either make you think Trump’s just a regular, dirty old man, or it will make you gag… probably both. HURL!

Here’s one picture that Donald Trump should actually encourage to be plastered everywhere a man, woman and child can see. That’s Donald winning a bet against WWE’s Vince McMahon and collecting!

All These Pics Are Now Internet Immortal?!

Donald Likes His B-Ball Players Flamboyant

Donald cozying up to famous basketball player, Dennis Rodman, the most flamboyant player formerly in the game.

Yup, this is how Donald feels now that these pics are all internet immortal… and just in time for the Presidential election!

Well This Is Awkward

There’s nothing quite as Presidential as wrestling with a woman in public.

GOP Frontrunners

Hopefully that didn’t leave any bruises.

For a while, Trump and Cruz were the frontrunners for the GOP nomination… until everyone noticed that Trump was winning by a landslide.

Serving The People

This is NOT what Donald Trump meant when he said he would serve the people.

In His Element

Actually, we’re not sure he said that at all.

You can tell by Donald Trump’s smile when he’s in his element. His element being “anytime he’s feeling appreciated.”

He Loves The Wings At Hooters

And why wouldn’t he?

Not Quite Sure Why Hes On THIS Cover

They’re delicious! Especially when served by a beautiful waitress.

Did Playboy really think this was a selling point for their magazine? More so than the hot girl? If I was that model, I’d feel insulted.

Some People Want Their Books Signed, And Others...

Its Good To Be Rich

Not worrying about bills is awesome. Being is this picture is priceless.

The office of the President of the United States needs to uphold a certain standard of conduct. We guess this might be the standard from now on.

The Second Amendment

Not Sure Which One Is More Controversial

It’s a toss up, really! Both of these men are really controversial, depending on who you ask.

Donald Trump supports your second ammendment right… to own a musket!

Give It up, Homie!

Donald tried for the “low five,” Jeb Bush decided it was time for an awkward holding of hands.